LucidSound LS10X Wired Stereo Gaming Headset Review

A popular gaming manufacture company LucidSound, has launched its latest wire gaming headset LS10X for Xbox series. It come with a windows sonic surround sound with 50mm bass boost drivers. Additionally, it offer an Microphone in Omni-directional, premium audio and LED mute indicator + built-in mic. The company confirm that it is use in Xbox series XIS, Xbox One and also on PC.

The LS10X is Lucisound’s first “budget” headset I’ve reviewed, and although it’s a decent option, I expected it to be a little cheaper.

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Box content

LucidSound LS10X
  • Headset
  • Removable Boom Mic,
  • Mic Port Cover
  • And Quick Start Guide

Design and comfort

In terms of design, LucidSound LS10X is built with ultralight frame and memory foam earbuds. This design allows you to comfortably chat and listen to audio from your favorite games for hours and hours. The exterior surface has a matte and glossy finish and you can also see on the headset that it is quite sleek. Although it is plastic based, it does not look as cheap as other entry level headsets. In addition, it comes with a 1.2 meter long wire that can be used to connect a mobile device, PC and any controller.

Speaking of cups, the LS10X comes with a leather cup. But even after a few hours of use, my ears never feel uncomfortable or sweaty. Even with 50mm drivers this headphone fits my ear perfectly. The padding on the top of the headband is enough and I’ve never had a problem. These can also accommodate heads of numerous sizes, so even people with large noggins should have no problem as they can flex without worrying about breaking.

In addition, if you see a headset, immediately notice that the cup itself rotates 90 degrees inwards. You will also find that the logo circle is removable, meaning it is fully customizable with new plates. However I could not find an official link or page to do so unlike one of the more well known competitors. From my personal experience, this headset is so comfortable that it doesn’t look like any other gaming headset.

The controls of this headset seem very simple in addition to being design to hide it regardless at first glance. Moreover, on the left side cup you actually rotate the wheel which is attach to control the volume up or down. Pushing in the middle is how you toggle the mute, so it’s no easier than that. The bottom of the headset on the left is equipped with a flexible boom mic. And at the top there is an LED light.

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Audio Performance

LucidSound LS10X

This headset has 50mm drivers custom tune. As a result, you don’t expect to be able to make any changes to any bass, balance, EQ settings or trouble. Speaking of audio, with the support of Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos, you will also have some great situational awareness with this lower-end headset.

The great thing about this headset is its audio quality. Whether I was driving or running or listening to music, the audio was very clear and free from distortion. The bass has a little omph, but not too heavy. And once I adjusted the volume I had no problem listening to my friends on game audio.

The headset includes two microphones. One is a small pinhole integrated into the headset, to be used for mobile calls while you are on the go. This is a detachable boom mic that you can use most of the time. This mic can be move and turn in any direction to find a sweet spot. When you want to mute your mic for a moment, there is a subtle red light at the end of the mic, indicating that you are muted, but it is dull enough to not distract your peripheral vision, but noticeable so that if you You can tell if you are muted.

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Connectivity, Pairing and AI assistant

LucidSound LS10X

It is Over-ear headset that’s why it does not have more connectivity option like HyperX Cloud Buds and JBL Tune 230NC. The only connectivity option this headset have is wire. It is connect with wire to any other devices like PC, android smartphones and Xbox gaming.


For 89.99 CAD, LucidSound has crafted a beautifully wired headset that may be low on features and fancy bells and whistles, but it looks great, looks comfortable and is stylish. The headset in the LS10X may have the best sounding audio I’ve ever heard, but for a pair of canes in this price range, it’s far superior in audio and product quality compared to the competition.

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What is Good in this LucidSound LS10X headset?

The best thing about this headset so far is its sound. Lucidesound’s signature audio quality on this headset doesn’t disappoint, with balanced tuning for both gaming and media. The isolation and clarity aren’t as impressive as some of their more expensive headsets, but they certainly exceed my expectations. The audio quality of the microphone is also excellent.

The headset itself is also comfortable to wear, with a lightweight material and the right amount of cushioning in the earcaps and headband. Ear controls are also compatible with mic mute button (complete with instruction LED) and volume control dial.

Should you buy Lucidsound LS10X?

I may have been spoil by my access to LucidSound’s pricier headsets. But I have to say I wasn’t particularly impress by what the company put out with this piece. It nails audio quality and comfort. When you wear this thing, you will not be disappointed. However, considering the price tag, I was hoping for something that would be a little harder to wear.

You will not break the bank by withdrawing the LS10X, nor will you be disappointed with the good experience. Still, I can’t help but recommend saving you a few extra dollars and opting for a HyperX CloudX instead, which outweighs the weight when it comes to build-quality in a wired headset.

What you’ll dislike about the Lucidsound LS10X?

The LS10X comes with swappable speaker plates attached to a magnet. However, this magnet is not particularly strong, and it sticks to the inside of the cup with glue. Speaker plates also have this round notched texture that attracts dust like crazy, on top of the glossy texture used throughout. In addition, the speaker plate magnet of my review sample was attach at an odd angle, causing the speaker cover to protrude. There’s no reason to think that every unit is like that. But it does show a general understanding of the low quality of this headset.

The other thing includes its price, given the build-quality and materials on the LS10X, I thought it would be around $ 35 to $ 40. It turns out it’s $ 60, and I’m not sure if the construction matches the price tag.

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