Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset Review

Logitech G Pro

Logitech is known for their gaming peripherals. They are creating high quality products that have served well for many years. Their G Pro line-up is especially popular with many professional e-sports athletes. In the headphone space, Logitech G Pro offers gaming headsets, which are their flagship headphones for gamers. It comes with their PRO-G 50mm drivers, a detachable 6mm PRO boom mic and an external USB sound card in that box. Here is my review of the headset.


  • Strong build with good comfort
  • Excellent positional accuracy
  • Good Audio performance


  • lack of depth in the ear cups
  • Underwhelming bass response
  • No ANC

Price and Availability

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset come with a Black colour only. It is price $199. You can purchase the product at company’s official website and amazon.com.

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Box Content

Logitech G Pro
  • Pro x gaming headset, memory foam & leatherette ear pads, memory foam & cloth ear pads, USB external sound card, detachable mic, 2M cable with inline volume and mute, mobile cable with button, Y splitter for separate mic and headphones ports, carrying bag and user documentation

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Logitech G Pro : Build and Design

Logitech G Pro

The G Pro headset has an over-the-year design and is made from materials that look extremely premium. The houses on each ear cup are made of hard plastic and each has a flat piece of metal in the middle with the signature “G” logo. The ear cups can be arrange up and down in a metal railing and fit snugly over a large head.

The headband, which is design to carry most of the headphones’ weight. Also it has a nice soft cushion that is cover with fox leather. The pressure on the headband is a little higher than I would have liked, because during the long gaming sessions, I felt a little squeezed.

Speaking of earcups,

The ear cups have soft memory foam ear pads that are also covered in fox leather, making them comfortable to wear. During long sessions, I started sweating a little, so if you live in a warmer climate, consider this. Another problem I encountered was that the ear cups were not deep enough. The tip of my ear would touch the inside of the ear cup and after an hour or two they started to ache a little.

The cable is braided with nice fabric material, and it looks premium and flexible. It’s 2 meters long, so there’s no problem connecting to the back of your PC, and Logitech includes a 3.5mm splitter in the box for dedicated audio and mic ports. At one end of the wire is a knob to control the volume of the headset and there is also a dedicated mute button for the microphone, which I always like.

Overall, the build quality of the G Pro headset inspires confidence for its longevity. The clean design language is very compatible with the rest of the G Pro Peripherals. And I like the decision not to include any RGB with the headset, it seems more professional overall.

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Logitech G Pro : Audio, Mic and performance

The G Pro headsets have their hybrid mesh PRO-G 50 mm drivers that have been tuned by Logitech for gaming advantage. The headset is really great for FPS games where position accuracy is important. The footsteps, shots and environmental sounds are clear, understandable and their direction is spectacular. I’ve played a lot of Rainbow 6: Seas, where the sound and its direction are really important to the game’s mechanics, and the G Pro never disappoints me.

For other types of games too – RPGs, simulators, racing, etc., the G Pro headset performs well, but it really shines in FPS and MOBA games. The soundstage that the headset is capable of is very impressive.

The Logitech box includes an external USB DAC, and when the headphones are connect through it. It provides clean amplification and an increase in volume. This is very useful if the headphone jack in your laptop is damage or the built-in DAC is too weak.

For movies and music,

I’m glad to know that the G Pro provides a reasonably enjoyable experience. The middle and height were clear and had a good amount of details, although the bass had a slightly depressing feeling. Logitech has tuned this headset for gaming, a fact that becomes clear when listening to music or watching a movie for fun.

On the software side of things, Logitech has their G Hub companion software that works with G Pro headsets. Here you get access to some settings like equalizer and microphone volume level. One of the best features with a headset is the ability to save your custom equalizer to a USB DAC, allowing you to take your presets anywhere.

The headset’s electret condenser-type mic is detachable, which is always a welcome feature. Its mode can be easily adjust to the user’s liking, and the recording quality is impressive, with a well-defined pickup suitable for in-game callouts. The only complaint I have for Mike is that the audio sounds a bit compressed and small, but it’s not a dealbreaker anyway.

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The Logitech G Pro headset is the perfect pair of well-crafted gaming-focused headphones with a clean design and excellent positional audio accuracy. It shines in competitive e-sports games and performs well in other categories. The recording quality of the detachable mic is good and it is definitely better than any built-in laptop mic.

My primary complaint about the headset is the lack of depth in the ear cups, which makes a difference to me during long gaming sessions. I also want the headset to perform better for music and movies, but since that’s not its primary focus, I don’t mind.

Priced at Rs. 10995,

Logitech G Pro looks a bit expensive. However, for what it has to offer, I think G Pro is worth it. After all, you’re using the same headphones that real professional gamers use at the highest competitive level. As expected, that level of performance doesn’t come cheap. You can get it from Amazon.in.

When it comes to competition, the Corsair HS80 RGB gaming headsets can be found around Amazon for the low price. It has better comfort and uniform audio performance without any software customizability.

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