Jaybird Vista 2 review

Jaybird Vista 2

The popular audio manufacture company jaybird has launched its latest truly wireless earbuds the Jaybird Vista 2. The earbuds come with an active noise cancellation for focus, SurroundSense for spatial awareness and safety, Earthproof durability for demanding pursuits, sport fit and 24/7 battery life.

  • IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certifications
  • Great isolation
  • Comprehensive app
  • Mono listening and auto play/pause
  • Limited ear tip selection
  • ANC not that good
  • Mediocre battery life
  • Cost

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Price and availability

The Jaybird Vista 2 come with a three color variants such as Black, Midnight Blue and Nimbus Grey color. it is price $149.99. You can purchased this product on the company’s official website Jaybirdsport.com. and Amazon.in.

Who likes the Jaybird Vista 2?

  • Athletes should consider Jaybird Vista 2 for their next workout earbuds. Whether you run, lift or bike, you will appreciate the safe and waterproof design.
  • Technology enthusiastic will appreciate the ability to customize everything from EQ to touch controls, to ambient sound settings.

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Box Content

  • Vista 2 Totally Wireless Sport Headphones
  • Secure-Fit Eargels: 1/2/3
  • Charge Case
  • USB C Charging Cable

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What is the design of the Jaybird Vista 2?

Jaybird Vista 2

Jaybird Vista 2 comes with the same design as the predecessor model. The shape and size of the charging case is the same as the previous case. A USB Type-C charging slot is available in front of the charging case and case built with matte black surface. The earbuds and charging case come with a lightweight design. That’s why it doesn’t come out of your pocket easily.

Also, if you have relatively small ears, then round and balky earbuds can be a bit uncomfortable. However, the Jaybird Vista 2 also includes three different styles of ear tip attachments with different lengths of wing tips. This means that the wings actually differ in size. While the actual ear tips are the same size on all three. Except, you have an ear canal of a certain size. This means you may not experience a comfortable fit or tight seal.

As an upgrade feature,

Jaybird Vista 2 comes with a small button on each earbud for better control over playback and listening modes. The buttons are so tight here, it takes a little more push to click. Which mistakenly jammed the earbuds deep into your ear canal and caused a little soreness and pain.

Vista 2 has an IP68 and military-specific rating. Used to protect against dust, water, sweat and drops. The charging case is also given an IP54 rating. Thus, you can easily travel with this earbud.

Additionally, you can customize onboard controls through the Jaybird app, although there is a slight learning curve for different control combinations. Earbuds distinguish between “press” (click a button) and “tap” (light tap on the Jaybird logo without actually pressing a button) and are easier to trigger one accidentally than the other. In addition, earbuds have in-ear detection to automatically pause your music when you take out the earbud and when you put it back in your ear.

How touch control works of the Jaybird Vista 2?

Jaybird Vista 2 comes with a customizable button on both earbuds. Which lets you control volume, skip, rewind, active noise cancellation and surroundsense with a single tap on earbuds. Additionally, with the “Find My Bud” feature you can track your buds and then move around wherever you are.

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Is the Jaybird app any good?

Jaybird provides one of the best earbuds companion app followed by other smart earbuds like Airpods (3rd generation) and Noble FoKus Pro. With the app, you can install the latest firmware and security updates, check battery status, etc. In addition, earbuds also come with a plethora of customization options and additional functions.

The Jaybird Companion app is one of the best you’ll find for any true wireless earbuds. Within the app, you can also adjust the active voice cancellation settings or you can use the Find My Buds feature to track the last location attached to the earbuds or charging case. Find My Buds can also be used to play louder tones from earbuds, ideal for those looking for your earbuds between bed cushions.

Additionally, you can create individual EQ settings by taking short hearing tests that manage different test tone frequencies. This may not result in the most accurate sound, but it can be a fun experiment to see how your hearing goes. If you’re more serious about your audio, you can choose from other Jaybird users’ EQ presets or create your own.

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How does the Jaybird Vista 2 sound?

Jaybird Vista 2

One of the most eloquent features of Jaybird Vista 2 is its sound quality. With SurroundSense technology you can choose what you want to hear. This feature provides transparency between your earbuds and the world around you. And allows you to tune into the environment around you on a trail or road. Thus, you are always safe and aware of the traffic and wildlife around you.

Jaybird Vista 2 comes with the most user friendly sound that most people will enjoy. Earbuds closely follow the ideal consumer curve with high frequency response. In addition, earbuds reduce mid-frequencies from 300-900Hz, which reduces the volume of sounds and instruments such as piano and guitar. You may find that the sound detail from your favorite songs is missing which you may have heard millions of times; It’s just bass notes that mask the quiet midrange notes.

How well does the Jaybird Vista 2 cancel noise?

In terms of noise cancellation. Vista 2 comes with both Active and Passive Noise Cancellation. Passive noise cancellation performance does a great job of lifting. This means that if you can fit well with one-size-fits-all ear tips, plenty of background noise is blocked. However, any additional noise reduction from the ANC is so minimal that it is barely noticeable as you toggle on and off.

On the other hand, low-medium frequency can be reduced quite effectively by canceling the active noise. Which helps during noisy transport and loud air conditioning. . ANC performance like this reduces specific frequencies by 25-50% between 100Hz-1kHz, however you will notice this especially in noisy environments when you are not playing music. With music playing, it’s almost impossible to know if ANC is on or off.

As we discussed above, the Jaybird Vista 2 company can also amplify ambient noise using a feature called SurroundSense. SurroundSense mainly extends high frequencies and creates subtle hiss, especially if you turn it all the way in the app settings. This facility is best for runners and bikers who need to be aware of their surroundings.

Outdoor entrepreneurs will appreciate adjustable wind filtering. With onboard microphones, earbuds can reduce annoying wind noise, and you can adjust the robustness of this feature from within the Jaybird app.

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What Bluetooth codecs does the Jaybird Vista 2 support?

Jaybird Vista 2 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. In addition, it offers SBC and AAC Bluetooth audio Codec support. With AAC support, Apple device users can take advantage of high-quality audio streaming and reliable connections. AAC, on the other hand, is often unreliable on Android handsets, so Android users want to push SBC playback instead. Earbuds do not support other high-end Bluetooth codecs such as aptX or LDAC.

For Android users, Google Fast Pair support enables near-instant pairing with Android devices. Meanwhile, Apple users will have to press the pairing button on the charging case and find earbuds in their Bluetooth settings to connect for the first time.

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How long does the battery last?

Jaybird Vista 2

The Jaybird Vista 2 offer lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. The case provides two additional charges for earbuds. Fast charging gives you 60 minutes of playback from just 5 minutes of charging, while a full earbud recharge can take up to 120 minutes. The included USB-C cable powers the charging case or you can charge it wirelessly on any Qi charging pad.

How good is the microphone on the Jaybird Vista 2?

Earbuds have two microphones to enhance your volume. These microphones lie below a level that Jaybird calls his “wind defense fabric” that cuts off unwanted gusts of air. Another feature that will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts. However, the microphone still struggles to isolate the sound from the background elements. That making it difficult to make calls in noisy environments.

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Should you buy the Jaybird Vista 2?

While the Vista 2 market isn’t as big as it could be for more affordable workout earbuds. Jaybird confidently targets the niche of workout enthusiasts who need secure earbuds that can withstand whatever life throws at them in or out of the gym. With waterproofing, wing tips, ANC and surroundsense, Jaybird meets the needs of most athletes.

With only one real ear tip size involved with Vista 2, your experience with earbuds will probably depend on whether you can get a proper and comfortable fit. Fortunately, Jaybird offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can return Vista 2 if it’s not for you.

What are some alternatives to the Jaybird Vista 2?

At $173, the Jabra Elite 7 Active provide a good alternative to the Jaybird Vista 2 earbud. The Jabra Elite 7 Active come with an IP57 rating, but lack the durability ratings. It come with a IP57 rated water and sweatproof, Active Noise Cancellation, HearThrough technology support, 6mm dynamic speakers, Voice Assistants on tap ask Alexa or Google, Bluetooth Multipoint and offers up to 8 hours battery and 30 hrs with the case.

The Bose sport Open earbuds with a $199 price is also a great alternative to the Vista 2. It come with a messy design, the music sounds great and the earbuds stay in place during all kinds of exercise. If you have the bones to choose from with bone conduction headphones, get this. But all the other athletes can save a little money and get a pair of traditional workout earbuds instead.

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How does the Jaybird Vista 2 compare to the Beats Fit Pro?

Beats Fit Pro is less durable, as it is only IPX4 rated. Unlike some of the older Beats headsets, Beats Fit Pro works well with both Apple and Android devices. The overall performance between Jaybird Vista 2 and Beats Fit Pro is therefore very comparable except for the exclusive features like special audio.

Can i used the Vista 2 in mono mode?

Yes, you can use either earbud in mono mode.

Do earbuds have passthrough audio?

Yes, the Jaybird Vista 2 does have passthrough audio under the branding of SurroundSense.

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