Shure SRH840A: Professional Studio Headphone Review

Shure SRH840A

Shure recently introduced its latest mid-range Over ear headphone the Shure SRH840A. The headphone come with a closed-back circumaural design, lowest harmonic distortion, precisely tailored frequency response, and 3 m (10 ft.) Detachable cable.


  • Premium design
  • precisely tailored frequency response
  • Low Cost


  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity option
  • No Battery
  • No ANC

Price and availability

The Shure SRH840A come with a Only Black colour variant. It is price $149. You can purchased this product through and company’s official website.

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Box Content

Shure SRH840A
  • Product
  • Interchangeable cable
  • A 6.35 mm screw adapter
  • A carrying pouch

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Shure SRH840A : Design

Shure SRH840A

The Shure SRH840A comes with large comfortable and almost egg-shaped earbuds. Moreover, the closed-back and circumaural design rests comfortably over the ears and reduces background noise effortlessly. Headband made with premium padded leather material. In addition, the joints between the earbuds and the headband are attached with screws. Which turn the earcups into a flat position.

Sad to say, that the Shure SRH840A are no longer foldable, as the previous model. Nevertheless, the earcups can be rotated around 90 degree. So that the headphones can be store flat in the carrying pouch.

There is one thing that immediately noticeable about the Shure SRH840A. That the cable routing running on the headband is no longer partially visible from the outside, as it was with its predecessor. The cables have been route inwards so that no weak points remain.

Looking for better appearance,

The Shure SRH840A offer a much more fashionable appearance than the predecessor. Even though, the trim and logo of Shure here is no longer silver-colour but of gold. . The new colours reflect the quality that is continued in the headband. As with the previous model, the underside of the headband is made of fabric and the top of imitation leather. On the SRH840A, however, the imitation leather has gold-coloured stitching. In addition, all of the headphones’ visible screws are gold.

In terms of new features, the SRH840A include whopping 6 dB/SPL louder sound than its predecessor, at just under 103 dB/SPL. Additionally, the impedance of the SRH840A is now only 35 ohms, which makes it more acceptable for audio interfaces, laptops, smartphones and similar devices.

Furthermore, the SRH840A no longer comes with a coiled cable but instead a straight one with a length of 2.90 metres. However, the frequency range has remained the same, at 5 Hz to 25 kHz, which is delivered by the 40 mm drivers driven by neodymium magnets. However, buyers will have to do without additional ear pads, as was the case with the SRH840.

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Sound of the Shure SRH840A

Shure SRH840A

However, developed upon the same origination of the SRH84. The SRH840A Critical Listening and Monitoring Professional Headphones deliver premium detailed audio plus a new design and improved features from the old SRH840. The headphone come with a precisely tailored 5hz-25KHZ frequency response delivers rich bass, clear mid-range and extended highs.

Furthermore, matched 40mm dynamic neodymium drivers offer natural and well-balanced frequency response with low distortion. This was mainly due to the rich bass that these headphones produce. They went all the way into the low bass range without being overbearing. In the mids, voices seemed consistently present with the SRH840A so that vocals and speech could be clearly heard.

The headphone has restrained treble and super-high frequency range. As a result, its reproduction sounded comparatively warm and positively toned across the entire frequency spectrum. However, the SRH840A deliver distortion-free reproduction even at high volume levels. Outside noise was well attenuated and I also liked the isolation from the outside. With classical music at least, these Shure headphones also show off their solid stereo impression and their discreet depth gradation.

The Guitars in rock and metal songs appeared detailed. Depending on the audio material, the reproduction of its upper mids was occasionally on the verge of sibilance. But this did not cause a serious problem. You simply have to take or leave this part of the sound profile.

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Shure has come with a precise and accurate plug technology. The cable is comfortable and securely connect to the headphone with a bayonet catch. Simply plug it in and turn it, and the user can be sure that the cable will not accidentally slip out of the socket of the headphone ear cup under tensile load. Thanks to the smooth, ratcheted size adjustment, the feel of these headphones is pleasant when putting them on.

Moreover, for really large heads, even the largest setting might still be too small. The contact pressure, ear pads and headband padding are comfortable. And the headphones fit securely even during jerky movements. I particularly like the fact that the earpads do not lead to a set of hot ears even when the headphones are worn for a long time.

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With the Shure SRH840A, if you are looking for headphones with warmth instead of a natural or even a clinically cold sound profile, then you will find what you’re looking for. For me, the SRH840A really scores points when playing guitar music. Here, they expose a lot of detail in the midrange. In addition, the ear cups provide good isolation, high wearing comfort and a modern look.

The price-performance ratio of these headphones is good. As monitoring headphones for vocal and guitar recordings. They are ideally suite to provide musicians with the details of their performance. In the field of content creation, they can also be use to assess voice recordings. And last but not least, with their full-bodied sound profile, they also make a good pair of hi-fi headphones.

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Frequently ask Questions

Are they good for recording? i dont want the sound of the metronome or backing track to leak into the mic?

– They are excellent for recording and mixing live bands. I use them when I’m working sound and for general listening.
These are not weak headphones and require a strong signal. Weak amplification from devices at full volume will produce distortion.
Also, I’ve owned my pair for TWO years now and they still operate perfectly!

This one or Audio Technica ATH M50’s?

I personally prefer the m50, despite the 840 actually being the more complete sounding headphone. I know, sounds contradictory! i’ll try to explain
first, the 840 is a more neutral and detailed headphone than the m50. it’s also got a much bigger and better soundstage. it’s slightly more detailed too in my opinion. so why did I return mine and keep the m50x? I preferred the more exciting and dynamic m50. it’s got a more V shaped sound signature with boosted highs/lows, and is very engaging and dynamic to listen to. it’s also far more fatiguing! but in shorter stints I just was more engaged with the m50. it immediately got me into the music. I was moving my head and smiling much more. with the 840’s more neutral and somewhat colder presentation I found myself a bit bored, especially when switching back and forth over and over again on the same track.
it’s really a sound signature preference thing. both are excellent headphones with different presentations. the key is to understand your preferences and match your gear accordingly. took me about 4 amps/dacs, and 10 or so headphones to settle into what I really love, from a presentation perspective.

Is it Good for Rap/Hip Hop?

I listen to a lot of hip hop and they work well. If you’re looking for very strong bass I probably wouldn’t recommend them, but stuff like WuTang, Goodie Mob, Kendrick, and Mobb Deep all sounds great. Tracks that can’t handle their own without an over-the-top bassline (think: modern East-Coast hip hop and trap music) won’t be in their element with these headphones; the DT990 Pros I own are more suited for that style. The Shures are well-rounded with great mids, so you’ll hear voices really clearly

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