FitBit charge 5 Smartwatch band

FitBit charge 5

Fitbit recently introduced its latest smartwatch band FitBit charge 5 globally. It come with a Advanced stress management , Sleep mode, Built-in GPS, Fitbit ECG (Electrocardiogram) app access, up to 7 days battery life, and much more.

Reason to buy charge 5

  • Stress Management
  • Daily Readiness
  • Heart Health
  • Health Matrics
  • Built-in GPS
  • Premium Membership

Price and availability

FitBit charge 5 Smart band come with three color option like Black / Graphite Stainless Steel, Lunar White / Soft Gold Stainless Steel and Steel Blue / Platinum Stainless Steel. It is priced $201. And you can buy from the company’s official website and

Lets talk about the features include in the charge 5,

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FitBit charge 5 : Design Related Features

FitBit charge 5
  • Vibrant color display provides a new color touchscreen. Which is two times brighter than charge 4 in daylight and also protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.
  • Always-on display mode is used to view real-time exercise statistics and check time at a glance. Moreover, even Mid Planck, when you turn on the always-on display.
  • Infinity Band is flexible and optimized for workout and all day wear. Also, with the quick-release method, it is easier to change the look than ever before.
  • You can easily switch up your look with accessories. Which have a that have a new quick-release mechanism.

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FitBit charge 5 : Smart features

FitBit charge 5
  • Notification feature allow you to get notify for calls, texts, calendar events and smartphone apps like Gmail, WhatsApp and Facebook. Also, send quick replies right from your wrist. However, this quick reply features only available for Android Users.
  • Google fast pair help you to setup streamline and get going on Goals
  • Sleep mode allow you to mute smartphone notification. And stop screen from turning on at night. Plus, set a schedule on your wrist to turn sleep mode on automatically.
  • Wake up feeling rested with the Smart Wake alarm that goes off during your optimal stage of sleep—within 30 minutes before its set time.
  • Mute call, text, calendar and app notifications during the day using do not disturb mode.
  • Finally, track all your moves for up to 7 days without having to stop for a charge with a long battery life.

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FitBit charge 5 : Health related features

  • Fitbit ECG (Electrocardiogram) app assesses your heart for atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm irregularity. And share the results with your doctor.
  • EDA (Electrodermal Activity) Scan App use to detect electrodermal activity. Tiny changes in your skin’s sweat level which may indicate your body’s response to stress.
  • Stress management score help showing your body’s physical response to stress. You can see how your exercise routine, mindfulness practice and sleep help to manage your stress levels.
  • Reflection easily log your mood in the app from Very Stressed to Very Calm and observe changes over time.
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitoring help you to fine the level of oxygen in your blood. Also, help you learn when there may be an indication of important changes in your overall wellness.
  • Heart rate variability help to understand if your body is showing potential signs of stress, illness or fatigue based on your past month’s trends in the variation of time between each heartbeat—known as heart rate variability.
  • Breathing rate help you to know your average breaths per minute. Additionally, see if there are any sudden increases that could indicate a change in your well-being with a view of your breathing rate trends from the past month.
  • Track your skin temperature variation each night so you can be aware of potential signs of changes in your body like fever or ovulation.
  • Get a better understanding of your sleep quality with a daily Sleep Score and graphs of your time in light, deep and REM sleep.
  • Know your body better by using the FitBit charge 5 to log periods, record symptoms and discover patterns in your cycle.

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FitBit charge 5 : Fitness related features

  • Do what’s best for your body with a Daily Readiness Score. That shows whether you’re ready to work out or should prioritise recovery.
  • Active Zone Minutes uses your heart rate to guide you toward your desired intensity level.
  • Track calorie burn and optimize workouts with PurePulse® continuous heart rate tracking. Then see your resting heart rate trends and cardio fitness level in the Fitbit app.
  • See your real-time pace & distance without your phone using built-in GPS during outdoor activity. Then see a map of your workout route in the Fitbit app.
  • SmartTrack® automatically recognizes and records workouts like elliptical, runs, swims and more.
  • After outdoor exercise with GPS, check your workout intensity map in the Fitbit app to see your pace and heart rate zones throughout your route.
  • Set personal goals for runs, rides and more. Then get real-time stats to help you keep your pace or maintain your target heart rate zone.
  • Get to know your VO2 max—a measurement of how well your body uses oxygen when you’re working your hardest—and see how you improve over time.
  • Get water resistance up to 50 meters, and feel free to wear Charge 5 in the pool, in the rain, at the beach and beyond.

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Specifications of FitBit charge 5

Sensors & Components

  • Optical heart rate monitor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Built-in GPS + GLONASS
  • Red and infrared sensors for oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring
  • Device temperature sensor (skin temperature variation available in the Fitbit app)
  • Vibration motor
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Radio transceiver: Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Multipurpose electrical sensors compatible with ECG app & EDA Scan appBattery & Power
  • Battery life of up to 7 days. Use of the always-on display and SpO2 features will require more frequent charging. We recommend charging your tracker every few days to ensure you are always tracking.
  • Battery type: Lithium-polymer
  • Charge time (0-100%): Two hours


  • Saves 7 days of detailed motion data, minute by minute
  • Saves daily totals for the last 30 days
  • Stores heart rate data at one-second intervals during exercise tracking and at five-second intervals all other times


  • Water resistant to 50 metres. After getting the band wet, we recommend drying the band because, as with any wearable device, it’s best for your skin if the band is clean and dry


  • Give your wrist a rest by taking the band off every now and then. If the band gets wet or you sweat in it, remove and completely dry the band before putting it back on


  • The Charge 5 housing is made of aluminium, glass and resin. The band is made of silicone and has an aluminium buckle.

Heart Rate

  • Like all heart rate tracking technologies, accuracy is affected by physiology, location of device and different movements.

Environmental Requirements

  • Operating temperature: -10° to 45° C
  • Maximum operating altitude: 8535m


The Fitbit app is compatible with most popular phones. To set up and use your FitBit charge 5 products and services. You must install the Fitbit app on a compatible device running one of the following operating systems:

  • Apple iOS 12.2 or higher.
  • Android OS 8.0 or higher. See additional tips for Android phones here.

Syncing range: Up to 9m

  • Certain features like smartphone notifications may require Android 8.0+. Check your device compatibility.
  • Syncing requires Bluetooth® LE and internet connection.
  • Syncs with Mac OS X 12.2 and up, iPhone 5S and later, Android 8.0 and later.

Band Size

Print this guide to find the right size for you. Both small and large sizes included in box.

Small: Fits wrist 130mm – 170mm in circumference

Large: Fits wrist 170mm – 210mm in circumference

Window Size

  • Viewing area: 1.04″ diagonal or 26.43mm diagonal
  • Screen height: 0.86″ or 21.93mm
  • Screen width 0.58″ or 14.75mm

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