Noise Buds VS103 – Truly Wireless Earbuds review

Noise Buds VS103

Renowned Indian company Noise has recently released its latest tws earbuds Noise Buds VS103. Earbuds come with 18-hour playtime, Hyper sync technology, full touch controls, IPX5 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0, voice support Siri, 10m Bluetooth range and much more.

  • Less costly
  • Better sound
  • Hyper sync technology
  • No ANC
  • Improve Built quality
  • No Bluetooth multipoint suppport

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Price and availability

The Noise Buds VS103 earbuds come with a two color variants such as Jet Black and Pearl White. It is priced $20(Rs 1,499). you can buy this product on company’s official website and

Who likes Noise Buds VS103?

  • For those who want earbuds with IPX5 rating with cheap price.
  • And for those who need to buy earbuds less price.

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Box Content

Noise Buds VS103
  • Bluetooth Headphone
  • Charging Case
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Registration Card

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What is the design of Noise Buds VS103?

Noise Buds VS103

Noise Buds VS103 earbuds come with a lightweight and ergonomic design. Which provides a perfect fit in the classic style. You can use these earbuds all day long without much discomfort in your ears.

In addition, the Buds VS103 comes with very similar looks like the Denon AH-C830NCW and Beats Studio Buds. Speaking of the charging case, it has the same glossy finished surface. Earbuds are magnetically attached to the charging case. Additionally, HyperSync technology allows earbuds to go into pairing mode as soon as you open the charging case. The technology is also equipped with a power saving feature that closes the earbuds as soon as they are placed inside the charging case and closes the lid.

Eartips provide a comfortable fit along your ear canal. Which reduces outside noise and gives crystal clear sound during a phone call or while walking. Additionally, the Noise Buds VS103 earbuds come with IPX5 water and sweat resistance. As a result, you can use these earbuds for swimming, running and even in the rain.

How touch control works of Noise Buds VS103?

The touch controls are very good and most reliable than ever. You just have to touch on the earbuds to transfer into the other mode and also to receive and end calls.

Play/pauseSingle tap left or right
CallsDouble tap left or right
Power OffHold left or right button 3s
Virtual AssistantHold right button 2s

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How does the Noise Buds VS103 sound?

Noise Buds VS103

In terms of sound quality, earbuds come with 10mm dynamic drivers. Which provides super quality bass and sound. In addition, the frequency response is not so good and the premium sub bass does not sound. Noise Buds VS103 does not offer ANC support. As a result, earbuds do not make a clear sound during calls and even when playing.

However, the ergonomic design gives the earbuds a perfect fit experience. Which is good for cancelling passive noise. In addition, the in-built microphone offers crystal clear bass frequencies.

Can you use the Noise Buds VS103 for phone calls?

The Noise Buds VS103 comes with a 10mm dynamic driver, which makes clear sound when playing music or receiving calls. However, without ANC support, it doesn’t offer much quality like Sony and Jabra earbuds. But, in this price segment it provides reliable sound signature. Additionally, with handsfree call technology, you can pick up calls from your voice without touching the earbuds.

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What connectivity does the Noise Buds VS103 support?

Noise Buds VS103 comes with SBC and AAC Bluetooth audio support. Which offers better compatibility with Android and iOS devices. Additionally, it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 for better wireless connectivity with 10mm wireless signal range.

Additionally, Buds VS103 does not come with Bluetooth multipoint connectivity. Which means you haven’t connected two devices together. With HyperSync technology, you can connect the device faster than Noise’s proprietary technology.

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How long does the battery last on the Noise Buds VS103?

Noise claims that Buds VS103 can last up to 4.5 hours on a single charge. And an additional 13.5 hours with a charging case. With it, it offers a total of 18 hours of playtime. However, in my testing I found that it is the last 4 hours battery with a single charge. In addition, there is no fast charging, but according to Noise, the case takes only two hours to fully charge. The charging case also takes two hours to charge.

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Should you buy the Noise Buds VS103?

At just $20 (RS 1,499), considering buying is not a bad choice. At such a price, the earbud gives you a good sound with not only premium quality but also good quality. With it, the 10mm dynamic driver offers better sound bass and high mids. Additionally, it comes with Hyper Sync technology and Bluetooth codec support.

What should you get instead of the Noise Buds VS103?

Other than Noise, you should consider buying the boAt Airdopes 621 earbuds. With just $39.99, it is great alternative to the Noise Buds VS103 earbud. The Airdopes 621 earbuds come with a 150 hour of battery, IPX7 sweat and water resistance, 6mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth version 5 with 10m wireless range and much more.

However, if you wanted to buy a better Noise cancellation than you have to increase your budget. The OnePlus Buds Z2 with a cost of $66 give a quality customization option. The earbuds come with a 11mm dynamic driver, IP55 water and dust resistance, Dolby atmos support, 3 mics setup, and 92ms Ultra low latency.

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How do I check the Buds VS103 battery level?

You can check the battery level of the Buds VS103 earbuds on your smartphone. Go to the notification bar and look at the Bluetooth icon. The battery level is mentioned under it. You can also check the battery status of the charging case on the case. Blinking White LED indicates charging while white LED indicates fully charged.

How to turn Buds VS103 on and off?

The earbuds will turn on automatically on opening the charging case and turn off on placing them inside the charging case and closing the lid.

How to pair Buds VS103 with your smartphone?

Before starting, make sure that the earbuds are charged. Open the charging case. Turn on the Bluetooth on your device and open the Bluetooth menu. Now select Add device and from the list of devices, select Noise Buds VS103. Your Noise Buds VS103 earbuds are now paired and ready to use. Note: Buds VS103 will automatically connect to the last paired device as soon as you open the case.

Only one bud is working, what do I do?

Check if the non-working earbud is charged and connected to your device. Try to reset the earbuds and connect them, if they still don’t work, please raise a support ticket at

How to reset Buds VS103?

Before resetting, ensure that the earbuds and the case are fully charged. On your paired devices, remove/delete Noise Buds VS103 from the list of paired devices in the Bluetooth menu. Take out the earbuds from the charging case. Long press both the earbuds for 6 seconds. Place both the earbuds inside the charging case and repeat the pairing process.

Is single earbud available if one of them goes missing?

No, single earbuds are not available.

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