Sennheiser CX True Wireless Review

Sennheiser CX

Sennheiser recently introduced its latest mid-range truly wireless Sennheiser CX earbuds. The earbud come with an ergonomic design with passive noise cancellation feature. Additionally, the Sennheiser CX include a personalized controls, superior sound, up to 27 hours of playtime, IPX4 splash resistance, Advance aptX Bluetooth audio and more.

  • Sound quality
  • Isolation
  • IPX4 rating
  • Battery life
  • Microphone
  • No ANC
  • Fit can loosen with intense exercise

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Table of Contents

    Price and availability

    The Sennheiser CX earbuds come with two color variant Black and White color. It is price $129. You can purchased this product from the company’s official website .

    Who should have to Buy this headset?

    • Listeners looking for a new daily driver that won’t break the bank and can last all day.
    • Fitness-focused people who want something sweat resistant, but don’t like noise cancelling when out for a run.

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    Box Content

    Sennheiser CX
    • CX True Wireless Earbuds
    • Silicone ear adapter sets (XS, S, M, L)
    • Charging Case
    • USB-C Cable
    • Quick Guide & Safety Guide

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    What is the design of the Sennheiser CX earbuds?

    Sennheiser CX

    The earbuds come with a lightweight design and smooth matt touch surface. The design is much similar to the predecessor model. The earbuds also are little bulky and secure. However, the Sennheiser CX earbuds offer the four pair of silicone ear tips: extra small, small, medium and large one. You just need to select the one who fits perfectly in your ear. Although, these earbuds don’t have any hook or fin to more securely stay in the ears.

    Coming to charging case, it is compact and a litter bulkier than the apple and Samsung charging case. The material used to made the case is plastic. The earbuds nestle snugly in their slots, held in place with magnets and tiny pegs near the charging connection.

    Additionally, the Sennheiser CX earbuds sport an IPX4 Water and Sweat Resistance feature. So, you can enjoy your music even when you are sweating in the rain or during a workout. Which is compatible for both Android and iOS users. However, while the fit is largely secure, you may want to stick to workouts that don’t involve vigorous head movement—going for a run can shake them loose, at least a little. Additionally, it comes with a simple touch control option.

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    How touch control works of the Sennheiser CX earbuds?

    The Enco Air2 come with a smooth and reliable touch controls option. Following are the touch option included.

    ActionLeft sideRight side
    One tapPlay/pausePlay/pause
    Two tapsPrevious trackNext track
    Three tapsVoice AssistantVoice Assistant
    HoldVolume downVolume up

    Is there an app available for the Sennheiser CX earbuds?

    The Sennheiser CX earbuds come with a “Sennheiser smart control app”. You need to download this app to get more advanced and personal experience. Once you do this, you will be able to control the amount of noise around you. You feel comfortable because there are twenty different levels for everything around you. From maximum volume cancellation to microphone use. Or you can always keep the adaptive sound control on and let the headphones change on the fly depending on your surroundings.

    Additionally, you can use this app for live sound effects, battery status, game mode setting and earbuds setting. With this, you can also update the Android compatibility. Sennheiser Smart Control offers a decent spread of features on top of control remapping. There’s a three-band EQ module, as well as EQ presets called Bass Boost, Podcast, and Movie. You can also adjust sidetone (how much you hear your voice during a call) and more crucially, get firmware updates.

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    What is the sound quality of the Sennheiser CX earbuds?

    Sennheiser CX

    In terms of sound quality, the Sennheiser CX earbuds offer 100 HZ to 10 Hz high frequency response for better sound and bass quality. Bass and mid-range sound is emphasized a little more, but it sounds pretty nice—nothing’s boosted so much to make music come through sounding notably distorted. Moreover, with superior audio you enjoy your favourite tracks to the max with bespoke TrueResponse Transducer for crystal-clear sound.

    Furthermore, the earbuds come with a 2microphone beam forming array. Which provide a high frequency and clear boosted bass. The less emphasized high-range sound from 2-6KHz is a little surprising to see, but this is intentional as it reduces the amplification of naturally occurring resonances within the human ear canal that we typically perceive as irritating.

    How well does the Sennheiser CX True Wireless block out noise?

    The Sennheiser CX earbuds does not include an active noise cancellation feature. But, without ANC still earbuds give you a better sound than other same category earbuds. The earbuds come with a passive noise cancellation feature. Once you find a perfect ear tips to establish a decent seal. Than you realize the solid isolation performance. Additionally, the isolation does not much effect on mid and low-range audio getting into your ears—sounds like droning engines are what ANC is made for—but the CX True Wireless offers a decent amount of attenuation in this range. It will not actively calm the world around you, but most distractions should be significantly less distracting.

    How good is the Sennheiser CX True Wireless for calls?

    The Sennheiser CX True Wireless come with a 2microphone beam forming array. Which give a clear sound bass and digital compression sounds. Furthermore, with the passive noise cancellation, it does a decent job for cutting out obnoxious low-level environmental noise. But don’t expect to record anything particularly high quality using it. This is a phone call mic, through and through, and in that, he is relatively adept.

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    How good is the connectivity option?

    Sennheiser CX connects to the device of your choice using True Wireless Bluetooth 5.2. They are not yet available, but 5.2 means that earbuds will be able to use the LC3 audio codec and Bluetooth’s new LE audio feature. In the meantime, CX True Wireless supports SBC, AAC and aptX Bluetooth audio codecs, so it’s a good choice for those of you using an Apple or Android device. However, there is no Bluetooth multiple connectivity option. Which means you can not connect two devices simultaneously.

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    How long does the battery last?

    Sennheiser claims that the CX True Wireless can withstand up to 9 hours of playback on a single charge, but in our testing, we found that it is much less than this. At a constant output of 75dB, the left earbud of the Sennheiser CX True Wireless lasted 8 hours, 31 minutes on a single charge, while the right earbud lasted a comparatively less 5 hours, 50 minutes.

    According to Sennheiser, the CX True wireless case incurs an additional charge of up to 18 hours, and the review experience is largely classified with it. The case charges with USB-C, which is nice, but has no fast charging or wireless charging options

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    Sennheiser CX True Wireless is not a complete device. Delayed questions like high-end audio, non-invasive battery life and lack of things like wireless charging and ANC keep it away from greatness. If you’re looking for the right item for a particular use case – whether it’s working, traveling or taking a lot of calls – this is probably not the case.

    However, these earbuds do enough things so well that it’s hard to dislike them. They look great and provide secure isolation performance. That IPX4 rating is a big asset, and the Sennheiser Smart Control works pretty well. Battery life is plentiful for most people on a given day. Generally, if you are looking for something that can handle a small (or moderate amount) of everything, this might be the product for you.

    What are alternatives to the Sennheiser CX True Wireless?

    Sennheiser updated its CX line with the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless, which features active noise cancelling, a similar design to the CX True Wireless, Bluetooth 5.2, and expanded high-quality codec support. The headset costs less than the MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 at $179 USD.

    If you’re looking for true wireless earbuds that last a long time and you don’t need ANC, the Beats Studio Buds is a perennial favorite. These earbuds can handle almost 12 hours of playback on a single charge, and they’re a couple of models behind, so finding a discount shouldn’t be hard. If you like Samsung products and want something that falls between the Buds Plus and Buds Pro, look into the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.

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    Does the CX True Wireless come with the same outstanding sound signature as other Sennheiser True Wireless products?

    Yes, the new CX True Wireless utilizes the same 7mm dynamic driv­ers designed by Sennheiser’s audio experts that were used for other Sennheiser True Wireless products. Learn more about the technol­ogy behind here: TrueResponse Transducers 

    I work, commute, and travel all the time. Is the CX True Wireless a good option when on the go?

    The CX True Wireless has been created to deliver the best possible sound experience at any time. With enhanced technology such as  TrueResponse Transducers, improved ergonomics, superior all-day battery life and IPX4 splash resistance it is now even better to enjoy on the go. Furthermore, effortless ease of use ensures that it is the ideal everyday audio companion! In addition to everything mentioned above, it offers great passive sound isolation which blocks out ambi­ent noise, thanks to the earphones’ perfect fit in the ear canal.

    How can I control the sidetone during calls

    For comfortable calls the CX True Wireless  has an integrated sidetone feature. “Sidetone” is the term given to the sound that is generated when a user hears their own voice in their own earbud. The sidetone feature enables a natural experience of hearing one’s own voice when speaking during a call (own voice reception).

    You can enable and adjust or disable the sidetone in the Smart Con­trol app’s device settings.

    What should I check or adjust to make sure the sound is at its very best?

    The CX True Wireless has been created to provide exceptional sound performance, thanks to  TrueResponse Transducers technology, the internal audio EQ and latest high-quality Bluetooth codecs.

    However, to experience this sound to the full, it is essential to cor­rectly place the earbuds in the ear-canal and to choose the best-fit­ting ear adapter set. The CX True Wireless comes with four sizes of ear adapters (XS, S, M, L) included in the box. The CX True Wireless quick guide explains precisely how to twist the earbuds into your ears to form a perfect seal within the ear-canal.

    Please note that the sound may have been adjusted using the EQ function of the Smart Control app. To see if this is the case, connect to the Smart Control app and check the equalizer settings to ensure the desired sound.

    What settings are recommended to get the 9-hour battery life that’s specified?

    The specified battery time of 9 hours has been confirmed for music listening under the following conditions:

    • CX True Wireless earbuds fully charged for at least 1.5 hours
    • iPhone within 1-meter distance
    • Bluetooth AAC codec
    • Volume level set to 50%
    • No customized EQ

    The battery time may differ under different operating conditions.

    How can I reset/restart the earbuds?

    If the functions of the earbuds are disturbed, you will need to perform a soft reset. Placing both earbuds into charging case then press the touch controls for at least 10 sec will reset /restart both earbuds.

    How can I perform a factory reset?

    If the functions of the earbuds are disturbed and a soft reset does not fix the issue, reset the earbuds to the factory default settings. This deletes, among other settings, all pairing settings.

    You can reset the earbuds to the factory default settings using the Smart Control app in the settings menu.

    To perform a factory reset without the Smart Control app, peer-pair the earbuds:

    1. Make sure that the earbuds are not connected to any Bluetooth device. Deactivate Bluetooth on your Bluetooth device or delete “CX True Wireless” from the list of paired devices in the Bluetooth menu of your Bluetooth device.
    2. Charge the right and the left earbud.
    3. Take one earbud out of the charging case. The LED of the earbud lights up red.
    4. Press and hold the touch control panel for 10 seconds until you hear the voice prompt “Pairing” and a beep sound. The LED of the earbud flashes green and red. The earbud is in ear­bud pairing mode.   
    5. Now take the second earbud out of the charging case and make sure that the right and the left earbud are close together (max. distance 50 cm).
    6. Press and hold the touch control panel of the second earbud for 10 seconds until you hear the voice prompt “Pairing” and a beep sound.

    If pairing was successful, you hear the voice prompt “Pairing suc­cessful” and the LEDs of the earbuds flash blue 3x. The earbuds are paired with each other and the factory default settings are restored. After that the LEDs of the earbuds flash red and blue and can be paired with your Bluetooth device again.