What is Bluetooth Multipoint and how it works?

I like to watch movies to spend time on holidays. However, with Bluetooth Multipoint, you can use your work laptop to listen to your shows while being aware of any work instructions coming from your phone, all with a headset.

Using your favorite headset to connect multiple devices at once is a different kind of thing that is often overlooked by headphone manufacturers, and only a select few devices fully support the technology. Let’s break down what a multipoint is and why it’s not a universal feature. First, lets see what is Bluetooth Multipoint?

What is Bluetooth Multipoint?

Bluetooth Multipoint

Bluetooth Multipoint is a feature that allows headphones and earbuds to connect and maintain multiple devices simultaneously. Multipoint permit users to faultless switch between devices such as computers and phones. V-MODA Crossfade 2 wireless Codex supports Bluetooth Multipoint, so you can connect up to two devices at the same time.

Talking about the history, Bluetooth multipoint was announced with the launch of Bluetooth 4.0. Multipoint technology is a great asset for increasing productivity and always being aware of incoming calls and notifications. However, for properly work or function, the device must support A2DP and HFP / HSP connections for audio streaming and talk, subsequently.

Some of these devices only support phones and computers, while the other two may support simultaneous phone connections. It all depends on how their Bluetooth profile works. Basically, it is used for commercial purposes. If you have multiple work phones and use them all to field phone calls — Bluetooth multipoint will work because you can stay on one call without missing notifications from another device.

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How to use Bluetooth Multipoint
Bluetooth Multipoint

To switch between devices pause all audio on your FIRST device and simply begin playing on the SECOND device.

However, let’s use V-MODA Crossfade 2 to get the information

  • While listening to a podcast on your computer, you can answer a call via V-MODA Crossfade 2 . And Multipoint will switch the Bluetooth connection to your phone seamlessly.
  • If you are listening to music from your phone and need to join a zoom call from your computer. You can switch your connection by pausing your music on your phone to switch connections and join your call.
  • If you are watching video on your computer and want to enjoy music on your phone instead. Pause all the audio on your computer and start listening from your phone.

How to use Bluetooth Multipoint?

  1. Once the device is first connected, then turn off Bluetooth in the device settings. Headphones Bluetooth pairing (blue and red flashing lights) will be insert automatically.
  2. Enter your other device’s Bluetooth settings and connect. Stay connected and follow step
  3. Enter your first device settings and turn on Bluetooth and reconnect with headphones. Both devices should now be connected
  4. Now, at any time the headphones will turn on, they will reconnect with both devices. Click here for instruction manual
Here is a some Advice for you
  1. Do not play media / music at the same time on multipoint devices. Each device will need to pause first and then play on another device to function properly.
  2. When media / music is paused from FIRST device and then played from SECOND device. Media playback will take 3-8 seconds to resume on SECOND. Depending on the device and application being used.

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What are the limitations to Bluetooth multipoint?

Bluetooth multipoint does not mean that you can stream data from two devices at the same time. Very few headsets support this very well. And the rest is strictly limited to designating one device as a media player and the other to forward notifications. Other devices, such as the Sony WH-1000XM4, only support multipoint connectivity over the AAC Bluetooth codec. It’s a mixed bag and is something that is rarely mention in a marketing copy.

Who should use Bluetooth multipoint?

Anyone can benefit from the convenience of multipoint. If your company offers you a functional phone, you can connect your compatible headset to both your personal and business devices. This is a great way to stay informed and productive.

Why is it difficult to find multipoint support in wireless headphones?

Bluetooth Multipoint

Like all features, there is a cost-to-benefit ratio that manufacturers must take into account. Most general customers do not need a multipoint; Instead, it is an admirable convenience. However, for professionals, Bluetooth multipoint support is require to juggle multiple functions from multiple source devices. Multipoint not only helps to notify listeners of incoming calls, but it also forwards notification pings, dings and rings, so if you have voices for slack, email and Skype, you can stay awake without physically removing yourself from the task at hand. Can. Check-in

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Since it is a waste of time for consumer headsets, companies do not feel the need to implement this feature. Ultimately, its inclusion increases the retail price, which drives consumers away. What’s more, this technology is not without its drawbacks, at least in the consumer audio space, as many multipoint-supported headphones and earbuds struggle to switch between devices in a clean way.

In a space where multipoint is not an essential feature, it seems difficult to justify the introduction of technology that can be fraught with problems. At least on devices that primarily serve as headphones for audio playback, not as communication headsets.

What headphones and earbuds support Bluetooth multipoint?

Following are the list of headset to support Bluetooth multipoint feature.

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