Urbanista Lisbon review

Urbanista Lisbon

The Urbanista Lisbon has an unsealed fit that allows you to hear your surroundings perfectly. The earbuds stay in place and sit comfortably, though with some concessions. It come with a compact design, 27 hour battery, touch control, voice control and USB Typre-C charging.


  • Bluetooth 5.2; stable connection
  • Pair and go is easy
  • Price
  • Battery life


  • Almost no isolation
  • Can’t customize controls
  • SBC and AAC only, no aptX
  • Fit is variable from person to person

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Box Content

Urbanista Lisbon
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Universal GoFit Wing

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Urbanista Lisbon : Design

Urbanista limits your ability to customize Lisbon, which may not appeal to some. For the simplest of people who want a simple set of genuine affordable wireless earbuds. However, Lisbon will happily offer something different in one of five colors. Such as Midnight Black, Vanilla Cream, Mint Green, Blush Pink and Coral Peach.

Each GoFit wing includes a silicone sleeve with a soft outer ring. This fit improves the inaccuracies that affect uninsulated earphones. The GoFit wings really enhance the experience. At just 4 grams each, you can wear the buds, forget about it and spend your day with very little need to rearrange. However, if you want comfortable wear use the GoFit wings feature. Lisbon promotional photos show wingless buds, but give it a try and it will probably fall out.

Moreover, the Urbanista Lisbon does not come with a any IP Ratings. Thus, you have to be careful while raining or swimming. This seems like an oversight, especially because the GoFit wings suggest the possibility you could take the buds for a jog.

How do you control the Urbanista Libson?

However, with GoFit Wings, common problems such as misfiring touch commands rarely occur with Urbanista Lisbon. Its shape also makes it easier to hold the outside of the buds without interacting with the touchpad.

LEFT EARBUDVolume downPlay / pause media Answer / end callVoice assistant Reject call
RIGHT EARBUDVolume upPlay / pause media Answer / end callNext track Reject call

Because Urbanista is not accompany the Lisbon with an app. You cannot change the controls. For example, it was nice to go to the previous track command. So, you like it or you don’t. This means there are no updates, but there aren’t many extras in Lisbon that need maintenance.

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Urbanista Lisbon : Sound

How good the Lisbon sounds depends on your environment more than it does for most earphones, again a consequence of the open-type fit. Play audio on a train and you’ll think it boosts treble way too much, because the environmental rumbles will mask mostly bass and midrange notes. Try listening in a quiet bedroom and you’ll notice how midrange notes sound louder than they should.

How good Lisbon sounds depends more on your environment than most earphones. Which again results in an open-type fit. Play audio on the train and you’ll find that it triples. Because, the environmental thunderstorms will largely overshadow bass and midrange notes. Try listening in a quiet bedroom and you’ll notice that the midrange notes sound louder than you should.

Furthermore, dips around 1kHz occur almost where there is a large increase in isolation performance. In other words, Urbanista and its audio engineer Axel Gray probably considered how mids and lows would suffer from masking and accelerated those frequencies to compensate. Libson, meanwhile, emphasizes frequencies of 1-4kHz and 10kHz and higher. This works somewhat, but not enough. Because Buds doesn’t have any accompanying apps. However, you can try EQ using your device.

How good is the microphone on the Urbanista Lisbon?

The microphone on the Urbanista Lisbon looks fine under ideal circumstances, although it filters out some high and low frequencies. His voice rejection is below average. It doesn’t block noise in the office setting, but it does cut your voice. Comes with both typing and voice.

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Urbanista Lisbon : Battery

Because Buds has no power hog like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). You get 8 hours, 53 minutes snug according to our certified test. The small charging case provides an additional two charges, a total of 27 hours of battery life.

The case, which reminds me of something in which you can store mint. It has a single LED and a little side play in the lid. Usefully, the case has a magnetic underside so that it does not come down from the edge of the table. This addition is highly commendable as the case does not generally inspire confidence. Its featherweight build is easy to pocket and lose.

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Urbanista Lisbon : Connectivity

Libson with Bluetooth 5.2 stays connected to AAC or SBC Bluetooth codecs. Apple users take advantage of the AAC codec. While Android users can get inconsistent audio quality results than AAC and should try SBC instead. With an unsealed design, which codec you use affects your sound quality much less than any environmental noise that will mask your audio. So, in this case, while the high resolution codec is nice, it’s a little Mute point here. The connection remains stable at a minimum distance of about 8 m, and the connection experiences zero blips.

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The price of the Urbanista Lisbon lands about exactly where you want it at just under $50 USD. There’s no crying if you lose it, however, it’s not anyone’s first choice for commuting. In a quiet home or working in a quiet environment (notice a theme?) the Lisbon is lightweight and convenient. Conversely, those interested in hearing their environment at the expense of sound quality can happily pick up the Lisbon too.

The Urbanista Lisbon is priced exactly below US 50 USD wherever you want. No one cries if you lose it. However, it is not someone’s first choice for travel. Working in a quiet home or in a quiet environment. Lisbon is lightweight and convenient. Additionally, those interested in listening to their environment at the expense of sound quality can also happily choose Lisbon.

For many, the uncertainty of Apple AirPods and its clones has made them stop thinking of sealed earbuds.. However, there comes a time when awareness grows and unsalted has its benefits. Libson is one of the best unsealed options out there.

No one can help with cheerful colorways, long battery life and super comfort fit. It’s simple and works according to the ad. The lack of an IP rating means that you should look at other options for workouts, as it may not be related to the subway. It’s not even anyone’s first choice for his microphone. Basically, Urbanista Lisbon should not be the only set of true wireless earbuds for anyone. If, however, you want to complement your collection with a cheap unsealed set, this is the one to choose from.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Urbanista Libson compare to the Sony LinkBuds WF-L900?

Like Libson, Sony WF-1000XM4 features an unsealed fit that keeps you aware of the environment around you while playing music. Sony does it differently than anyone before with donut-shaped earbuds that leave your ear canal completely untidy. The bass response on Sony WF-1000XM4 is even quieter than Libson’s. But this can be good for things like spoken word content, and doesn’t feel as bad as the frequency response suggests.

Unlike Urbanista Libson, WF-1000XM4 comes with a companion app. Where you can equalize the sound, access firmware updates and start using Sony 360 Reality Audio. Then again, maybe what draws you to Libson is its lack of simplicity and application.

Finally, both headsets fill their desired location and your choice probably boils down to two things: price and design.

How does the Urbanista Libson compare to the Beats Studio Buds?

The Beats Studio Buds is a great pair of earbuds but very different from Libson because Beats Studio Buds create a tight seal for your ear canals. This gives a very different listening experience with the loud bass and less external noise passing through the headset.

Like Sony WF-1000XM4, the Beats Studio Buds comes with a companion app (Android only). Where you can access firmware updates and make small changes to the listening experience. The Beats Studio Buds costs $ 149 USD, which is a little more than Libson’s asking price.

Who should buy the Urbanista Lisbon?

  • Anyone who prioritizes environmental awareness over sound quality should consider Lisbon for its unsalted design.
  • Those who want sealed earbuds, but not Apple AirPods (3rd generation), will love the price and relatively stable fit from Libson.
  • who work in a quiet environment and do not need to turn off the noise will appreciate the comfortable fit, no-face control and long battery life of the Urbanista small buds.

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