Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Introducing Samsung Galaxy Buds live a newly shape true wireless earbuds. The earbud designed to tune in to every moment. With an iconic shape and ergonomic design, a fit that lets in your natural surroundings, and a speaker optimized for a better experience. This is sound made for your ears. Additionally, it come with a 12mm speakers, Active Noise Cancellation, Bixby voice wake up, total six mic, 65 mAh battery capacity and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Wireless and fast charging (USB-C)
  • Unique design, stable fit
  • Updates available on iOS and Android
  • Microphone quality
  • Just okay noise cancelling
  • Sound quality not good

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Price and availability

The Samsung Buds live come with a total five colour variants such as Black, White, Blue, Bronze and Red colour. It is price $109.99. you can buy through company’s official website

Who should have to Buy the headphone?

  • Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners will benefit the most from Galaxy Buds Live, thanks to Samsung scalable codec support and wireless powershare.
  • Anyone considering AirPods (3rd generation) should get this instead because it fits more securely.

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Box content

  • Charging Case
  • Earbuds
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB Cable
  • Wingtips(S, L)

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What is the design of Samsung Buds live?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The shape and size of the earbud is almost similar to the peanuts size. The earbud come with a lightweight and comfortable design. The Galaxy Buds Live sit softly inside the ear, giving you a fit for all-day comfort with less fatigue. Moreover, it come with an ergonomic design, which is snug yet non-intrusive with two wing tip sizes for comfortably fit. As a result, you can securely use this to the office, go to friend’s house and more without your buds leaving your ears.

The upper surface is made with a glossy finish and the lower part provides a matte finish surface. The charging case shape is also similar to the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 earbuds. It looks nice and is easy to open with one hand, thanks to the clearly defined lips that separate the lid from the base.

Apart from this, nothing has changed in terms of appearance.

The front has a status LED, the case retains a nice pebble-like shape with a flat bottom. The back of the case is where you will find the USB Type C port. It is also interesting to note where this product is made these days, Galaxy Buds Pro 2 is made in Vietnam. You can find it at the bottom of this case.

Two LEDs sit on the case, one on the outside and one on the inside. The external LED communicates how much battery life is left in the case. while the internal LED indicates the battery of earbuds. By focusing on fitness, it can be used as workout earbuds. But when you workout, be careful not to let it get out of your ears. The Galaxy Buds Live not includes an IPX7 water-resistant rating like Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

In addition, Samsung always uses some advanced technology and sensors in their headphones and smartphones. First, it comes with an infrared sensor. Which enables automatic play / pose when removing buds and works very steady. Playback does not resume when earbuds are reintroduced. Instead, you need to tap any touch panel. This infrared sensor is an electronic instrument that is used to sense certain characteristics of its surroundings. It does this by either emitting or detecting infrared radiation. Infrared sensors are also capable of measuring the heat being emitted by an object and detecting motion.

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How do you handle Samsung Buds live?

Touch panels make it easy to operate the controls without reaching your phone, and anyone there might be excited to know that direct voice access to Bixby is here.

The other smartphone users can control the media playback from the headset, make volume adjustments and toggle the volume. The inward-facing IR sensor also detects when the earbud is inside and outside your ear, allowing auto-pose functionality. To resume playback, you must tap on any earbud. Automatic ear detection is not a strong suit for Galaxy Buds and the response time of OnePlus Buds is dull. If you want to remap any of the controls or check further into the earphone’s feature set, get the companion app.

Should you get the Galaxy Wearable app?

The Galaxy wearable app use to track down your lost earbuds very easily. You need to just open the SmartThings app. Your buds will emit a beep so you can easily find them in your room. And with Offline finding, you can find the last location they were used, even if they’re no longer connected to your phone.

Samsung Galaxy Live uses Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable application for many of its features. This is where you can access Noise cancellation features, turn on ambient sound, set or turn off touch controls, try different EQ profiles and more. The noise cancellation function has a high and low setting, and you can swap between them as you wish. EQ profiles like Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble Boost are great, though unfortunately there is no option to set your own. The app also lets you turn on settings like automatic voice detection and a seamless earbud connection, allowing the Galaxy Buds Live to swap more easily between paired audio sources (if they’re signed into your Samsung account).

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What is the sound quality of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Buds live come with good amount of audio output. There’s a notable boost in bass range sound, and a spike in the very high range. It has feature custom-built 12mm speakers with sound by AKG. Which provide a highest treble to the deepest bass. Galaxy Buds Live offer the most immersive sound experience on Galaxy Buds. Whether you’re listening to a new album or the audiobook for your next road trip.

Often, a frequency response like this means that the music should sound very nice at all times. Occasionally, you’ll find that bass-heavy tracks in particular make some vocals a little less clear. However, that kind of bass boost is very well within the norm for more consumer-friendly headphones, so you’ll probably only notice it when the bass comes with a little more omph.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have good Noise cancellation capabilities?

The Samsung Galaxy Live offers a very standard insulation for a pair of true wireless earbuds with rubber tips, which is to say: it’s pretty good. It turns out that sealing the ear improves the isolation go figure, and good isolation is generally more important for keeping away high-level, dynamic sounds. Additionally, Active Noise Cancelling on Galaxy Buds Live filters up to 99% of background noise. Microphone on monitor sound inside and outside in real time. Choose the ANC level to dial the world up or down with an intelligent algorithm that eliminates noise: rotate it to high on a noisy bus or use a lone in a quiet library – no need to change the volume.

How good the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro for taking calls?

Take noise-free calls that blow your mind. The best quality call for true wireless earbuds means you get less noise and a clearer voice on calls at home or out in the world. With three built-in microphones and the voice pickup unit, every word is crystal clear. The low protrusion design minimizes wind contact, while the sophisticated wind shield solution blocks the sound of wind during calls.

Moreover, the earbuds come with a Bixby voice wake-up technology for calls. It wakes up to your voice, letting you control your phone without lifting a finger. Manage your calls, adjust the volume, or check weather while on the move. You talk, Bixby listens.

How good is the microphone?

The quality of the microphone is excellent, as Samsung has used an advanced array with true wireless earbuds to mute its sound. Each earbud is equipped with built-in hardware, including three microphones. Two microphones are beamforming and the third is an inward-facing voice pickup unit; This is the fancy name of an accelerometer that detects vibrations from the bones of your jaw and uses bone conduction to convert it into an audio signal. All of this combines to transmit clear audio while rejecting background noise. Microphone quality is one of the things that improves over time with firmware updates, so I expect this to get better over the months.

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How good is the connectivity option?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The Galaxy Live feature only Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. With that, you can connect wirelessly with different smartphones. Moreover, it does not support the any Bluetooth audio codec and multi connectivity.

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How good is the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live lasted 5 hours, 15 minutes with the ability to mute the sound on a single charge. Our test method subjected each audio product to the same rigidity: a constant 75dB (SPL) output until the battery runs low. So if you hear more quiet sounds, you’re bound to get closer to the specified 6-hour platinum from earphones. Fast charging earbuds takes only five minutes to listen an hour.

Listeners who plan to listen exclusively with ANC-enabled will enjoy an additional 2.5 charge cycle from the branded case, while disabling ANC completely gives about 8 hours of standalone playtime and 2.63 additional charge cycles. Samsung’s case retains wireless charging capability and is Qi wireless compatible. You can also top up the case directly from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone via Wireless PowerShare.

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This is tough, as the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live guarantees the attention it collects but is still not worth buying. You should consider the advantages and disadvantages before buying: Do you really want to eliminate noise that only works a little? Technically, it’s impressive, but its functionality doesn’t seem to be as versatile as Samsung’s marketing claims. When using earbuds, I often find myself wishing I had my Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus earbuds, or the Shure AONIC 50 Noise Canceling Headphones.

If earbuds were bill as a non-noise cancelling pair of open-type buds. I’d be more than willing to recommend them: they would be cheaper and less tricky. Still, Samsung deserves credit for its heel merry effort of innovation, and these are the only open-type earbuds that work for my ears. There are still some people who will be drawn to the bud, and that’s great as long as you move forward with the right expectations of sound cancellation capabilities and limitations.

What should you get instead of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

If you want Samsung earbuds, just get Galaxy Buds 2 or Galaxy Buds Pro. Interestingly, the Galaxy Buds 2 has a slightly better sound cancellation than the more expensive Buds Pro, but the trade-off is that Buds 2 only has an IPX2 rating (compared to IPX7) and it supports Samsung 360 Audio. Does not. The buds of both pairs seal the ear, giving you a better sound, isolation and fit between the two than the Galaxy Buds Live.

For the best portable noise cancelling experience, don’t even consider the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Instead, get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds both of which fit most customers better and have much better sound quality than the Galaxy Buds Live. Boss’s earbuds are slightly larger than Sony’s but you’ll find them more comfortable and better for exercise due to the Steer Max ear and wing tips.

Alternatively, the Jabra Elite 7 Active is a solid alternative with OK ANC, good fit, great app (iOS and Android) and good sound. This is not the best of anything but it is very good at almost everything.

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