Razer Opus X Wireless Review

Razer Opus X

The Razer Opus X headset is simple but sturdy, with simple controls located on the bottom of the right ear cup, with two embedded microphones for ANC (active noise cancellation) and a second pair for voice chat. It come with a 40mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth 5.0, 20hz-20khz frequency response and up to 30 hours of battery on top.


  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Features ANC


  • Lacks an audio jack
  • Lacks support for PS5
  • No carrying case

Price and availability

The Razer Opus X come with a three color option such as Green, Mercury and Quartz. It is priced $99.99(in US and UK), $169.95(in Aus) and $107.99(in Europe).

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Box Content

Razer Opus X
  • Razer Opus X
  • 0.5m length USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • User Guide

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Razer Opus X : Design

Razer Opus X

Speaking of technical upgrades, the Razer Opus X comes with a plastic surface with protein leather and nylon earbuds. By design it is not the most stylish headphones like the HiFiman Edition XS. However, earmuffs can cover the entire ear and are very comfortable to wear. The Ergonomics oval shape not only provides excellent comfort, but also allows the sound to be more concentrated in the ear by improving the naturalness of the sound.

The head beam of the Razor Opus X feed forward structure takes into account the light weight and high power requirements. At the same time, the feeling of clamping in the earmuff’s ears is reduce. And the wear is still relatively comfortable.

The Razer Opus X weighs 270g, and I found that I could wear it for a few hours without putting uncomfortable pressure on my neck. One of the major disadvantages of these earbuds is that they do not come with any type of carrying case. And it doesn’t even fold like the Harman Cardan fly. With this I carefully put them in a bag and hope that they would not be harm or worn around my neck.

In terms of touch controls,

The headset includes random buttons on the bottom right ear cup, with LED lights that indicate they are on, charging, or connecting to another device.

Additionally, you’ll find a volume button, a pairing button, and a power button. Tapping the power button will turn on the ANC, turn on the ambient and then turn the ANC off again, so it’s not hard to find.

Music can be paused / played by tapping the pairing button, and clicking multiple times can leave the track or go backwards. While the buttons offer multiple functions it’s a great idea. I forgot they had the ability to skip the track and it just ended up doing it manually.

Rather than rounding the design, the last thing on the right earcup is the USB-C port for charging the headset. Unlike the original Opus headset, I was disappointed to see that there was no 3.5mm audio jack. This means you want to make sure your devices have Bluetooth, otherwise, you can’t go far with Opus X.

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How good are the Razer Audio app for customising features?

Razer Opus X

Razer offers an application for Opus X. You will have controls to enable voice control settings, touch controls and customize the sound according to your personal preference. And also use presets to toggle gaming mode, balance or bass boost. Also get software updates for your product only when available. Available on the App or Google Play Store. Additionally, change the Equalizer settings, giving you the choice of Advanced Bass, Advanced Clarity, Vocal, Amplified or Stay on Default.

How good the ANC of the Razer Opus X headphone?

The most extraordinary feature of the Razer Opus X is without a doubt the ANC (active voice cancellation). It comes with FeedFord Active Noise Cancellation. It can be turn on and off and is very effective against most white noises or conversations happening around you. During the months I used them, I found that the ANC worked best in an already quiet environment. When in a car or train they did not match the sounds of the engine and were not always the best against naughty tourists or crying children. Once the sound in my immediate area gets louder, it will cut off my music.

Ambient mode was also more useful than I expected, as it allows me to tune in to conversations or listen to train announcements without having to worry about removing the headset. However, when removing the headset, the lack of auto play / pause was a bit annoying and made me more likely to change my audio manually instead of using the buttons on the device.

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Razer Opus X : Sound Quality

Razer Opus X

By jumping on audio clarity, it is equipped with custom-tuned 40mm dynamic drivers. Opus X offers a rich audio experience that enhances your enjoyment, providing clear high and middle, as well as deep, punchy bass.

In addition, the headphones offer Quick Attention mode for a sense of awareness. Which helps to make outside noise useful when crossing the road or just understanding the environment around you.

But, my favourite mode is enhanced clarity, as I found it helpful to keep the sounds and instruments clear while listening to music. And despite the name, I thought it was bought on a deeper bass than the other mods. Gaming mode has given mobile games a bit more omph, which is promising for any Candy Crush lovers out there.

The Razer Opus X allows a more in-sync audio-visual experience for video watching and gaming with less input latency than 60ms. The Razer Opus X also proves to be excellent for entertainment outside of gaming. I could hear Freddie Mercury’s voice in the Bohemian Rhapsody in great detail, while the dialogue on TV was always clear.

Using the Razr Audio app, you can refine audio into activity. I noticed that Enhanced Clarity offers the best exclusive audio, while enhanced bass music related audio, especially rap music, helps to improve it by giving it a bass extension that makes the music clearer and louder than other mods. You can toggle the settings to get the sound you want. But, I think the Opus X headset provides a quality audio experience even on default mode.


Going to the microphone, the headset has four in total: two for ANC and two for voice chat. I was told that my audio was clear when speaking on zoom, phone calls and discord chats. It also limits some of the background noise around me. But, it doesn’t do much good if I’m already in a really noisy environment.

With ANC activated, I can’t really hear myself clearly, so it’s worth watching your own voice to make sure you’re not accidentally screaming. There are no options in the app or on the headset to monitor your own mic, so if you use it for your next zoom call, consider your volume levels.

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Razer Opus X : Battery

Speaking of batteries, the headphones come with a long lasting battery. The company confirms that the headset needs 3 hours to fully charge. Also, it promises up to 30 hours of battery with ANC on and 40 hours with ANC off. I was able to wear the headset for four days, until the ANC mix was off and on until they died.

Leaving the headset to charge for half an hour to an hour got me used to many hours, a good option if you are in a hurry. Overall, i thought this was a respectable endeavor, as I never worried that they would suddenly get charged, and the orange LED light on the right earcup would be a helpful warning to you if it’s time to give them a power boost.

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Razer Opus X : Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, the Razer Opus X does not support any bone-carrying technology or any other Bluetooth audio codec like SBC, AAC, LDAC, LHDC and AptX (HD). It offers Bluetooth 5.0 for connected devices like PCs or games.

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The Razer Opus X gaming headset offers excellent comfort and quality audio for PC and mobile gamers, with bold color options that set it apart from competitors. But just showing Bluetooth connectivity, console gamers are out of luck.

If you want good sound, excellent microphone and releasable parts, then Beyerdynamic MMX 150 is for you. The headphones have a 44mm dynamic driver, interchangeable wires, natural vocal transmission with less ambient and more.

Also, if you only want to use the studio, the Austrian Audio Hi-x55 offers better compatibility. The design has a utilitarian feel, and many practical discussions were held to secure durability. Regardless, the Hi-X55 was adorned with some plastic parts to smooth out the edges and, despite being so strong, look stylish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Razer Opus X headphones to my device?

Opus X headphones connect wirelessly using Bluetooth. To pair with Bluetooth, start by turning off the headphones. Make sure there is power and press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds until the indicator light on the side of the power button flashes blue. Razer Opus X is now in Bluetooth pairing mode (you will also hear an audible signal “pairing” to indicate that Razer Opus X is now in Bluetooth pairing mode).

 To turn on Bluetooth, navigate to your device’s Bluetooth settings, then scan and connect to “Razer Opus X”. You will hear a separate audible signal to make sure the headphones are connected to your device.

How do I activate low latency Gaming Mode?

Press and hold the multi-function button for 5 seconds. You will hear an audible signal “gaming mode” to confirm that it is activated. Repeating the same gesture will return to normal mode. You will hear “Normal Mode” to confirm. If the audio drops / drops, we recommend keeping your headset at a very close distance from the audio source in gaming mode (within 2 ft / 60 cm) and switching back to normal mode when not gaming.

Is the Razer Opus X compatible with Bluetooth audio from the Nintendo Switch™?

Yes! First, confirm that you have the latest software installed on both devices. The Razer Opus X can be update via the Razer Audio App. Next, just follow the Nintendo Switch ™ Bluetooth audio pairing instructions to connect your headset.

How long does the battery last on the Razer Opus X?

Fully charged, the Opus X can last up to 30 hours with ANC on (up to 40 hours with ANC off).

How do I turn active noise cancellation (ANC) and Quick Attention Mode (Ambient) on/off?

Simply press the power button to cycle between ANC ON / Quick Attention Mode / ANC OFF. There will be audible signals indicating which setting you are on. You can also tell by the level of sound isolation you feel to determine if the ANC is on or off.

When ANC is turn on, there is a noticeable difference, with white noise and conversations around me fading into the background. The Ambient mode also makes it easy to switch back into real life, and it was convenient not to keep removing the headset if I needed to hear something happening around me.

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