iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE Earbuds Review


iFrogz recently launched its latest mid-range truly wireless earbud iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE. The earbud come with an ergonomic stem design, 6mm dynamic drivers, IPX4 water and sweat resistance, Latest Bluetooth, auto pairing mode and clear calls features.

  • sound good
  • IPX4 water and sweat proof
  • battery
  • ANC not include
  • Bass is not good
  • No Bluetooth codec support

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Price and availability

The iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE wireless earbuds come with a two color variant Black and Blue color. It come with a price of $189.99. You can purchase this product through company’s official website www.zagg.com.

Who should have to Buy this headset?

  • For those Good amount of sound quality
  • Also for those who want the earbuds water resistance and dust proofing.

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Box Content-

  • product
  • charging case
  • USB Type-C cable
  • User Guide

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What is the design of the iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE?

In terms of design, both the earbuds and charging case come with the similar shape and size with OnePlus Buds Z2 and Mobvoi TicPods 2 Pro. On the front of the charging case include a 4 small light, which indicate the battery status. And on the right side of charging case includes a USB Type-C charging slot for quick charging. However, after using the earbuds automatically enter pairing mode once remove from the charging case.

Moreover, to get the best sound out of your earbud, you need to have the right size ear tip to form a good seal. That’s why company provide different sized tips. If your ear tip feels loose, try a larger size. If you feel too much pressure, or if the ear tip doesn’t fit inside your ear, try a size smaller. Note: each of your ears may require a different-sized tip. To see if you’ve got a good seal, try the yawn test. Put in your earbuds and give a nice yawn; if your earbuds don’t wiggle and don’t break the seal, then you’ve got a good fit.

The earbuds are light weight and made with ergonomic design. Which provide comfort during long session work. The optimized in-ear design prevents ear fatigue for listening better sound. The iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE also come with IPX4 water and sweat resistance. Which provide a protection against water and dust. Thus, you can carry these earbuds during raining and swimming and also running.

How touch control works of iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE?

Adjust volumeLong hold
Play/Pause musicDouble-tap
Answer a call/End a callQuick-tap
Reject an incoming callPress and hold
Voice assistanceTriple-tap

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What is the sound quality of the iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE?

The 6mm dynamic driver gives a crystal clear voice during voice calls and provide a most reliable sound experience. Moreover, with a 50Hz -20Khz frequency response with 100dB sensitivity provide a good amount of bass quality experience.

Additionally, with the integrated mic support and full navigational control through tap sequences on both earbuds. You can enjoy crystal clear and hand free sound. The internal mic here come with a advance frequency bass and give a loud music during music listening.

However, the iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE does not support active noise cancellation, which means the earbuds does not provide a protection against the surrounding sound during the voice calls and other similar activity.

How good is the iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE for calls?

The earbuds comes with the integrated mic, which provide a crystal clear sound during calls. But, without active noise cancellation, it does not give quality sound during voice calls.

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How good is the connectivity option?

The iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE come with a latest and advanced wireless Bluetooth connection. It did not support anything like Bluetooth codec and Bluetooth multipoint connection. However, it has a USB Type-C connectivity option.

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How long does the battery last?

AIRTIME PRO 2 SE delivers tunes all day with a 25-hour total playtime. Conveniently charge wirelessly with the included wireless pad or with the included USB-C cable. Take charge and own your day with AIRTIME PRO 2 SE.

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After learning about Freebuds Lipstick, I came to the conclusion that iFrogz’s new TWS headset is not just about good looks. And it’s not just the re-release of Freebuds 4 with a new design, although it’s clear that the buds are very similar.

After know the features of the AIRTIME PRO 2 SE earbuds, I came to the conclusion that the iFrogz new TWS headset is good to buy. But, it lacks some special features like ANC and Bluetooth Codec support. Thus, in my opinion, the earbuds not good to buy with a price of $189.99. Because, there are lot of other brand who provide an earbud with premium features at low price like Beats Studio Buds and Jabra Elite 7 Active.

What is some alternative to the iFrogz AIRTIME PRO 2 SE?

If you want cheap quality earbuds with ANC support. You may want to consider buying a JBL Tune 230NC or Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro. Both give you better active voice cancellation for less than $200. Also, they offer Bluetooth connectivity and ipx4 rating.

If you can save your penis for a little longer, it may be best to just scatter and pick yourself a pair of Sony WF-1000XM4. It has better active sound cancellation, better sound quality and better build, but otherwise it is more or less the same. You’ll still find convenient touch-sensitive ear pads and access to multiple Bluetooth codecs with Bluetooth multipoint functionality, but the XM4 lacks aptX and aptX HD.

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How can I do a factory reset setting?

If you have functionality issues, a factory reset can help. Here’s how to perform one.

1. Place both buds in the case.

2. Reset the right bud. a. Remove the right bud from the case. b. Tap and hold for 10 seconds until light flashes red and turns off. c. Wait 10 seconds after red flashing light. d. Tap and hold for five seconds until light turns on and flashes red and white. e. Quickly tap the bud six times; the light will turn off. f. Return the bud to the case.

 3. Reset the left bud. a. Repeat steps above, same as right bud.

4. Connect the left and right earbuds by removing them from the case and allowing them to connect to each other for about five seconds. Once connected to each other, earbuds will flash red and white indicating pairing mode. Remove the right bud from the case.

5. The earbuds are now reset to factory settings. You will need to remove the previous pairing from your device’s Bluetooth ® settings. Once removed, follow pairing instructions at the beginning of this quick start guide.

How can I charge the case with both wireless and manually?

Your case comes charged and ready to go. You can re-charge the case wirelessly using a wireless charging pad, or charge the case manually using the included USB-C ® cable.

Wireless Charging

1. Simply drop the charging case on a compatible wireless charging pad.

2. The Battery Indicator lights on the front of the case will flash according to its current battery level. This indicates your case is charging. When the case is fully charged, all four lights will turn off.

Manual Charging

1. Connect the included USB-C charging cable to the port on the side of your case.

2. Connect the USB-A end of the cable to your preferred 5V USB outlet.

3. The Battery Indicator light will flash according to its current battery level. This indicates your case is charging. When the case is fully charged, all four lights will illuminate and then turn off.

4. Disconnect the charging cable

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