Polsen DJH-2500 Professional DJ Headphones review

Polsen DJH-2500

Polsen DHL-2500 headphones are designed for DJs, and they deliver a rich sound even when you’re entertaining in a club or listening to music on a mobile device. The headphones feature a rotating earcup that lets you monitor your audio with one ear free. The 10-foot cable gives you the freedom to move around, so that it is not connected to your turntable, computer or mixer while you are working. The DJH-2500 is equipped with two inputs to simultaneously monitor two sources, an excellent feature for tracks, transitions and crossfades.

You will always have the best listening condition thanks to the design above the ear that isolates the sound and prevents leakage. And boosted bass feedback helps you feel and recognize the beat in a loud atmosphere and lets you listen to music in the same way that the crowd listens. The headphones end in a 1/8-inch stereo plug that is compatible with most mobile devices and computers. Includes stereo 1/4-inch adapter for plugging in stereo or mixing board.

  • Best for Dj
  • Good sound quality
  • Better isolation
  • ANC not supported
  • Lacks audio codec

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Price and availability

Polsen DHL-2500 come with a Black colour only. It is price $64.95. You can purchased through company’s official website polsenaudio.com.

Who should have to Buy the headphone?

  • These headphones are best for DJ applications.
  • Those who want the headphone in cheapest price.

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Box Content

Polsen DJH-2500
  • DJH-2500 – Professional DJ Headphones
  • Detachable cable
  • 1/4″ adapter
  • User manual
  • Limited one-year warranty

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What is the design of Polsen DHL-2500?

Polsen DJH-2500

In terms of design quality, the Polsen DHL-2500 has a premium quality shape and sound. The Polsen DHL-2500 headphone comes with swivel earcups design. Which allows you to monitor your audio with one ear free. The headphones offer a round shape and close back. Which helps to suppress the surrounding sounds coming from outside the earcup. The headband looks like it was made of plastic material. With the company logo on the front of the earbuds, the headphones look like local headphones. Which we can use in everyday life.

Moreover, the headphones do not include a charging case like the Boss headphones. However, you can fold the earbuds through the joint between the headband and the earbuds. The earcup also rotates 90 degrees so you can turn one of them outwards for one ear handheld monitoring. Thus, if you are a DJ who prefers to keep one ear free, you can turn one of the earcups to listen on the shoulder.

How to controls Polsen DHL-2500 Headphone?

The Polsen DHL-2500 headphones do not include any control system on their headphones. Because, the headphones do not come with Bluetooth connectivity. It only supports 3.5mm audio cable with a maximum length of 10 meters. The 10-foot cable gives you freedom of movement. Thus, you don’t have to connect to your computer or mixer while you’re working.

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What is the sound quality of Polsen DHL-2500?

However, with low frequency response around 20 Hz to 20 KHz and 55mm dynamic drivers clarifies the low end sound. As a result, the specific component is not able to create all the tones we hear. For DJs, this sub-bass frequencies provide loud and crystal clear sound. The headphones come with a pivoting ear cup. Which is ideal for listening on one ear or shoulder. A padded headband will keep you comfortable during long sessions.

Furthermore, the headphones do not come with any Bluetooth codec to transmit more audio data for most competitive headphones. Also, the headphones do not have the sound cancellation feature. Thus, you may hear a slight noise in the background during a voice call. Also, there is no Multi connection, so you can no connect two devices on the same network simultaneously.

One of the most notable advantages is that the headphones provide rich sound. When you are listening to audio on a smartphone or other mobile. Whether you are listening on a smartphone, iPod or tablet, you will hear a detailed sound even if you are in a noisy environment.

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How good is the connectivity option?

The 10-foot cable lets you come out from behind your computer or tablet to conduct an interview or move freely around a DJ booth. The locking 1/8-inch plug ensures your audio won’t be lost due to an accidental tug on the cable. And when it’s time to pack up, the cable is removable for convenient travel.

With Multiple input, cueing up your next track is effortless thanks to 1/4- and 1/8-inch inputs. Simultaneously monitor audio from a turntable, mixer, computer, or smartphone for seamless transitions and crossfades.

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Polsen’s DJH-2500 is perfect for those who want headphones below $ 100. The headphone offers a 1/4- and 1/8-inch inputs for perfectly monitor your audio and 55 mm dynamic drivers to provide a crystal-clear sound with high boosted bass. However, if you want the some special feature at same price than go for other headphones like LucidSound LS15X or Polsen HPC-A30-MK2 Studio monitor headphone.

What is some alternative to Polsen DHL-2500?

If you want low cost headphone like Polsen DHL-2500 than consider buying the Monster Persona and Shure SRH840A. Both come with a premium design and sound quality. The headphone come with a closed-back circumaural design, lowest harmonic distortion, precisely tailored frequency response, and 3 m (10 ft.) Detachable cable.

And if you want to cancel the active sound better than buying the AKG Y600NC. It comes with a price tag of $ 261.06. With this price, it comes with Active Noise Cancellation, 25 hours battery, AKG app, Ambient Aware and talk through and much more. You might even consider buying a JBL Tune 760NC for just $86.69.

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