boAt Airdopes 621 wireless earbuds review

boAt Airdopes 621

boAt has recently introduced its latest truly wireless boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds. The TWS earbuds come with a 150 hour of battery, IPX7 sweat and water resistance, 6mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth version 5 with 10m wireless range and much more.

  • Perfect fitting
  • A huge battery backup in case , more than any other
  • Sound quality is fine with medium bass
  • Case is very big and bulky
  • The battery display on case does not function properly
  • No ANC support

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Who should buy the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds?

  • Those who want a low cost product.
  • Those who want better battery life.

Price and availability

The boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds come with a two color variants such as white frost and active black color. It is price $39.99. You can purchased this product on company’s official website and

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Box Content

boAt Airdopes 621
  • Airdopes 621
  • Type-c Charging Cable
  • Additional Earbuds
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

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What is the design of the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds?

boAt Airdopes 621

The BoAt comes with a surprisingly different charging case design than other similar earbuds. On the top surface of the charging case is a small digital display. Which shows the battery percentage of the case. This feature distinguishes it from other earbuds.

Moroever, boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds are ergonomically designed with a never-drop design. Which keeps earbuds comfortable and safe whenever used. Thus, you can use these earbuds while running, playing, dancing and even jumping.

In addition, with its 2600mAh wide case capacity, it can also act as a powerbank in times of emergency. In case of emergency, for example, when your phone’s battery runs out, you can use the 2600mAh case to temporarily charge your device. The Boat Airdops 621 earbuds also come with advanced IPX7 water, dust and sweat resistance to provide a carefree experience. Thus, you can carry these earbuds during swimming and rain.

The BoAt Airdopes 621 earbud comes with light weight and ergonomic design. It comes with an in-built microphone to provide advanced and high-level bass clarity. With it, a touch voice control allows Google / Siri to get started without much hassle.

How touch control works of the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds?

Voice AssistantLong touch the CTC on either earbud for 2 seconds
Answer/Hang Up CallSingle tap the CTC on either earbud
Reject CallLong touch the CTC for up to 1.5 seconds
Play/Pause MusicSingle tap on either earbud’s CTC
Next Trackdouble tap the right CTC
Previous Trackdouble tap the left CTC


  • Here CTC means the upper surface are a of the earpads where the logo of the company position
  •  It is advisable not to use the Carry cum Charge case as a power bank unless there’s some sort of emergency .
  • Volume can only be controlled via the media device. The earbuds do not support this function

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How does the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds sound?

boAt Airdopes 621

The boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds come with the most comfortable and advanced signature sound technology. This signature sound shines through in-built immersive 6mm dynamic drivers. Which gives your voice a perfect balance between bass and center. However, with thumping bass that takes you to another world and feels music like never before.

In addition, earbuds do not support any type of active noise cancellation mode. Thus, you cannot hear crystal clear sound while playing music and making calls. However, the fitting between the eartips and your ears defines better passive noise control.

Can you use the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds for phone calls?

Airdopes 621 earbuds do not feature noise cancellation. Thus, it does not give you a clear voice during a voice call. Additionally, it comes with 6mm dynamic drivers that do not comply with other high quality earbuds such as Jabra and Bose brands. Inbuilt three microphones give you exceptional sound when calling. And with handsfree call technology, you can pick up calls from your voice without touching earbuds.

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What connectivity does the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds support?

Airdopes 621 earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to the 10m wireless range. It doesn’t support AAC and SBC audio codecs, which means Apple users can’t reliably access the high-quality option, but Android users can provide better compliance with the standard option. Airdops 621 is equipped with IWP technology. So that whenever the earbud is inside the case and you open the lid. TWS earbuds turn on automatically.

Additionally, Airdopes 621 earbuds do not support Bluetooth multipoint. Thus, the lack of its application means that firmware updates will almost certainly not come with new features.

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How long does the battery last on the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds?

boAt claims that the Airdopes 621 earbuds case comes with 150 hours of mountain playback. In addition, it provides 5.5 hours of play time per single charge. Additionally, the ASAP Charge feature lets your earbuds get up to 60 minutes of playback time in just 5 minutes of charge.

As we saw earlier, with its huge case capacity of 2600mAh, it can also act as a powerbank in times of crisis. In the event of an emergency, for example, when your phone’s battery runs out, you can use the 2600mAh case to temporarily charge your device.

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At $ 39.99 (Rs. 2,999), this earbud gives you easy features. But, the lack of active voice cancellation takes these earbuds into the downgrade category. Does not provide sound quality and lacks clear bass. However, the distance between the eartips and your ears is minimal. Thus, the background sound decreases quite nicely. In my suggestion, buy this only if you do not want to buy more expensive earbuds. Otherwise, there are many other options available in the market.

What should you get instead of the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds?

If you want better sound and ANC, you should consider buying Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro and Beats Fit Pro. They both significantly reduce noise and activate noise. But, you have to put more of your budget waste than boat Airdops 621 earbuds.

 The Noble Audio Focus Pro is also a good alternative with the QualComm SoC QCC3040 chip and Bluetooth 5.2. Additionally, it comes with a semi-custom low profile shape, designer faceplate and 3D printed ragonomic shell with embedded touch sensor. Battery life is expected to be 7.5 hours at 50% volume and the designer has a 500mah battery in a metal charging case.

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How can we pause and play tracks?

Single tap the capacitive touch control on either earbud to play a song or to pause one. Airdopes 621 comes with a host of intuitive features that allows one to seamlessly control music. Please refer to the instruction manual to learn about the different ways one can take advantage of its features.

How do I factory reset my earbud?

In order to factory reset your Airdopes 621- go to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device, find your Airdopes 621 and select ‘forget’.

On your Airdopes 621,

  • Place both the earbuds back inside the charging case in correct orientation.
  • Long press the CTC on both earbuds inside the case for up to 10 seconds to do Factory reset, which is indicated by the flashing of green LED three times.
  • Shut the lid of the charging case, re-open it again and perform a fresh connection.Please refer to the manual for further assistance.

How do I reboot/restart my earbuds?

In order to reboot your device, turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device, place your earbuds in the case, close the lid, and wait for 10 seconds.

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