Tronsmart Battle Review Gaming Earbuds With Poke ball Charging Case

Tronsmart Battle

The new Tronsmart Battle are Pokemon-inspired earbuds with a unique rotary lid charging case design modeled after a poke ball!. Tronsmart Battle comes with a 13mm bass boost drivers, 16 ohms impedance and built-in microphones for better sound. Moreover, Bluetooth v5.0, Water resistance: IPX5, transmission distance: Up to 10 meters, batter Capacity: 35 mAh and Weight: 41 gr.

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Box Content

  • 2 x Tronsmart Battle Wireless Gaming Earbuds – Bluetooth Headphones
  • 1 x Cargo box
  • 1 x User Manual


Ultra Low Latency Gaming True Wireless Earbuds.
Premium Audio with Custom Engineered 13mm Driver.
Diverse Lighting Effect.
Pressure-reduced Idea.
Semi in-ear Ergonomics Structure.
Quick Access to Multiple Functions.
20 Hours of Playtime.
Supports Voice Assistant.

Design and comfort

The creation of Tronsmart Battle is inspired by the poke-ball shown in the Pokemon cartoon. Featuring unique rotary lid charging case design model after poke ball !. The battle charging case has to be of two main types. An inner black plastic shell containing earbuds and an outer shell that acts as a protective shield. The long status at the bottom is located inside the Led Bar Clear Case. Which is made of USB Type-C plastic with a metal alloy stud in the center that looks like a poke ball release button. The battle case is round (55mm in diameter) and 2.5cm thick. However, the battle charging case isn’t actually a ball shape, so you can’t rotate it like a ball.

Furthermore, the battle case lid rotates around the center of the charging case by a quiet friction hinge. Which pulls the lid back securely without sliding back and forth. In addition, you can magnetically close the lid. So that the charging case does not open accidentally. The charging dock is also magnetic so, earbuds do not protrude. The Battle charging case clear plastic has a smooth glossy finish that doesn’t mark easily with fingerprints or scratches. The earbuds are very easy to take out of the charging case and only weigh 3 grams each, making the Battle earbuds one of the most lightweigh earbuds on the market.

The Tronsmart Battle earbuds have a pod shell design similar to Onyx S earbuds with a 2.5 cm long stem and almond shaped nozzle tip, covered with a plastic mesh guard. Battle earbuds have a glossy plastic finish on the front of the stem and a matte finish elsewhere. The battle charging case can only be placed flat on its side but you can keep it straight when plugging the charging cable into the back of the case where the USB-C charging port is located. Battle charging case takes 2 hours to recharge.

Additionally, unlike the HyperX Cloud Buds, it come with an IPX5 ratings for water and sweat resistant. Which means the earpieces can withstand light splashes from any direction, so exposure to rain and sweat shouldn’t be a problem. The IPX4 rating doesn’t extend to the charging case, so you must fully dry the earpieces before docking them for charging

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Sound Quality

Tronsmart Battle

The Tronsmart Battle earbuds features a 13mm driver with “Deep Bass Sound. But, due to the earbuds pod design, the Battle earbuds aren’t the loudest sounding. As it supports Bluetooth 5.0, the wireless range 10 meters and it works as expected. Coming to the sound quality, The Tronsmart Battle has a flat bass and prominent higher tones, which is great for games where hearing audio cues is important. Game immersion isn’t the deepest due to the thin bass response.

Furthermore, Tronsmart Battle Earbuds only supports SBC codec and game mode, rated at 45ms. That said, you can become a judge by watching the latency test on the video below. As far as the AAC codec is concerned, the marketing literature states that it is supported but on examination, the AAC does not appear to be supported.

Moving on, the vocals are clear and there is slightly distortion at peak volume levels. The call quality is also an important factor to be consider when buying wireless earphones. The mic quality is very good for work calls and for chatting during online multiplayer. It is loud, clear and cuts out a lot of background noise.

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Connectivity, Pairing and AI assistant

Tronsmart Battle

The Transmart Battle Charging Case automatically triggers the pairing, so you can pair and connect it while inside the charging case. The earbud auto power will turn on and off when the charging case is remove. Blinds / flashes due to position of earbuds during audio playback. You can switch between earbuds seamlessly to listen to mono without pausing or turning off the audio. The only minor drawback, however, is the 4 second reconnection delay after taking the earbuds out of the charging case. You can buy Tronsmart Battle earbuds from Tronsmart and amazon when they become available.

Tronsmart Battle Earbuds Touch control functions include play / pause, track skipping, voice assistant, game mode and volume control. There is no app support; So there is no way to remap gestures, including single tape, double tape, triple tape and long press. That said, Battle earbuds touch control gestures are user friendly and easy to remember. There is no Bluetooth multipoint support for dual connection.

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Battery life

Coming to the battery life, Transmart Battle Earbuds take 2 hours to recharge – same time as the charging case – and do not support quick charge. It comes with a 35 mAh battery and 500 mAh battery with charging box. Moreover, you can charge the earphone through the micro USB type-C port.


We’ve really enjoyed using the Tronsmart Battle, but whether it represents value for money isn’t quite so simple a question. This is unquestionably one of the more lusciously-made gaming headsets out there, though; it looks beautiful and feels great.

If it were less expensive then we would be more whole-heartedly behind it, but for this price you could buy more than one of some of our other favourite headsets and get the same level of sound performance (or better).

If you care particularly about the look and feel of your tech – and more power to you – then you won’t be disappointed by Tronsmart Battle. But right now its value proposition just isn’t going to be quite right for most people.

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