Apple AirPods Pro Review

AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro come with a new and advance design, features and price. However, it is still more or less AirPods. While there was a lot of criticism for not sealing the ear canal in the original model. These Apple earbuds not only seal the ear, but also provide active noise cancellation (ANC). AirPods Pro is light-years ahead of older ones simply by this fact. But is it worth the cash?


  • Good Sound quality
  • Good Comfort
  • ANC Support
  • Pressure-sensitive stems for controls


  • Charges via lightning cable
  • A bit costly
  • Design not for everyone
  • Battery life

Box Content

AirPods Pro
  • Product
  • 3 different size earcups
  • USB Type-C cable
  • User Guide

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AirPods Pro release date and price

The AirPods Pro was releases back on October 30,2019 globally. But because of its desire it is still very much in discussion to buy.

You can buy the AirPods Pro for $249 / £249 / AU$399 – which is a significant increase over the 2019 AirPods’ $159 / £159 / AU$249 (with standard charging case), and also $199 / £199 / AU$319. Airpods are bundled with a wireless charging case. AirPods Pro deals are often available, but don’t expect any big price cuts.

If you thing it’s a bit costly!. It is rumored that the cheaper AirPods Pro model is on the card; The AirPods Pro Lite may be an entry-level version of the voice-cancelling earbuds, although the release date is still not far off.

AirPods Pro design and use

AirPods Pro
The AirPods Pro is a bit lighter in weight

When it comes to design and comfort, the AirPods Pro is a bit lighter in weight. Because once we put it in the ear, we don’t know if it is in the ear or not. With this situation, there are both advantages and disadvantages for you. We can easily imagine a situation where you lose one, and do not even realize for a while that it is not there.Unless your music stops playing.

The stems of these AirPods are supposed to be much smaller than the original AirPods. And where you were able to tap the body of the old AirPods to leave the track or activate Siri. The AirPods Pro’s fit means it will be a less comfortable experience here.

The stems of the AirPods Pro have a ‘capacitive force sensor’. And there is a small ridge on both airbuds. Where squeezing the alleged area will activate the noise-cancellation / transparency mode, or skip and pause the track.

After a few days of use, we discovered that it was completely different in nature. And also there was an instinctive tendency to run, pause, and release tracks using this method. Also, there is no haptic click on the bud to confirm the touch, as it makes the new AirPods Pro feel more tactile.

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AirPods Pro
They also come with a Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit.

You can change the squeezing of the ridge by setting it to control Siri if you wish. You can assign each earbud a different function (mute on one, Siri on the other). They also come with a Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit.

One thing is brilliant for sure. Which is…

Touch-sensitive volume control on stems. We got annoyed as soon as it reached our phone to do that. For example, Powerbeats Pro has a clickable button to change the volume and it’s really useful.

Inside the AirPods Pro is an accelerometer, and on the buds itself is an optical sensor. Collectively, when your AirPods are removed it allows the buds to close and start playing music.

 The improvement in the fit of the AirPods Pro is much bigger than the original AirPods. Silicone buds lock them in place tightly, and earbuds are so light that they don’t bounce around. Whether you’re jogging on the road or charging a flight of stairs at a train station.

However, we would not say that they are the safest fitting earbuds on the market. When running and sweating come into the mix, the silicone tips may start to slide around a bit.

Here’s a scientific test: We’ve found that the AirPod Pro’s four very loud-headed-pain-your-brains were shaken to make it dry. But it was just a violent one when they were wrapped up in sweat. Skull-pivot.

We want to emphasize that they never came out, but the fit was very loose. If you are a person who has struggled with the fit of the original airpods while running. This is a big step and it fits more comfortably.

They are also IPX4 water resistant

which essentially means you can use them in the rain and their performance will not be affected by the sweat bucket. Big tick there from us.

The pods were also knocked out a bit more easily when removing the coat or accidentally brushing it (removing the backpack was seen flying with minimal contact). But compared to the fit of the original AirPods, the Pro models are light years ahead.

One thing that may explain the slight lack of in-ear grip is the Apple-designed air vent, so the seal is strong but does not have the strange ‘sucking’ sensation when removing the buds.

Honestly, we never thought this was a problem with other true wireless earbuds. Thus, we can’t comment on whether there’s a big difference. But putting the AirPods Pro in our ears was always a comfortable experience.

After all, the AirPods Pro are expensive, but they’re perfectly engineered. With a few design tweaks and enhancements that really add to the overall experience.

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Sound quality, noise cancellation and Transparency

It includes improved bass, custom drivers, “clear and detailed mid and high frequencies” and an adaptive equalizer

Lets move onto the audio quality, it includes improved bass, custom drivers, “clear and detailed mid and high frequencies” and an adaptive equalizer. The most convenient features we can notice is bass quality. It is powerful then the most of the other Airpods including Airpods 2.

This was present across acoustic / indie rock, electro, pop, and hip-hop – but equally across these genres, separation between high mid and low was only okay. There is a still a ‘closed off’ feeling (it sounds as though the music is coming from inside your head). Which isn’t natural – really good headphones make it sound as if the sound is coming at you from all angles.

The AirPods Pro come with a Active Noise Cancelling feature…..

Which is quite notable and strong when turned on. You turn it on by squeezing the capacitive stem of the AirPods Pro. Or by heading into the volume section of your iPhone and swiping to the left-hand icon. Additionally, you can even toggle it on the Apple Watch, with a menu enabling to turn the feature on & off.

Furthermore, AirPods Pro also come with a two microphones, allowing for both internal and external sound analysis. However, it will not mute all other sounds around you – even if you are in the office and playing music. There may be a small amount of distraction. But, when walking down the street, the AirPod Pros muffles practically all the noise. Moreover, the company does not confirm to come with any Bluetooth Audio codec or Bluetooth Multipoint option.

A strange thing happened at the time of testing, if you have AirPods Pro turned on but no music is playing, a strange, quiet ‘wub wub’ sound can sometimes be emitted as the noise-cancelling tech deals with no sound. . Ears It is very rare but when it happens it looks strange.

Transparency is the other end of the noise-cancelling scale from Apple, with the microphones inside the AirPods Pro able to pass external sound through ably.

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It’s a well-implemented feature…

The world slowly fading away when transparency is on, instead of a sudden dump of sound landing in your cranium. You can still communicate with someone while you’re playing music (although it’s a little harder if you’re more than half-volume), and when no one is playing, you rarely know you have headphones.

One thing we did find interesting: if you’re planning on using the AirPods Pro to take calls when you’re out and about, you may find that you struggle when noise cancellation is turn on.

This is because the person naturally lowers their volume when the sound is heavier and this causes the microphones to stop picking up your voice as clearly as possible.

Turn on transparency and the world will come alive again, sonically, and you will see that you automatically speak out loud. You can communicate properly using the new AirPods, but it’s still not as good as holding your phone to your ear.

An Additional Feature That is very good is…

Auditory Health. If you use AirPods, Powerbeats Pro or AirPods Pro. They send a certain volume level to your iPhone and you can see if you’re listening to things too loud.

Switching from the Powerbeats Pro to the AirPods Pro saw a significant improvement in the volume pumped into our ears – indicating that the noise cancellation allowed us to lower the volume a bit and enjoy the same quality audio.

So if you’re protecting your hearing health, AirPods Pro offers even better improvements than the original AirPods or Powerbeats Pro.

Spatial Audio

AirPods Pro provides Dolby Atmosimmersive audio to the true wireless earbuds

After the firmware update, the AirPods Pro incudes an Spatial Audio feature. Which provides Dolby Atmosimmersive audio to the true wireless earbuds. However, the special audio feature works in 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos, which resonates around you in a virtual sphere – meaning that if you watch a Dolby Atmos movie that shows a plane flying, it will make a noise. Moreover, the plane is really passing over you.

However, the special thing about space audio is that it uses built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes inside Apple’s earbuds and headphones to track the position of your head as well as the position of your iPhone or iPad.

You’ll need an Apple device with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, as well as a streaming service that supports 5.1, 7.1 or Atmos. Stereo content can also be converted to spatial audio as long as the streaming service has enabled a special plugin for stereo spacing.

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AirPods Pro’s charging case come with over 24 hours of listening time when fully charged

Talking about the batterylife, the AirPods Pro’s charging case come with over 24 hours of listening time when fully charged. Moreover,with each full charge of the AirPods Pro getting you five hours of listening (that’s with noise cancelling or Transparency off – you’ll get four and a half hours with it on), or three and a half hours of use if you use the AirPods Pro as a hands-free mic for calling.

These numbers are very accurate in real-world use – you’ll never really use AirPods without turning off the sound or turning on the transparency, but you’ll rarely hit a dead battery when you flip them in and out of the case.

Apple claims you’ll get an hour to listen with just five minutes of charging, and we’ve found it to be a bit stingy – in the case of charging, charging them out of the dead gave 35% battery life, which was a little over an hour’s use.

In terms of charging the case, Apple has helplessly put a USB-C-to-Lightning cable there. Unless you have a new iPhone 11 Pro, or a new MacBook, you don’t have the necessary charging block (because there isn’t one in the box).

However, the good news is that almost everyone who buys a new AirPod will have a standard Lightning cable or two, so you can charge it that way.

Don’t forget that this is a wireless charging case, so you can lower it on the charging pad and get the juice. You might think this is a ‘nothing’ feature that you don’t want to pay for, but trust us, invest in the ecosystem.

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Should I buy the Apple AirPods Pro?

AirPods Pro

Buy them if..

You’re fed up with the fit of the original airpods

We liked that this is the main reason for choosing the new AirPods. They are much more synchronized and premium-feeling than the original versions. And they are more capable of staying put.

You are an iPhone user who wants sound quality mixed with convenience

While the AirPods Pro may not have the best sound on the market, it’s pretty good, and works so effectively with the iPhone that you’re getting a great fusion here.

You want to take care of your ears

It’s a very overlooked feature, but being able to record the decibel level being pushed into your skull is a hugely powerful tool to help you understand how much damage you’re doing to your long-term hearing. It’s just a tool in the big battle to prevent hearing loss, but having Apple headphones gives you more data on this.

Don’t buy them if…

You are cost-sensitive

AirPods Pro isn’t cheap – so if you’re not worry about getting the best earbuds offer by Apple. Check out other true wireless earbuds or try out the older AirPods for what might be more applicable to your needs. Still the right choice.

You’re a fitness freak

There are many other true wireless earbuds that we would especially recommend for a workout. Such as powerbeats Pro is a strong choice, or better fitting Jabra Elite Sports for example. Be sure to check out the best running headphones for more.

You are not a fan of true wireless headphones

Here’s another point to talk about: True wireless may not be for you. There are always background concerns that they might fall. And they definitely don’t keep your ears warm. Check out other wireless headphones if you want to experience what might be more suitable for you.

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Does the AirPods connect to multiple devices?

No, no matter how you connect the AirPods, it will not support Bluetooth multipoint. However, you can take advantage of automatic device switching between Apple hardware under the same iCloud account. This means that when you listen to music on your iPhone and start playing video on your MacBook, AirPods (3rd generation) will stop playing on your phone and immediately switch to the laptop’s audio output.

My Pods Pro started cracking when I heard it, now what?

Contact Apple Support. Numerous AirPods Pro models produced before October 2020 have a well-known problem that Apple is investigating. If you ship your AirPods, you should be able to check and replace them if your AirPods Pro warranty is not out.

Since the ANC is on, can the person next to me hear?

It depends on how loud the person is speaking, but in general ANC does not do the best job of reducing noise levels. This is because ANC works best on droning, consistent tones, rather than fast, irregular sounds.

I can’t fit well, are there any other tips?

Getting a good fit is important for any music listener, so we often recommend post-market memory foam ear tips such as Compliani.

A bud came out of my ear and fell into the water. Is there a way to dry it?

Unfortunately, the only thing you can really do is turn everything off, and let it sit in a warm, dry place for a few days before trying to recharge or use it. Do not try to turn it on or use it before doing this. But let me warn you: these earbuds may already be cooked. Water is rarely pure, so slight imperfections like dissolved minerals can cause shorting in electronics if it goes inside the housing. Hopefully, the water-resistant nozzle membrane prevents any penetration of water, but you never know. Give him time.

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Do AirPods work on Android?

Yes, AirPods will connect via AAC or SBC codecs. You won’t see a drop in performance, but many features of AirPods Pro will not work on Android phones.

Can you change the volume during a phone call?


Is AirPods Pro sound cancellation more effective than Sony WH-1000XM4 for things like study?

The AirPods Pro Noise Canceling can’t compete with the Sony WH-1000XM4, which has the best ANC in the business, followed by the competitive Bose QC Earbuds.

How many decibels does ANC actually block?

Good question! But headphones do not block every sound at the same level. Normally, you’ll see an AirPods Pro inside the ear that intercepts a lot of loud noise when listening to low noise. If you scroll up, you can see how the AirPods block the sound in the Pro chart. If the chart is a bit difficult to read, this article will help.

Do AirPods play high-res audio?

Yes, but Hi-Res audio is a certificate, not really a performance benchmark. AirPods Pro uses AAC as its primary Bluetooth codec, which will not hit the exact threshold required for certification. However, you are unlikely to hear any defects in the sample rate or beat depth ખાસ especially if you are listening on a bus, train, or airplane.
That said, if you’re looking for high-end audio, you’re better off looking for something that focuses on that task.

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