JBL Tour One Review

JBL Tour One

JBL a popular wearable brand, recently launched its latest over-ear headphone the JBL Tour One. The headphone come with a Bluetooth 5.0, 40mm dynamic drivers, maximum music play-time 50 hours without ANC, and Hands free call. Additionally, it has offer Built in-microphones, Voice assistant integration, Alexa/Google assistant, TalkThru, and much more.

Price and release date

The JBL Tour One were released in May 2021 and come in at $300 / £279 (around AU$450). The challenge is that ballpark price has plenty of other headphones that can compete or play better, and that’s where things get complicated here. 


  • Punchy bass, with custom EQ
  • Pretty comfortable fit
  • Solid battery life


  • Ambient Aware needs work
  • Sound quality has its limits
  • Adaptive NC needs tweaking

Box Content

JBL Tour One
  • JBL Tour One headphones
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • Carrying case
  • Audio cable
  • Flight adaptor
  • Warranty/Warning (W/!) product QSG/1x
  • Google Assistant set up guide/1x Amazon Ale

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JBL Tour One : Design and Build Quality

JBL Tour One

JBL Tour One come with a smart, intuitive interface and sleek design. It folds flat and also folds inwards. The right earpiece has a power switch that also doubles as the Bluetooth pairing button. Volume controls sit nearby, including a 2.5mm headphone jack. When you want to use the Tour One Wireless in a wired form. The USB-C charging port is on the left cup, along with a solitary button to trigger your native voice assistant.

Moreover, the entire outer surface of the right earcup is touch-sensitive, with a number of controls. Play with a simple tap or pause or double tap to skip the track. Sadly, there is no way to repeat. We tried triple tapping and found nothing. Tap and hold and you can cycle through Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Ambient Aware App. JBL’s headphones app provides some ways to customize those controls. Such as allocating voice assistants – Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri or Bixby – to the panel instead. Alternatively, you can also apply the Ambient Aware mode to the button on the left earcup.

JBL Tour One has no special design or function to keep an eye on the competition like Apple AirPods Max. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Look at them from the side and even the neutral look doesn’t look special or particular stand out.

Also, unlike V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition,

 It does not offer a variety of color options. It has only one black color. Moreover, it looks very old fashioned among the colorful headphones of today. But it still works, so if you are not looking for something very clear it will fit properly.

The Fox leather headband is soft enough to sink in without feeling squeezed after a while. While the earcup has a little wiggle room once you put it on. It’s great for stability, but not so much if you want your ears to breathe a little. JBL may have done this by design to better trap the bass and avoid leakage which would otherwise make it thinner.

No matter the case,

The fit can be divisive because, unlike the headband, you have little shelter to adjust the earcups. They rotate, which helps to contour the shape of your head and ears, but if you don’t like thin cushions or how they fit, you can’t do much about it. Also, they get trapped in the heat. Despite the fact that we don’t suffocate enough to breathe out so often.

While we liked not repeating the track, we appreciated how effective the overall controls were. We’ve rarely taken a wrong step, and not every pair of over-ear headphones is always the case.

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JBL Tour One : Portability

JBL Tour One

The folded flat design that also folds inwards makes the JBL Tour One quite portable. Sure, it still takes up space as it is a headphone around the ear that is very large in nature. But it becomes compact enough to ensure maximum portability.

The carrying case that is included does a great job of protecting the headphones but we feel that it lacks the premium feel that the headphones themselves offer. Competitors like the Turtle Beach Recon 200 Gen2 and Sony MDR-XB950B1 headphones offer a hard leather carrying case that goes well with the leather elements on the headphones. In the case of JBL Tour One, the case material is fabric / nylon.

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JBL Tour One : Comfort

JBL Tour One

I’ll start by saying that the JBL Tour One is one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever tried and things get better because there are no wires. I almost went through the airport security scanner without realizing that I turn on my headphones and it just proves the amount of comfort it offers.

The headphones are really lightweight for what they offer and the plush leather earcups and headbands look great when worn. Eggs, like the shape of earcups, also offer extra comfort as JBL states that they designed it after examining the ear shapes and sizes of hundreds of subjects.

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JBL Tour One : Durability

JBL Tour One

While the headphones have excellent build quality, they have no protection against elements such as sweat resistance or IP rating for protection against dust and water. So this is strictly for light listening. It is not the ideal tool for your morning jog or your gym sessions. Plus, the leather earcups really do induce sweat and don’t mingle well with it either.

JBL Tour One : Audio Quality

The sound quality of the JBL Tour One is amazing. Thanks to JBL’s voice signature has always been one that can be found with oomph and thump when needed. The bass is powerful but it will not rumble your cranium like beats. Its frequency range is 10 Hz to 40 KHz(For Passive) & 10 Hz to 22 KHz(Active).

Looking for drivers,

The JBL Tour One comes with 44mm dynamic drivers. To provide you with excellent quality audio. In addition, to make sure that your music always sounds wireless is probably the best. Along with better drivers, it also offers a high-resolution audio certified option with supporting frequencies up to 40kHz.

The balanced sound signature also makes it ideal for taking calls on the go and I literally loved making and receiving calls on the headset because it was so simple and the audio quality was excellent.

Noise cancellation is also very good but we felt that when you look at a competition like Boss it seems a bit inferior. It works great on a flight where the adaptive takes good control of the noise cancellation but in other situations, you won’t find it so good. Along with that, it comes with an Ambient Aware and TalkThru option. So you can hear environmental noises or have quick chats.

You can choose between letting headphones automatically select the required volume of noise cancellation so as not to interrupt your music or call session. The microphones work perfectly well and most of the people I talked to didn’t even know I was using wireless headphones to talk to them. For them the audio quality was always as good as the phone if not better.


Additionally, the JBL Tour One is equipped with 4 mics on the earcups to offer superior call quality. 2 adaptive beam forming mics ensure that the voice reproduction is clear and accurate; acoustic echo cancellation technology suppresses any echoes and cancels noises. Feel the pleasure of a face-to-face conversation, in every meeting or call.

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JBL Tour One : Battery life

JBL rates Tour One wireless up to 24 hours per charge on standard default volume. We actually hit that number very easily by going one level above that level, approaching 28-30 hours. We also took advantage of the auto-off setting to turn them off after 15 minutes when we left them idle.

Battery life is solid during wired playback, including game consoles using TRS cables. It’s just that you lose the microphone, because only the audio passes, which means you can’t communicate in multiplayer games.

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In terms of connectivity, it does not have much option like other Sony MDR-XB950B1 . However, it comes with a Bluetooth 5.0, which connect your smartphone with Tour One headphone seamlessly. Also, it does not come with any Bluetooth multi-point connectivity option.

Should you buy the JBL Tour One?

Buy them if…

You’re looking for simple, intuitive controls

We appreciated how effective the overall controls were. We’ve rarely taken a wrong step, and not every pair of over-ear headphones is always the case.

You want fun, sit sound

JBL is known for its fun sound signature and is no different. Take out the bass, and it punches with more thumps as it brings your music to life.

You need extra long battery life over-ear headphones

We easily get 28-30 hours of battery life on a single charge in a medium volume, making them the best travel companion for those who are always on the move.

Don’t buy them if…

Your ears get hot

If you’ve felt hotter than over-ear headphones in the past, you’ll want to avoid the Tour One.

You choose to take phone calls on your headphones

The JBL Tour One looks great, but unfortunately it doesn’t look the best to you. They may be useful if you call in quiet settings, but we would not recommend them if you are in a crowded office space or walking down the street.

You’re big on features like Ambient Aware and Adaptive ANC

It’s nice that the Tour One has active voice cancellation, but features like Ambient Aware and Adaptive ANC can use some more work.

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