Bose QuietComfort Earbuds review

Bose QuietComfort

A popular wearable brand Bose has recently introduced its latest the Bose QuietComfort Truly wireless earbuds. It comes with a in-ear form factor, water and sweat resistance with IPX4 ratings, Bluetooth 5.1, three sizes of StayHear Max eartips, Long battery life and 168 gram Weight.

Box Content

Bose QuietComfort
  • 2 earbuds with med (2) tips
  • Charging Case
  • USB-C (A to C) cable
  • (12″) Pair of small (1) tips
  • Pair of large (3) tips
  • Safety Sheet
  • Quick-Start Guide and
  • Dessicant pack

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Design and comfort

When it comes to design, these earbuds look very attractive and simple. They come in three colors such as sandstone, stone blue and triple black colors. All of Bose’s earlier devices were large enough to be criticized. Looking at its current devices, it is small but it is still not completely closed in your ears.

Additionally, unlike the HyperX Cloud Buds, it come with an IPX4 ratings for water and sweat resistant. Which means the earpieces can withstand light splashes from any direction, so exposure to rain and sweat shouldn’t be a problem. The IPX4 rating doesn’t extend to the charging case, so you must fully dry the earpieces before docking them for charging

Moreover, its design is similar to Bose Sport Truly Wireless Bluetooth in Ear Earphone. The design of his charging case is also very simple and that shares the same matte black exterior. There is a button in the middle of the front of the case so that you can open the case. Below that are four LED lights includes. Which shows how much the charging is in the case. Inside the charging case there is a button between two earbud cutouts and you can use it to manually start pairing mode.

Furthermore, you should download the Boss Music app for a better experience of earbuds. This is because, when you first open the case, the earbud automatically enters the pairing mode. This is necessary to quickly switch between devices, rearrange controls, create custom EQs, and adjust ANC levels. You can set three quick favorite ANC / Transparency mode levels and go through it by tapping the left earbud twice.

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Audio Quality

Bose QuietComfort

Talking about its sound, most listeners will enjoy the sound profile which is very popular among other high-quality consumer headsets. Like any headset, the sound quality depends on your ability to fit well with earbuds. The boss provides the top three measurements of the ear (small, medium, large), which should include most of the ear canals. This is important for both active sound cancellation and optimal bass reproduction.

Moreover, if you travel regularly or frequently. So the active voice cancellation of Bose QuietComfort Earbuds is a great asset for you. It effectively reduces the loud and noisy sounds around us. One thing I can assure you is that even if you use it while riding a bike, you will still get a clear sound. Normally when I ride a bike, the resistance system makes a fuss in my whole society, but when the ANC boss is set to 10 on QC earbuds I can hardly hear anything.

The sliding scale allows you to make adjustments from level 1-10 and controls the transparency mode and the ANC in reverse. As you decrease the ANC intensity, you increase the degree of ambient passthrough audio. It took me a while to figure this out, as the Ambient Noise mode looks very good compared to its competitors. It’s the most natural-sounding implementation of transparency hearing, and I prefer it over the Sony WF-1000XM3.

QuietComfort Earbuds are also good for calling and have a sidetone feature (the boss calls it “self voice”) that lets you hear your voice in earbuds so you can modulate it and not shout. But they are not as good as AirPods Pro for calls, mainly because their voice reduction ability (ability to reduce background sound) is not so strong. However, they are significantly better in this area than Bose’s previous SoundSport Free, which had mono sound in only one bud for calls.

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Connectivity, Pairing and AI assistant

In terms of connectivity, Bluetooth 5.1 provides a strong, consistent connection to your device within 30 feet. Whether you take the earbuds into the great outdoors or listen from your home office, you don’t have to worry about connection drops. Compatible with iOS and Android – Simple setup & custom settings available through the Bose Music app.

Like all modern wireless Boss headsets, QuietComfort Earbuds supports two Bluetooth codecs: SBC and AAC. This is great news for iPhone owners as iOS easily handles high-end AAC codecs; Android, on the other hand, has trouble streaming continuously on AAC. If streaming quality incompatibilities become too frustrating, you can always force SBC out of your Android phone’s developer settings.

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Battery support

We subjected the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds to a continuous 75dB output until the lights went out. And it lasted for 5 hours, 29 minutes with the ability to cancel the active sound. The ANC is above average for true wireless earbuds, beating the AirPods Pro, but not the Sony WF-1000XM4.

You can quickly charge earbuds by placing them in the case for only 15 minutes, giving you two hours of play time. If you need to complete a full charging cycle of earbuds, you’ll need to set aside two hours. While fully charging the case takes three hours via USB-C. The Case Qi also supports wireless charging, although speed is limited by your specific mat.


Bose QuietComfort Earbuds is a great option for everyone, as long as you can afford it. Sure this is expensive, but its versatility softens the financial blow. Finally, you can use this to communicate in your daily commute, in conference calls, and when you exercise.

Bose’s flat, minimalist design attracts many, but large accommodations may not be for everyone. Compared to other ANC true wireless earbuds, the case is also larger, so you should consider that if every centimeter counts. What’s more, the price is hard to justify for most of us honest nine-to-fives. Fortunately, other premium boss headsets often go on promotions, so it is likely that QC earbuds will also be given enough time.

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