Urbanista Los Angeles Headphone Review

Urbanista Los Angeles

Urbanista recently introduced its latest on-ear headphone Urbanista Los Angeles. The headphone come with the world’s first self-charging wireless headphones powered by Powerfoyle™ solar cell material. Using advanced green technology, Los Angeles converts all light, outdoor and indoor, into energy to deliver virtually infinite playtime. Los Angeles never stops charging when exposed to light, providing you with a nonstop audio experience. With Los Angeles, you’re always in complete control of your audio experience. Just the press of a button activates advanced hybrid Active Noise Cancelling, instantly reducing unwanted background noise, or switches on Ambient Sound Mode so you can stay aware of important surrounding sounds.

  • Solar-powered charging
  • Good audio performance
  • Quality noise cancellation for the price
  • No in-app EQ
  • Noise cancellation slightly impacts sound signature

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Table of Contents

    Box Content

    Urbanista Los Angeles
    • Urbanista Los Angeles
    • Carrying case
    • USB Type-C charging cable
    • User Guide

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    Price and availability

    Inspired by the iconic city in the heart of sunny California, Los Angeles comes in exclusive Midnight Black and Sand Gold colourways finished with stylish details. It is price $199. You can purchased this product from the company’s official website urbanista.com and Amazon.in

    Who should have to Buy the headphone?

    • For those who want a better ANC with low cost
    • This headphone is perfect for longer session because of Exeger Powerfoyle technology.

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    What is the design of Urbanista Los Angeles?

    Urbanista Los Angeles

    The Urbanista Los Angeles come with a simple and lightweight design. The most remarkable feature about this headphone is “infinite energy” option. Los Angeles is powered by Exeger Powerfoyle™, groundbreaking technology inspired by the natural principle of photosynthesis. Powerfoyle transforms all forms of light into clean, endless energy, powering the headphones.

    However, for the first time ever, you can experience virtually unlimited listening. Los Angeles constantly charges whenever exposed to light, either outdoors or indoors, providing you with virtually infinite playtime. The brighter the light, the better. Moreover, Los Angeles’ wireless design gives you both freedom and control thanks to the on-ear detection feature that pauses the audio when the headphones are removed and restarts it when they are put back in place.

    Looking for earbuds, the earcups are circular like on typical supra-aural (on-ear) pairs. But, they’re large enough to cover your entire ear and some of the surrounding area like the earcups on over-ear models. The headphones exert a little too much pressure on the ears no matter how you position them, but the earpads feature generous cushioning, which helps with comfort.

    Both earbuds and charging case come with a matt finish surface. The charging case leaves the headband exposed, which is ordinarily something that we’d complain about. But it makes sense here, as it allows the headphones to charge while you protect the earcups. 

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    How touch control works of Urbanista Los Angeles?

    The right earcup has a three-button control pad in the side panel. Central multifunction button handles playback, call management and power and pairing. The plus and minus buttons control the volume on both sides when you press them or track the navigation when you hold them. We’re not fans of combining these functions at a single button, because it’s so easy to accidentally skip a track when you mean just to adjust the volume.

    The left earcup has a feature button; Pressing it through ANC, Ambient and Off mode, holding down your phone’s voice assistant. It is easy to switch between mods because of the vocal prompts whenever you press the button. Next to it, there’s a USB-C port for charging (the box includes a USB-C-to-USB-A charging cable) that you won’t need to use frequently. Although the headphones were not plugged in during our test period, their battery never ran out. Most of the time, the battery level is between 70% and 85%, according to the Companion app.

    Is there an app available for Urbanista Los Angeles?

    Yes, Urbanista Los Angeles comes with the Urbanista Audio companion app. Which is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. It comes with a plain graph that shows the headphones are draining or gaining power. How fast the meter switches is satisfactory once you put your headphones under the lights.

    In the app, you can adjust some basic settings and switch between ANC and ambient listening modes. Another option is to toggle the ability to detect if the headphones are on or off your ear. However, the app does not include EQ, which is disappointing as drivers seem to be able to achieve a more detailed sound signature than their default.

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    What is the sound quality of Urbanista Los Angeles?

    In terms of sound quality, the Urbanista Los Angeles come with a 40mm dynamic drivers and moving coil. Which provide a crystal clears sound and bass. The headphone also offers an electret condenser microphone for clear voice calls. Moreover, high end frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz provide a reliable and smooth sound frequency.

    On Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild”, the kick drum loop gets enough high-mid presence to maintain its punchiness for its attack, but it can use a slightly more high-mid definition. The sub-bass synth hit that pauses the beat comes with serious depth. At times, the boosted bass threatens to distract from the sound, but the headphones manage to provide enough space for them. Purists may not like the sound signature, but it will satisfy anyone who wants to get bass depth like a boosted, subwoofer.

    How well does Urbanista Los Angeles block out noise?

    The headphones come with an advance hybrid active noise cancellation feature. Which help you to reduce the surrounding noise on a single tap. With Ambient mode, you can hear important conversation while listening music or talking to someone on calls. Also, but Ambient mode boosts the high-mids so you can focus on conversations more easily.

    Furthermore, headphones add a level of high-frequency hiss when ANC is active. Noise is not unpleasant (think pale white noise), but it is a clear sign of a lower-end noise-cancellation circuit. The ANC also affects the sound signature – depending on the track, sculpting in high-mid seems a bit different.

    How good is Urbanista Los Angeles for taking calls?

    As we discuss above, Los Angeles come with a 40mm dynamic drivers and moving coil. Which provide a crystal clears sound and bass. The headphone also offers an electret condenser microphone for clear voice calls. The Ambient mode also help you to hear important conversation while listening music or talking to someone on calls.

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    How good is the connectivity option?

    The Urbanista Los Angeles sport a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for better connectivity between smartphone and PCs. The Bluetooth has offer a 10 meter wireless range and class2 compatibility. Additionally, the headphone feature SBC and AAC audio codec. Which help you to securely connect your device. Moreover, it is compatible with Siri and Google voice assistance for both Android and iOS. However, it lack the multi-connectivity option for connect two devices simultaneously.

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    How long does the battery last?

    Urbanista Los Angeles

    The headphone come with a 750 mAh battery capacity. However, it also included 80 hours battery reserved for long listening of music.

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    Los Angeles headphone has eco-friendly and most comfortable design. The most permissible part is that the headphones get charged when you touch the lights. Exeger Powerfoyle™, groundbreaking technology inspired by the natural principle of photosynthesis. Powerfoyle transforms all forms of light into clean, endless energy, powering the headphones. With this, you does not need to charge the headphone for longer time. It gets charged during the usage automatically. At just $199, this mobile is very good for you. Along with ANC in hand, and better ambient noise convert better clear sound and bass.

    What are alternatives to Urbanista Los Angeles?

    With Urbanista Los Angeles in hand, you don’t need any other headphone. It provides everything better sound, good calls quality with ambient noise, with Exeger Powerfoyle™ gets charged automatically and also ANC to reduce surrounding noise.

    But, if you want a headphone for low cost, you need to go for a Razer Opus X headphone. is simple but sturdy, with simple controls located on the bottom of the right ear cup, with two embedded microphones for ANC (active noise cancellation) and a second pair for voice chat. It come with a 40mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth 5.0, 20hz-20khz frequency response and up to 30 hours of battery on top.

    But if you want to buy better sound than you should consider buying the Sony WH-XB910N. The headphone comes with a Light weight design, 40mm dynamic drivers, 10mm Bluetooth range, Active Noise Cancellation, Fast pair support, Ambient mode and Google/Alexa Voice assistance support.

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