AKG Y600NC with ANC review


AKG is a sub brand of the famous electronic brand of the Samsung company. It has recently introduced headphone with ANC named the AKG Y600NC. The headphone come with a Active Noise cancellation, 25 hours of battery, AKG app, Ambient aware and talk thru and much more.


  • Good build and comfort
  • Smoothly inoffensive sound
  • Decent feature set


  • Inarticulate low-frequency response
  • One-note noise-cancelling

Price and availability

The AKG Y600NC come with two colour variants such as Silver and Blue. It is price $261.06. You can buy this product through amazon.in

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Box Content

  • Product
  • USB Cable
  • Use Guide

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AKG Y600NC  : Design


The AKG Y600NC come with a large and almost circular earbuds. You see the point where they meet their headband is exceptionally good. The earbuds are built with a memory-foam under a synthetic leather material. Which is quiet big and comfortable to wear for long sessions. Moreover, the headband padding, which looks a little scant on first acquaintance. Proves entirely acceptable as far as comfort is concerned.

They folded very decent and comfortably. When you fold them flat they don’t feel like the effort is going to loosen the way they feel any time soon. However, the carrying case pouch is not exactly noticeable like Sony and Bose headphones. But, it will at least help prevent the nice smooth finish from getting scratched.

An all-in weight of 322g is about par for the wireless over-ear course. There’s nothing burdensome about the Y600NC when it comes to longer listening sessions. There’s plenty of adjustment in the headband. So even those blessed with bigger or wider heads than the average should have no trouble getting comfy inside the AKGs.

Touch controls,

The AKG Y600NC provides an simple look and comfortable touch control on each earbuds. The right-hand earcup, for instance, has a switch handling ‘power on/off/Bluetooth pairing’, a USB-C socket for charging, and lastly a ‘smart ambient’ button, the function of which can be assigned in AKG’s neat control app.

Over on the left earcup, meanwhile, is a slide/push switch dealing with ‘play/pause’ and ‘skip forwards/backwards’ functions, As well as a 3.5mm input for the provided cable (with in-line remote) should the worst happen in terms of battery life.

The entire surface of the left earcup rotates to adjust the volume level. Annoyingly, though, it’s not a question of ‘twist and hold’ to ramp up the volume. But rather repeated ‘twist and release’ to knock it up one level at a time. We’re all for a bit of hands-on control, but this is either a bit much or not enough (depending on how you look at it).

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Should you download the AKG Application?

However, despite an affordable price, AKG Y600NC comes with a cool software feature through the AKG app. It helped us while tile tracking, and audio sharing with other headphones. Moreover, the battery indicator shows how much interest is left in earbuds, while firmware updates download the latest security and features on earbuds.

Furthermore, personalized sound attributes test the hearing and create an EQ profile accordingly. As we have seen from companies like Jabra and Beats. There is also the option to create a custom sound profile with a five-band equalizer to change the sound of earbuds to your liking. For instance, it’s not possible to finesse the Y600NC level of noise-cancelling – it’s on, all the time, whether you like it or not.

You can toggle “ambient-Aware” mode to amplify environmental sounds, which is an easy way to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying music. Additional customizations include the ability to adjust onboard button controls on each earbud (one, two or three taps). This extends touch control and gives you the option to take a photo, drop or revert to the previous track, adjust the volume, activate your assistant and toggle Spotify Tap.

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AKG Y600NC : Sound


We know that many of the descriptive terms we are going to deploy here, such as ‘capable’, ‘easy to walk’ and ‘audible’, fall into the category of vague praise. It’s a pity because the AKG Y600NC is commendable in many ways – but nevertheless, these are the conditions that apply. The earcups house 40mm full-range dynamic drivers – but, as is usual with wireless over-ear models, they have additional responsibilities too.

In our testing, we play the high-resolution file of Thom Yorke’s I Am A Very Rude Person on Bluetooth 5.0 and have no argument with the sound purification of the Y600NC. It’s simple, but the ease of midrange and tribal feedback goes a long way towards delivering a favourite overall sonic signature sound. Midrange is detailed enough to allow York’s tumultuous proper expression and, at the top end, the AKGs call out almost enough attack for a decisive voice.

The soundfield they generate is respectfully wide and aptly defined. Which is giving each competing component of the recording more than enough space to function without affecting anyone else. At the same time, the Y600NC integrates these individual aspects into a respectfully consistent whole.

However, as far as widespread tonality is concerned, some aspects of the low-frequency reproduction of AKGs are problematic. The Y600NC doesn’t lack bass weight or extensions, but it’s monotonous and less detailed in this area – and the thing is that we fiddle with app-based EQ settings as much as we like. The low-end response is rather heavy-handed and vague, and the frequency above it doesn’t share information very generally. Consequently, the lack of bass accents can separate the bottom edge.

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How well does the AKG Y600NC block out noise?

When it comes to noise cancellation,the AKG Y600NCstruggles to keep pace with competition. Without noise cancellation, you have to rely well on silicone ear tips to block any environmental noise. AKG Y600NC’s ear tips intercept some high-frequency accidental sounds, but will not drown out any low-frequency sounds, such as thunder from an airplane engine. These are definitely not earbuds to get if you travel frequently or travel. External sounds will overwhelm your audio, forcing you to turn on your music and potentially damage your hearing.

How well does AKG Y600NC provide voice calls?

The innovative rotating control allows easy control of volume level in wireless mode, while the dual mic echo noise cancelling allows perfect hands free phone conversations.

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AKG Y600NC : Battery

You can enjoy up to 25 hours¹ of wireless playback with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation turned on, and up to 35 hours with just Active Noise Cancellation on. A quick 10-minute charge is all it needs to provide an extra 4 hours of playback.

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AKG Y600NC : Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, the headphone comes with only Bluetooth connectivity. It does not provide any Bluetooth Codec for better sound quality and also doesn’t includes Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity.

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If you’re after some of the attacks and positives from your wireless noise-canceling headphones, you’ve almost definitely stopped reading. But if you value a smooth ride, a few sonic surprises and an audible balance, the Y600NC works well enough to ensure it’s on your radar. As long as ‘refinement’ beats the ‘excitement’ in your book.

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You should buy the AKG Y600NC if…

You want an engaging sound quality

The Y600NC are an enjoyable and engaging pair of wireless headphones, with a sound that’s smooth and laid back.

You want good build quality from your headphones

The AKGs are well-made, though the controls do feel a little cheap. They are, at least, comfortable to wear.

You’re after a good transparency mode

The Y600NC offer two versions to be aware of your surroundings or have conversations and they work well enough.

You shouldn’t buy the AKG Y600NC if…

You want the best ANC performance

The ANC performance here is rather so-so, as the Y600NC are too reliant on their design/not strong enough to make a real dent with their ANC.

You have a small head

The Y600NC are big and bulky so they can look/feel overwhelming for those with smaller heads

You want a more enthusiastic sound

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