You all know about smartwatch. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly in last couple of years. It is gaining popularity day by day due to its wonderful facility. Smartwatches are basically used by technology enthusiasts, and in health problems. Using a smartwatch is not just limited to see the time. It is now used in running, in health problems, and also in calling. Today we have to discuss some of its special features.

Want to know some of the most beneficial features of a smartwatch? Just read along, and you will find interesting features of smartwatch and why it is necessary for you.

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It works as a personal assistant

The Smartwatch is like a personal assistant. It helps us to get up in the morning, to exercise, to get health information, to call, and to watch the heartbeat while running.

All you have to do is use the app on your smartphone. Moreover, you can set the time by tagging everything you have. For Example, you can set the time to take the medicine at night and also to get up in the morning and many others.

It helps you find things

We often lose some of our belongings like our car keys, smartphones, headphones and other things. In this case google assistant and Alexa will help you in tracking your things.

Smartwatch can help you a lot in such cases. It allows you to connect your car keys, smartphones and other electronic devices to your smartwatch using trackers so you can find them whenever you want.

It offers smart navigation for easy travel

When it comes to navigation, Smartwatch helps you find something using GPS & Google / Apple Maps. But, apart from that, it also gives us the strength to navigate through vibrations.

For exampleplay, Apple Watch uses vibretion to tell you left to right. And because of that a lot of disasters have gone away.

This feature is especially useful for older adults as they can move around their neighborhood without getting lost. It can also serve as an ideal navigation guide for visually impaired seniors.

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It lets you control your smart home

Here’s something really interesting.

You can use your smartwatch to control your home. This capability allows you to control electrical devices, lights, doors, etc. Using your smartwatch from anywhere. But it is a very difficult process to control. It should be done under the guidance of an expert. Once you have optimized all your smart devices and software, you can control your entire home using your smartphone, smart watch and voice commands.

Your entertainment is in your hands

If you are walking or running and all of a sudden you want to watch a YouTube video or any other video from your phone. You are just one click away from playing that YouTube video on your watch.

Furthermore, smartwatches are mostly use for video and play music on the go. In my experience, it’s never going to replace the big display quality of your phone but for those quick moments, its unmatched for convenience.

The latest models like the Bose QuietComfort 45 ( I own this watch and it’s awesome!) even have the ability to store music on them which can then be played through your Bluetooth headphones completely wirelessly. This never ceases to put a smile on my face when I go out running. This is sci-fi movie technology circa 20 years ago!

It tracks your fitness and monitors your health

With age, taking care of your health becomes very important. Make sure there are devices that only measure your health. But, smartwatch can do fitness tracking as well as heartrate monitoring. With old age, monitoring your health becomes more important than ever.

Smartwatches such as Apple, Samsung and Oneplus are ideal for health monitoring and fitness training. With their waterproof design, they are perfect for rigorous outdoor activities such as cycling and swimming.

People who go to the gym mainly use fitness bands. But, the smartwatch provides a lot of information on the screen with intercity elements. You can see the live results directly in the smartwatch instead of in your smartphone.

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It works like a mini smartphone on your wrist

A smartwatch can do almost anything your smartphone can.

It helps you access your social media, calendar, important emails, etc. right at your wrist. With the exception of a few, many smart watches have a long battery life which can make them a reliable companion device.

What’s more, you can take your entertainment wherever you go with your smartwatch. Also, most smart watches now come with GPS tracking, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and SOS. So you can call for help in case of emergency and your family and friends can easily track your location.

It can be a constant digital companion

The smartwatch stays with you almost 24/7.

It uses less space and is easier to carry everywhere.

Its waterproof design help allows you to use it even during heavy rains and swimming.

We haven’t finished yet.

Smartwatches help you connect with your loved ones wherever you are.

The SOS feature is essential in the smartwatch as it can share your live location with emergency responders and your family and friends.

All of these factors make smartwatches a wearable technology device for people in their golden years.

For tech-savvy adults, smart watches are the perfect everyday gadget. For those who are significantly disabled or at risk, there are some dedicated smart watches with a medical alert system. And they do not have the stigma associated with most wearable medical warning products.


Smartwatches can do a lot more than just tell the time. They can connect you to the world. There are only 7 best features of this smartwatch. With a creative mind, smartwatches can be used in thousands of different ways.

The smartwatch is one of the wearable technologies for the elderly. If you know how to make full use of it, all you need is a good internet connection, some basic knowledge about smart watch and you are ready. They will undoubtedly help the seniors well in their golden years.

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What are the most common uses of a smartwatch?

Since this question is better answered with a short and simple bullet list, I am going to use it.

  • Receive and view notifications, messages or updates in realtime right on your smartwatch display
  • Install specially designed apps for your smartwatch to enhance functionality (only on selected models and brands)
  • Personalize or customize the general screen look and style (mostly related to onscreen visual elements such as how you personalize your smartphone homescreen, icons, etc.)
  • Keep track of time Keep track of time
  • View calendar updates or keep up with important meetings and tasks (select models and brands only)
  • Look good, or like a perfect geek (depending on how you look at it and which model you choose)
  • Listen to music or bump and grind (depending on model)

What a smartwatch can’t do well?

  • You can’t explore without outlining what the smartwatch isn’t capable of, so here’s a re-bulleted list.
  • Smartwatch is not good for accessing information, meaning you don’t want to use it to read long text or news.
  • Handle the functions and functions of the smartphone directly or in other words don’t expect your smartwatch to be able to reply to messages, emails or perform similar actions.
  • Use apps design for smartphones, as most apps need to be specially design for small screens and activate from your wrist.
  • Take photos effectively, while I’m sure someday smart watches will include an inline camera (everything happens these days) I don’t see any proper way to take pictures with your wrist
  • Play games, in my opinion touchscreen controls are so difficult to control with one hand forgetting to move a virtual joystick on such a small screen
  • Offer awesome styling, don’t get me wrong there are some stunning looking smart watches and some of them are even close to becoming stylish (I personally like more minimalist style watches), but wide wrist watches are not fashionable. For the most part
  • Please keep in mind that the above points are generalize. Not everyone will agree with them and some may have a different opinion, which is good. Take, for example, the next point about style. I personally have no interest in styling and I don’t care if the smartwatch looks good or not. In fact, I think some watches feel good even sitting on the wrist. That being said, this list provides a more objective approach to what smartphones can’t do.

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