Bose Sport Open Earbuds review

Bose Sport Open Earbuds

Bose Sport Open Earbuds is clearly for outdoor enthusiasts who want a soundtrack to underscore their adventures. Despite the messy design, the music sounds great and the earbuds stay in place during all kinds of exercise. If you have the bones to choose from with bone conduction headphones, get this, but all the other athletes can save a little money and get a pair of traditional workout earbuds instead.


  • Fast charging
  • IPX4 rating
  • Touch and button controls
  • Smart assistant access


  • Uncomfortable ear hooks
  • No dust-resistance
  • Microphone quality
  • Cost

Box Content

Bose Sport Open Earbuds
  • Bose Sport Open Earbuds (right and left)
  • Protective carry case
  • Stationary charging base

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Bose Sport Open Earbuds : Design and comfort

Bose Sport Open Earbuds

The Bose Sport Open earbuds differs from other wireless headphones. Because it does not include a charging case. But instead, the boss provides you with a rectangular, thin carrying case in which the interior is experienced. The textured finish surface of the charging case makes the case easy to hold. But it also attracts a lot of dust, dirt and lint. Nothing significant about the case.

When you work, you sweat. And that’s not a problem. The Boss Sport Open earbuds were made to work just as hard as yours. These are the IPX4 water-resistant earbuds to cope with your most difficult workouts or Mother Nature surprise visits (or both). Industrial grade thermoplastics provide external strength, structure and durability. And in ports a specially designed acoustic mesh helps keep water out and dust.

In exchange for a charging case, Boss provides a proprietary USB-A charging cradle with three-pin connectors for each earbud. Earbuds are easy to dock properly because both the earpiece and the cradle cutout are marked with “L” and “R”. Aesthetically, the boss’s decision to separate the battery from the case makes sense because the hybrid case would be huge, but this method still seems inconvenient.

Earbuds with bulbs ear hooks and rounded housing look like little snails. They hang over your ears and make sure they don’t touch your ear canals. This distracts from the typical open-fit design like the Apple AirPods Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, both of which have unsealed fit that still clogs your ear canals. Chunky ear hooks keep the buds in place, which is good for safety but not the best for comfort. The section in which the plastic hook meets the earbud pinches the helix and can be painful after about an hour of wearing.

InputLeft buttonRight button
One pressHear battery level (shortcut)Play/pause; answer/end call
Two pressesSkip track; decline call
Three pressesPrevious track
Press and holdAccess smart assistantPower on/off
How are the Boss Sport Open earbuds different from the Bone Conduction Headphones?

Boss Sport earbuds use precisely guided dynamic drivers to funnel sound into your ear canals and that sound makes direct contact with your eardrums. The bone conduction technique is different: the ear pieces sit on top of your cheekbones and bypass the eardrum, instead sending vibrations directly into the cochlea. If you have a hearing loss, especially with damage to the eardrum, bone-carrying headphones are a more accessible choice.

Are the Bose Sport Earbuds good for Gym?

Even during cycling, rock climbing and accidentally playing basketball, the Boss Sport remains open earbuds. Thick ear hooks effectively stabilize earphones, no matter how many times you jump or fall. The IPX4 rating makes them almost impervious to sweat damage, and the button on each earbud is easy to find by feeling.

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Bose Sport Open Earbuds : Sound quality

Boss Sport open earbuds do not block the ear, and while this design has its safety advantages, it has a negative effect on the reproduction of the bass. There are virtually no sub-bass or bass responses to listen to, but the midrange frequency response is accurate, good for vocals and string instruments. Bose tuning makes it easy for you to hear harmonic detail from 16mm drivers. The buds are designed to channel sound to your ears, not further, however if you crank more than 75% of the volume anyone nearby will hear your music.

Because of how earbuds fit without obstructing any part of your ear canal, there is no isolation performance to talk about. While we mourn this and recognize it as a flaw in Apple AirPods Pro and similarly designed earphones, the ability to listen to your surroundings and music together is the selling point of Sport Open Earbuds.

Again, these earbuds are not for audiophile athletes. If accurate audio is your top priority when it comes to workout earbuds, you should consider Apple AirPods Max or  Grado SR325x instead.

Can I use the Bose Sport Open Earbuds for phone calls?

The right earbud has a dual-microphone setup, which is good for fast calls, but it’s not the best headset microphone that crosses the SoundGuys desk. People on the other end of the call are bound to tell you that you sound “off”. Listen to our demo below and rate it, this will help us to refer to the microphone display in a range of products for our other readers.

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Bose Sport Open Earbuds : Connectivity

The Bose Sport Open Earbuds uses Bluetooth 5.1 and has a nine-meter wireless range. The earphones support SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. Owners of Android smartphones may be shocked to learn that these buds do not support aptX. But you are unlikely to hear the benefits of a high-quality codex with this awkward fit. There is a significant audio-visual lag when streaming video from an Android phone. Which is not a problem when using earbuds with an iPhone.

Earbuds do not support Bluetooth multipoint, so you need to manually disconnect from one device before connecting to another. Alternatively, you can use the Boss Music app to switch between source devices.

Mono listening is also not fully supported: when you turn on the right (primary) earbud, it automatically powers the left earbud. You can technically skirt around this as long as the right earbud is within nine meters of your phone. Under these conditions, the earbud will play your media, regardless of the earpiece in your ear. This quirk is similar to Microsoft Surface earbuds.

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Bose Sport Open Earbuds : Battery

Bose Sport Open Earbuds

The Bose Sport Open earbuds have an official battery life of 8 hours. In our testing, we found that earphones cost a little less than this, but not more. When the Sport Open earbuds play music at a constant 75dB (SPL) output, the battery lasts 7 hours, 21 minutes. This is much higher than the average for true wireless earbuds. And if you listen at low volume, you can get close to 8-hours.

Earbuds take two hours to fully charge, and provide only 30 minutes to 180 minutes of play time on the cradle. Again, the magnetic conduction case doesn’t actually charge the earbuds, so you have to keep track of that uncomfortable dock.

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If you frequently exercise outside and get lost without your music, the Boss Sport Open Earbuds is the front of the gear for your kit. If you want a more versatile, comfortable pair of earphones with better microphone quality, check out the other top contenders.

For all your non-athletes, don’t turn off Sport Open earbuds right away. This is a very safe option for anyone who likes to spend their days walking in the neighborhood. Whether you live in the city or abroad, it is always best to make mistakes with caution and be aware of the environment around you. These earphones give you the best of both worlds as they play stereo sound while letting you hear the outside world and the sound quality is much better than software powered ambient passthrough mods.

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