Moto JR300 kid’s wireless over-ear headphones review

Moto JR300

MOTO JR300 wireless headphones are specially designed for your child to ensure they are safe for listening. MOTO JR300 is equipped with Bluetooth and up to 24H of wireless playtime. Features for hands-free calls, easy button controls, and includes an audio splitter cable for easy sharing. The 85dB volume limit is safe for kids and the soft-cushioned headband is design for a comfortable, adjustable fit ages 3+.

  • Good quality
  • Built for kids
  • Low cost
  • Bluetooth codec not supported
  • No ANC Support

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Price and availability

MOTO JR300 headphone come with a three colour variant such as Blue grey, Light blue and Light pink colour. It is price $49.99. You can purchase the headphone through the company’s official website and

Who should have to Buy the headphone?

  • Headphones are specially designed for your child to ensure they are safe for listening.
  • For those who want low cast over-ear headphones.

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Box Content

Moto JR300
  • Moto JR300
  • USB Cable
  • 3.5mm Ax cable
  • User guide

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What is the design of MOTO JR300?

As we discuss above, the MOTO JR300 wireless headphones are specially design for your child to ensure they are safe for listening. The headphone is built with very premium and comfortable design. The ultra-soft headband provides so much comfort for longer sessions. The connection between the headband and earcups are perfectly secure and sturdy.

In terms of earcups, it is made with a lightweight and simple design. Moreover, it has distributed its weight well enough to not cause too much pressure over the longer period. Also, the synthetic leather pads are sufficiently dense to offer decent isolation. And the band also provides a bit of padding on the top. Additionally, luxuriously plush Synthetic leather on the earcup cushions ensures all-day comfort.

However, the JR300 does not offer a any type of IP rating for water and dust proofing. Moreover, sharing with friends is easy and fun with the built-in audio splitter on the included audio cable – great for playdates, movies or group virtual learning. Moreover, the earcups rotate around 90 degree for comfortably fit into the carrying case.

How touch control works of MOTO JR300?

On-board controls are very simple and reliable. The left ear cup houses Power Button, Volume plus and minus, USB Type-C port and small hole in the for 3.5mm to 3.5mm Audio Cable for better connectivity and taking calls.

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What is the sound quality of MOTO JR300?

Moto JR300

MOTO JR300 come with a 30mm dynamic driver for signature rich and warm sound quality experience. Moreover, MOTO JR300 headphones are best for almost all genres of music because of the minimal deviation from the ideal frequency response. This not only minimizes auditory masking, which allows for optimal clarity. But also means that it hints well for all genres of music.

Furthermore, the headphone included a 3.5mm audio cable with audio splitter for easily sharing the best music experience. This cable connection gives crystal clear sound and also better than the wireless connection. Additionally, for the safety of kids, company limit the volume up to 85dB.

Does MOTO JR300 have good Noise cancellation capabilities?

No, the JR300 headphones do not support the Active Noise Cancellation feature. Which means the surrounding sound interrupt you to taking clear calls. However, the pressure between the earcup and the ear is so good that it reduces ambient noise when making a call.

Can you use MOTO JR300 for phone calls?

The MOTO JR300 come with a dual-microphone for filter out external voice. It does a good job at filtering out background noise, but that’s where the positives trail off. Voices of all registers sound distant and muffled. Additionally, there has been a Passive cancellation audio available when wireless disabled, via a 3.5mm cable. It can reduce a considerable amount of background noise.

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How good is the connectivity option?

Moto JR300

MOTO JR300 come with a Bluetooth support for better wireless connectivity between your smartphones and PCs. Along with Bluetooth, the headphone also offers 3.5 mm cable for use with no-Bluetooth devices. Furthermore, if the battery dies and you are unable to take advantage of the fast charging capability. Just use the Ax cable for wired audio. Of course, this means that your phone needs a headphone jack because the dongle adapter is not include.

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How long does the battery last?

The JR300 headphones come with a 24 hours long battery life for uninterrupted music and calls. This is especially excellent considering the fast charging capabilities. Connecting via the included USB-C cable for 15 minutes, the headphones afford 12 hours of playback. This is invaluable if you’re at the airport and forgot to pre-flight charge your headphones. It takes about two hours to fully charge, which is to be expect.

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All the features include in these headphones are design for keeping in mind the safety and comfort of your children. Which is very good at $49 price and provide a reliable aspect of feature. The headphone offers a considerably 24 hours long battery life for uninterrupted music and calls. Also, come with a Bluetooth and 3.5mm wired connectivity. Plus feature 30mm dynamic driver for signature rich and warm sound quality experience.

Which alternative are best for MOTO JR300?

If you want the headphone at low price than you should consider buying the Logitech H600. However, like the MOTO JR300, the Logitech H600 does not support Active Noise cancellation. It come with a wireless audio up to 10meter range, Noise Cancelling mic, stereo sound, USB-A receiver for better connectivity and sensitive touch controls.

Last but not least, if you want a better quality with noise cancelling feature than consider buying the Bose QuietComfort 45. The headphone come with a Noise cancellation, Aware mode, High-Fidelity audio, and adjustable EQ. Additionally, it has included an light weight design, Noise rejecting mic system, 24 hours battery and reliable Bluetooth connectivity.

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