V-Moda Hexamove Pro review

V-Moda Hexamove Pro

V-Moda recently introduced their first-ever premium wireless earbuds: the V-Moda Hexamove Pro. The earbuds come with a 6mm diaphragm drivers delivering powerful bass, EQ preset, customized touch controls, and total 20 hours of battery. Additionally, the earbuds includes IPX4 water and sweat resistance and custom full-color slide-and-lock shields to your Hexamove Pro for the most personal experience possible.

  • Customizable design
  • Personalized fit
  • Vibrant sound quality
  • ANC not supported
  • charging case not so good
  • No multi connectivity

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Price and availability

The Hexamove Pro come with a two colour variants such as Black and White colour. It is price $169.99. You can purchase this earbuds from the company’s official website v-moda.com.

Who should have to Buy the headphone?

  • For those who want a better quality earbuds with premium sound.
  • Active people looking for something sweatproof with good sound for their workouts.

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Box Content

V-Moda Hexamove Pro
  • Hexamove Pro
  • Charging Carry Case
  • 2 Rings, 2 Sport Fins, 2 Ear Hooks
  • Neck Strap
  • Stabilizer
  • 2 Pairs of Extra Shields
  • 3 Sets of BLISS Fittings (S, M, L)
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Immortal Life Replacement Program

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V-Moda Hexamove Pro: Design

V-Moda Hexamove Pro

V-Moda Hexamove Pro comes with multiple fit option for you. With it, you can connect separate ear hooks and neck straps and stabilizers to keep your earbuds safe on standby for more stability when you pick up speed. Which makes it a perfect fit for your day-to-day with fins and perfect size in-ear fittings.

V-Moda’s selected design genealogy is on full display. The hexagon-inspired shape looks cool and small details like the silver accent around the touch sensor add to the buds’ luxe appearance. However, if you want a fresh new look, simply switch out the decorative shields to suit your mood, with extra sets in stylish Silver and Bronze included.

Additionally, the V-Moda Hexamove Pro feature a two extra sets of interchangeable shields in stylish Silver and Bronze colour. The earbuds also offer an IPX5 sweat, water and dust resistance. Which means you can carry this earbud for swimming or raining and also running and jumping. Moreover, the earbuds‘s construction is sturdy to ensure they survive hard falls to the ground.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro: Touch controls

The touch controls are most simple and reliable on the Hexamove Pro. Probably too Responsive because the slightest touch often executes a single-tap gesture. Additionally, touch Accuracy was off on the left bud, which meant I had to triple-tap gestures several times to turn on the digital assistant. A single tap on either bud will play/pause/answer call/end call, whereas a double/triple tap on the left earbud will skip forward/skip back a track and a triple tap on the left bud enables the digital assistant.

Note: On-ear detection is not available to auto-pause/play content when removing or placing the buds back on your ears.

ActionLeft sideRight side
One tapPlay/pausePlay/pause
Two tapsPrevious trackNext track
Three tapsVoice AssistantVoice Assistant
HoldVolume downVolume up

V-Moda Hexamove Pro: V-MODA app

The earbuds feature a simple and reliable on -ear touch enabled controls for quick and easy commands. Additionally, mobile smart assistant compatibility with Siri, Google assistant and Alexa allows for hands free control. You need to download this app to get more advanced and personal experience. Once you do this, you will be able to control the amount of noise around you.

The V-MODA app help you to fully personalize your audio experience. You can use the EQ tool to create the perfect sound signature for whatever you’re listening to. Choose an expertly tuned preset to keep or adjust to your liking, or create your own sound signature completely from scratch. Also with app, you can adjust battery status, firmware updates, and earbuds setting.

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V-Moda Hexamove Pro: Sound Quality

V-Moda Hexamove Pro

In terms of sound quality, the earbuds offer a 6mm dynamic drivers to customized the sound more perfectly. As a result, you get the advertised mix of “powerful bass, vivacious mids, and pristine highs,” resulting in exceptional overall sound. Moreover, the earbuds also offer a High frequency response for clear sound with bass while voice calls.

Symphonic gems like “Summer Madness” from Cool and the Gang were audible excitement. I loved the combination of instruments that serenaded my ears. Atmospheric synths were brilliantly reproduced. Some less memorable production notes such as low-tempo drumbeats and steady high-hats were also prominent throughout the recording.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro: Active Noise Cancellation

V-Moda Hexamove Pro does not come with an Active Noise cancellation and Ambient mode to reduce the background noise during the voice calls. However, that isn’t the case with these buds. The wingtips and eartips kept the Hexamove Pro locked in, allowing me to hear sound fully without any external noises creeping onto the soundscape.

V-Moda Hexamove Pro: Voice calls

Without the ANC and Ambient sound, the Hexamove Pro does not provide a quality sound during calls. Because the background noise is compromise. I have experience lot of ambient noise entered our chats, specifically wind, which made it difficult to communicate at times.

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V-Moda Hexamove Pro: Connectivity

The Hexamove Pro experience the strongest, smoothest Bluetooth connection with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Which provide a smooth connectivity with smartphone and PCs. Along with Bluetooth, the earbuds also offer Qualcomm aptX adaptive and AAC codec support. However. it does not feature a Bluetooth Multi-connection for connect two devices simultaneously at the same time.

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V-Moda Hexamove Pro: Battery

The Hexamove Pro comes with the 6 hours of battery capacity and 18 hours tucked away in the charging carry case. Which means total 20 hours battery for playback. It is moderate use (1.5 hours daily) for about 3 to 4 days before recharging. Also keep in mind that high volume and streaming play time is reduced to 30 minutes.

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The sound is satisfying to enjoy the music of all genres as well as movies and podcasts. Fit enhanced thanks to V-Moda’s extensive suite of bundled accessories. Touch control and connectivity are also more reliable on these buds. And there’s no way you can talk about Hexamov Pro without embracing the innovative design.

Despite Being good feature, it lacks the special feature like Active Noise Cancellation and Ambient mode for better sound. Brand lovers will find great value out of the Hexamove Pro for the price, but they can also get more performance out of less expensive models like the Beats Studio Buds or Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

V-Moda Hexamove Pro: Alternatives

 The Hexamove Pro does not offer Active Noise Cancellation. Thus, if you want a better earbuds with ANC in hand and also low cost. You can consider Buying the Sennheiser CX Plus. The earbuds feature active Noise Cancellation to block out your surroundings and Transparent Hearing to stay aware whenever you want. The new CX Plus True Wireless earbuds have it all. Like superb ergonomic design and intuitive controls for maximum comfort and ease of use. And up to 24 hours of play time to enjoy crystal-clear sound and deep bass you can customize. Everything for a great sound experience all day long.

If you’re an Apple user and you want a more integrated experience, it may still be eligible for the Apple AirPods Max. The H1 chip makes it easy to pair and control earbuds. And the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless does not have any fast-pairing capabilities. Plus, you get a lot of good stuff when you use AirPods Pro with iPhone, like special audio, automatic device switching and more.

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