Hifiman Edition XS Review

Hifiman recenlty has announced the availability of a long-awaited update for one of its headphones, the Edition XS. Like the original version X, which debuted in 2015, the new version XS has high-fidelity open-back planner headphones. It comes with 8HZ-50KHZ frequency response, 18Ω resistance, 92Db sensitivity and weight 405g. These headphones cost 511.

Box Content

Hifiman Edition XS
  • Headset
  • Y-type cable and
  • product manual.

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Hifiman Edition XS: Design and Comfort

Hifiman Edition XS

In addition to the technical upgrades, the Edition XS features improvements in ergonomic design. Includes new lightweight headband featuring high-grade memory foam for a comfortable fit. In addition, cable sockets are found on most common audio devices. In addition, the cable provided is flexible and also upgradable. The headphones structural design supports the overall durability while maintaining its comfortable fit for years of fun.

In terms of built quality, the design of earbuds is similar to that of its predecessors. The amp shell and cavity have the same mold, but the shape differs only in part of the head beam. The head beam is wider and softer, and it will be more comfortable to wear. The design of the earphone cavity follows the classic shape of the Edition X shutter. And the shell material is also a metal shell.

Hifiman Edition XS

As a large grid type planner headphones, the Editions XS are made of shell and cavity metal. And the surface is brushed. The part of the head beam upgraded by HIFIMAN is called “hybrid structure”. Which not only reduces weight but also improves reliability compared to previous generation products.

The metal shell is finely processed and the brushed lines are delicate. The shaft adopts 2D structure, although it cannot be convert to 3D, the structure is reliable and not easy to disassemble. Earmuffs are made of leather and flocking cloth, and skin-expose parts are made of leather and flocking. In addition, the cable has a replaceable design.

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Let’s talk about its earmuffs
Hifiman Edition XS

The earmuffs of the HIFIMAN Edition XS also continue the design of the Edition X leather and velvet. Earmuffs can cover the entire ear and are very comfortable to wear. The ear pads also follow the leather and velvet design. The ergonomic oval design not only brings excellent comfort, but also allows the sound to be more concentrated in the ear, improving the naturalness of the sound.

The head beam of the HIFIMAN Edition XS hybrid structure takes into account the requirements of low weight and high power. At the same time, the feeling of clamping in the ears of earmuffs is reduce, and wearing is still relatively comfortable.

Hifiman Edition XS: Audio Quality

The version XS builds on the neutral, ultra-wide sound stage of its predecessor with HIFIMAN’s recently developed stealth magnet, which has a unique shape that enables waves to pass through a magnet without interfering. As a result, Sonics is details and transparent, revealing every detail of the recording without outside noise, Hiffman says.

HIFIMAN’s advanced stealth magnet technology is acoustically transparent, reducing the wave diffraction turbulence that reduces the integrity of sound waves, maximizing the accuracy of sonic output. The reduced distortion gives a pure sonic output which is a precise and complete range. In addition, HIFIMAN’s NEO “Supernano” diaphragm (NsD) is 75% thinner than the previous design, improving both responsiveness and imaging for full-range, natural-sounding sonic output.

Stealth magnet technology has a resistance of 18 ohms, sensitivity measured at 92dB and a frequency response of 8Hz – 50kHz. It weighs 14.3 ounces.

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Hifiman Edition XS: Connectivity

However, it does not support any Bluetooth device, bone carrying technology or any other audio codec like SBC, AAC, LDAC, LHDC and AptX (HD). But it only supports cable wired connectivity. Because of this, Hifiman offers 3.5mm sockets that are found on most common devices. The 3.5mm cable provided is user-replaceable and replaceable.


In general, the HIFIMAN Edition XS headset inherits the excellent pedigree of the Edition X. Which can be easily handled even if the music composition is complex. The level is clear, and the division between the main vocals and the different parts of the background instrument or symphony is excellent. The spirit of the space is precious, and the Edition XS Treble is excellent, restoring the loose, natural and full of bouncing bass. The interpretation of popular songs and singers is excellent. Its low-frequency temperature is soft and loose, which can create a good musical atmosphere.

HIFIMAN version XS does not reduce quality due to cost. It further reduces the barriers to head-mounted HiFi headphones, allowing more friends who prefer HiFi to enter the HiFi world at an affordable price. Combined with the technical content and expression of the HIFIMAN Edition XS, the price of around 2000 RMB is really quite cost-effective. Friends who have a special complex for HIFIMAN Edition X or want to see a glimpse of HiFi Planner headphones might consider buying one.

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