Epic Air Sport ANC True Wireless Earbuds review

JLab a popular audio company, recently introduced its latest mid-range Epic Air Sport ANC True Wireless Earbuds. It come with a ultimate true wireless with active noise cancelling and sport fit, up to 70+ hours playtime, customizable sound via the JLab Air ANC app, Bluetooth 5.0, wear detect sensor and much more.


  • Great sound with EQ customization Sporty and stabilized design Excellent control customization
  • Powerful charging case


  • Poor call quality
  • Finicky touch controls
  • Discharge times are off

Price and availability

The JLab Epic Air Sport ANC is available for $99.99 at major online retailers, including Amazon and Target or directly from JLab. Only one color, black, is available.

Box Content

Epic Air Sport ANC
  • Epic Air Sport ANC Earbuds
  • Charging Case with integrated USB Charging Cord
  • 3 Sets of Silicone Gel Tips
  • 2 Extra Long Tips
  • 1 set Cloud Foam Eartips
  • JLab Two Year Warranty.

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Epic Air Sport ANC : Design and comfort

Epic Air Sport ANC

The Epic Sport ANC comes with a lightweight and premium design. From the silicone finish of eartips to the matt-glossy surface of the earbuds all look very comfortable and classy. Moreover, it come with an IP66 ratings for water and dust resistance. So, you can use these earbuds while swimming, running and also in gym.

Earbuds offer 6 sets of tips for ideal fit. These tips can be shaped like small, medium and large. You have to find your ideal fit, which gives you a tight seal without leakage of sound. You also get a pair of the brand’s patented Cloud Foam tips for optimized comfort. Which also work well for sweat absorption, ensuring the buds remain in place when fighting off moisture.

Talking about the case, the wing tip has been wisely placed in these earbuds. The pebble-shaped design is more portable, lighter, and functional than the other like Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro . Normally, you don’t know How it happened. By making it a part of earbuds and giving it extra flexibility, it is able to latch on the inner ear to hold the buds in place.

The touch control allow users to change volume, adjust EQ setting, skip tracks, and also active noise cancelling by just tapping the JLab logo on each earbuds. However, the command that need multiple touches sometimes mismatched but for the most part were responsive. The touch controls can also be customized through JLab’s Air ANC App. Additionally, six microphones work together to cancel out noise and provide uninterrupted audio – wherever you GO.

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JLab’s Air ANC App

Epic Air Sport ANC

With the new JLab Air ANC app, you’ll have control to customize the Active Noise Control settings, touch controls, and sound to your personal preference. And also use the presets for JLab Signature, Balance or Bass Boost. Plus get software updates for your product right when they’re available. Available on the App or Google Play Store.

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Epic Air Sport ANC : Sound Quality

Epic Air Sport ANC

In terms of sound, the Epic Air Sport ANC is far better than most of other JLab earbuds. Their sound can be individually adjusted to personal taste using modes and a ten-band graphic equaliser in the app. The saturated bass layer provides volume and a hefty thump at the same time, without blurring the notations of basslines and without sacrificing transparency.

Even more clarity is provided by the balanced mode, a linear sound image dominated more by mids and less by bass. Although the highs are not boosted as in the “JLab Signature”, they are clearer and sometimes exaggerated in sibilants. This mode comes into its own particularly well with organic music such as jazz, as well as audiobooks. The Bass Boost only boosts the bass, so that the treble is left behind. For me, however, there is a lack of transparency here.

The Epic Air Sport ANC also features a wear detect sensor. This are design with an infrared sensor. With that, your music will pause automatically when you take them out of your ear. They’ll start playing once you place them back in. Generally, the sound is impressive, even with streamed music, although the Epic Air Sport ANC only use AAC and SBC as audio codec.

These earpieces hold another ace up their sleeve, Movie Mode. Which reduces the latency between picture and sound to below 100 milliseconds for improved lip-sync. It’s a well-done feature that’s less noticeable when watching movies on your phone, but more so on your tablet.

Active Noise Cancelling

Active Noise Cancelling can be set to three levels, which is ANC ON, ANC OFF and Be aware mode. ANC “ON” is a great feature for limiting most outside noises that cause distractions. Using hybrid ANC – a combination of feedforward and feedbackward ANC – JLab Smart ANC adapts on-the-go to variants in environment, earbud fit and other factors to create the best audio experience.

ANC OFF refers to passive noise isolation. By putting on the earbuds, you’ll naturally reduce the sound that is pass through the ear. Getting a good in-ear seal and fit is key to maximizing the passive noise isolation, which is why JLab products ship with multiple sizes and styles – the Epic Air products ship with: Gel tips (small, medium and large); Extra-Long tips fit further in your ear for a more snug, tighter seal (medium and large); and Cloud Foam expand to fit the ear (medium).  

Allow outside noises in with Be Aware Audio. This new JLab technology allows outside ambient noise in through the earbuds. Now you can stay safe and hear surrounding sounds during a run.

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Epic Air Sport ANC : Battery

Epic Air Sport ANC features 15+ hours of Bluetooth playtime in each earbud and 55+ additional hours from the charging case. That’s 70+ hours of Bluetooth 5 playtime. Plus, use ANC to tune out noise around you, you’ll get 50+ hours of Bluetooth ANC playtime.

However, this impressive battery life comes with a downside. The large batteries take up a lot of space and are heavy, making the earbuds larger than AirPods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 , and their cases bulky and a bit oddly shaped. This makes them awkward to fit in your pocket. If you are carrying a backpack or a purse, this may not be an issue. But I enjoy bringing my earbuds with me when shopping or going for a walk around the neighborhood, occasions where I would not normally bring a bag with me.

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Epic Air Sport ANC : Call quality and connectivity

JLab’s C3 calling technology allegedly enhances call quality by eliminating ambient noise on one mic and raising the volume on another for clear communication. It doesn’t work.

I was shock at how bad the wind resistance on the call was. Which caused an unbearable noise in the background that made it difficult to communicate with others. My wife didn’t understand a bit of what I said during the chat and complained about the excessive amount of background noise she could hear.

Only when I was inside could she hear my words. And for that I needed to be in a completely quiet environment like my office. Even after that, she noticed how vague my voice was. Video chats were no different, as I had to swap the buds during the Skype session for my AirPods Pro.

On the plus side, the wireless performance on the Epic Air Sport ANC is adequate. I could stream music and take calls from a range of 35 feet. JLab’s auto connect technology is also more reliable than ever, instantly reconnecting buds with known devices.

Multipoint technology may be missing from the spec sheet, so you can’t connect the buds with two devices at once. However, you get Dual Connect, a feature designed by Jaleb that allows each bud to create its own independent connection for a more stable streaming experience.

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The JLab Epic Air Sport ANC is more than a pair of $ 99 wireless sports earphones. These are actually excellent everyday buds that produce live sound, last for hours. And boast a strong shell that can withstand the daily abuse you put into them. Having a companion app to personalize the sound is a plus, and the portable charging case is a clutch for travel. Cancelling JLab’s voice may not win Boss or Sony lovers, but it fits perfectly with what it is;. At the very least, you will be able to muffle the noisy passengers during the run.

While the Epic Air Sport ANC achieves more, this set of buds is not without its drawbacks. As a call headset, it is virtually useless. Touch control can also use some work. There are also errors that affect the discharge time. Which can lead to confusion about the battery life of each knob when in use.

You can not go wrong with the efficiency that Epic Air Sport ANC offers you for the price.

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