Sony LinkBuds review

Sony LinkBuds

Sony LinkBuds features Crystal-clear conversations with high quality sound with Integrated V1 Processor for balanced high-quality sound. Moreover, the earbuds come with a Precise Voice Pickup technology for crystal clear phone calls, IPX4 splash-proof and sweat-proof design, and Up to 5.5 hours of battery and a total of up to 17.5 hours with the charging case.


  • Open design lets you hear the world around you
  • Compact charging case
  • Wide area tap controls actually work


  • Poor bass reproduction
  • No high-quality audio
  • Poor battery life
  • No wireless charging

Price and Availability

The Sony LinkBuds come with a two color option such as Black and White. It is Priced $179.99. You can purchased this at company’s official website.

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Box Content

Sony LinkBuds
  • Open up the packaging for your LinkBuds and you’ll find 5 sizes of fitting supporter to suit different ear shapes, and a USB-C charging cable.

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Sony LinkBuds : Design

Sony LinkBuds

Sony Linkbuds come with a small and lightweight design and an open ring-like shape. Which fits your ears perfectly. The drivers are offset by the rest of the electronics (it’s the loop section that encircles your ear canal). Build headphones with a hole in the middle with a diameter of 12 mm. Thus, you cannot directly compare it with other earbuds drivers. In which they have no gaping holes. The main body of the bud sits on the back of your ear with small rubber wings for support.

Earbuds come with five different sized ear tips. You need to choose earbuds that fit comfortably in your ears. However, I’ve tried a few different tips, but I wouldn’t say that LinkBuds are more comfortable than your average buds.

In addition, Linkbuds is very compact and robust, and has no buttons on it. Instead, earbuds offer motion touch sensors that detect instantaneous taps in front of buds. Prolonging the sideburn area. Even with the small size of LinkBuds, they are still incredibly easy to work with wide area tapes. With this feature, you can double or triple the area in front of any ear to control your music playback. You never have to touch the linkbuds to operate. However, the nature of the mechanism means that single tapes are not supported (accidental tapes will be very difficult to filter), which limits how much you can do with the buds.

The ultra-small, stylish, rounded charging case design allows the charging case to fit comfortably in your hand and in your pocket. Both the earbud and the case are made of the same recycled, speckled plastic material. Which is surprisingly nice in appearance.

Talking about the charging case,

The buds are aligned with the magnets, but unlike most other TWEs I’ve tested, these ones also come in handy physically. They are not difficult to remove, and firmness ensures that they remain on the charging contacts. The case is so small that it easily slips into the fifth pocket of my jeans, thanks to the lack of a wireless charging coil. There’s a USB-C port on the back for charging, but there’s no charger in the box — just a very short USB-A-to-C cable.

In addition, the packaging material for LinkBuds does not contain any plastic. Which reflects our commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our products. Additionally, IPX4 comes with water and sweat proof resistance. With it you can use these buds during swimming and rain.

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Sony App

I don’t usually use EQ presets, but some of the options in the Sony Headphones Friend Connect app make LinkBuds sound better. Most dedicated apps for Bluetooth audio devices are generally the best. I’m not saying Sony’s app is good, but it’s not bad. The app ignores the current Android Design Convention, which manages to obscure what Sony will design. All the features are there, you can update the software, and there are settings for some more annoying LinkBud features like Speak to Chat.

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Sony LinkBuds : Audio

Sony LinkBuds

If you look at the airbuds, there is a hole in the middle. As a result, it does not come with Active Noise Cancellation. Instead, Sony relies on adaptive volume controls, which increase or decrease the volume to compensate for background noise. So … go to the noisy place, and the volume increases. Go out, and the volume goes back down. It’s nice in theory, but the adjustment is so quick, it immediately becomes noticeable and distracting. It is also very sensitive; Clearing my throat can also increase the volume.

Moreover, there are no quick focus features, which is one of my favorite features of Sony’s high-end audio devices. Quick focus lets you press the touchpad longer to pipe in the surrounding sound. And then when you release it becomes normal Great for a quick conversation. Link Buds supports Speak to Chat, which automatically pauses your music when they find the nearest speech. I find this feature too easy to accidentally trigger. But I felt the same way about Speak to Chat on other Sony audio products.

Sony is taking a different approach to audio on Linkbuds as there is evidence of a lack of support for LDAC. While LinkBuds has a V1 processor similar to the Sony WF-1000MX4, Sony chose not to support the high quality audio standard. I’m a little disappointed, but I realized. These LinkBuds have an open ear design, and I don’t know if LDAC will make any obvious difference.

Speaking of DEEE technology

Sony Linkbuds comes with DEEE technology. When the original music source is compressed, our digital sound enhancement engine confidently restores the music to a high-quality sound that is close to the original recording. For certain types of content, LinkBuds will look great. If you’re listening to podcasts or YouTube videos, you’ll love Clear Mids and Crisp High. Things fall off the cliff at the bottom, which is almost completely absent on LinkBuds. It makes sense to look at the design, but you won’t like the audio if you sit and listen to music.

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How good is the phone calls voice of the Sony LinkBuds?

Sony’s precise voice pickup technology offers advanced voice signal processing. Which allows the person at the end of the call to hear you clearly, even in noisy environments. Our noise reduction algorithm was developed using AI machine learning using over 500 million voice samples to suppress ambient noise and clear your voice in a wide range of environments.

Does the Sony linkBuds support spatial audio?

If you hope to take advantage of spatial audio in music, Sony LinkBuds supports Sony-owned 360 Reality Audio, which is supported on Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music HD streaming services.

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Sony LinkBuds : Battery

Sony says the LinkBuds will last up to 5.5 hours of battery and a total of 17.5 hours with a charging case. In my testing, it was like 4.5 hours. They charge quickly in the case, but have only two more charge cycles.

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Sony LinkBuds : Connectivity

Sony LinkBuds can connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth 5.2 version. However, if you have a smartphone with a processor that supports this version of Bluetooth. You should see a better improvement in battery life. And it is conceivable that these earphones will support all the mandatory codecs in the 5.2 stack. But, it lacks LDAC audio codec.

Like the Sony WF-1000XM4, LinkBuds can use SBC and AAC Bluetooth Audio codecs. Moreover, it also does not support Bluetooth Multiple connectivity. That’s why you can not connect multiple devices with your earbuds.

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At $179, you always have to be fully committed to an ongoing lifestyle, but you really can’t leave these things in your mind all day. Battery life can barely pass, so you’ll have to put them back in a pretty small charging case often. And the case will not last long without a top-up. If you ask me (and I guess you’re the only one if you’ve read this much), LinkBuds aren’t as comfortable as other true wireless earbuds.

There are better, more versatile options in this price range, such as the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro and (if you don’t want ANC) Noble Audio Focus Pro. And if you want something that doesn’t completely block the world, Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 is cheaper and more comfortable.

Buy it if…

  • You want to hear what’s happening around you while wearing earbuds
  • The LinkBuds unusual design works for your ear shape

Don’t buy it if…

  • You demand high-quality audio
  • Your earbuds need to last all day on a charge

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