Logitech H600 Wireless Headphone Review

Logitech recently launched its latest On-ear truly wireless headphone Logitech H600. It come with a wireless audio up to 10meter range, Active Noise Cancelling mic, stereo sound, USB-A receiver for better connectivity and sensitive touch controls.

  • Comfortably fit
  • Better sound
  • USB-A connectivity
  • No ANC
  • sound is bit compressed

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Price and availability

The Logitech H600 come with an only Black colour variant. It is price Rs. 6,595 ($86.99). You can purchase this product through company’s official website logitech.com.

Who should have to Buy the headphone?

  • Those who want a low cost headphone
  • For those who consider buying better sound quality at low price.

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Box Content

Logitech H600
  • Wireless headset
  • USB-A Nano receiver
  • USB-A charging cable
  • User documentation

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What is the design of Logitech H600?

Speaking about the design, the Logitech H600 come with a simple circular shape design. The earcups made with matt glossy finish surface with silver rounded ring attach on the earcups to control the volume. The on-ear headphone looks very comfortable and reliable.

Moreover, the adjustable padded headband with swivel-mounted foam ear cushions are ultra-comfortable even after hours of listening. Headset folds up easily for portability. Which means it comfortably fit into the carrying case for better transportation. However, the pressure on the headband is a little higher than I would have liked, because during the long gaming sessions, I felt a little squeezed.

For usage, simply insert the nano-receiver into your computer USB-A port and forget about it. You’re now ready to talk, listen to music or game. Charge via the included USB-A cable; even talk while it’s charging. Enjoy up to six hours of wireless audio with the rechargeable battery.

Furthermore, Power on and off, adjust the volume or mute your calls with simple on-ear controls located on the right ear cup. Store the nano-receiver along bottom of the left ear cup when you’re on-the-go.

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What is the sound quality of Logitech H600?

In terms of sound quality, the headphone offers a high frequency response and 102 dB sensitivity. Which provide high quality sound with extra bass capacity. The headset is really great for FPS games where position accuracy is important. The footsteps, shots and environmental sounds are clear, understandable and their direction is spectacular. I’ve played a lot of Rainbow 6: Seas, where the sound and its direction are really important to the game’s mechanics, and the G Pro never disappoints me.

The Logitech box includes an external USB DAC, and when the headphones are connected through it. It provides clean amplification and an increase in volume. This is very useful if the headphone jack in your laptop is damage or the built-in DAC is too weak.

Moreover, the middle and height were clear and had a good amount of details, although the bass had a slightly depressing feeling. Logitech has tuned this headset for gaming, a fact that becomes clear when listening to music or watching a movie for fun.

On the software side of things, Logitech has their G Hub companion software that works with Logitech H600 headsets. Here you get access to some settings like equalizer and microphone volume level. One of the best features with a headset is the ability to save your custom equalizer to a USB DAC, allowing you to take your presets anywhere.

Does Logitech H600 have good noise cancelling?

The Electrite condenser-type Noise cancelling mic of the Logitech H600 headset is a detachable. Which is always a welcome feature. Its mode can be easily customized to the user’s liking, and the recording quality is impressive with a properly defined pickup for in-game callouts. The only complaint I have for the mic is that the audio sounds a bit compressed and small, but it’s not a dealbreaker anyway.

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How good is the connectivity option?

The Logitech H600 does not offer a much connectivity option. Simply insert the nano-receiver into your computer USB-A port and forget about it. And you’re ready to talk, listen to music or game. Charge via the included USB-A cable; even talk while it’s charging.

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How long does the battery last?

The Logitech H600 come with a up to six hours of wireless audio with the rechargeable battery.

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At Rs 6,595, for what it has to offer, I think Logitech H600 is worth it. After all, you’re using the same headphones that real professional gamers use at the highest competitive level. As expected, that level of performance doesn’t come cheap. You can get it from Amazon.in.

When it comes to competition, the Corsair HS80 RGB gaming headsets can be found around Amazon for the low price. It has better comfort and uniform audio performance without any software customizability.

What should you get instead of Logitech H600?

JBL Tune 760NC headphoneis perfect for you at same price around $ $86.69. the headphone come with a 40mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth, frequency response, Light weight design, Hands-free calls, Google Voice assistance and more.

However, if you increase your budget and consider buying the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. It will provide you a up to 33 ft Bluetooth range, SBC AND AAC support, 7 microphones include, 2.5 mm audio cable for the headphone side and a standard 3.5 mm jack for the device side. Additionally, it has up to 20 hours wireless and up to 40 hours gaming/wired.

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