iClever TransNova kid’s Headphone Review.

 iClever TransNova

iClever TransNova is specially built for the kids to protect their ear from the loud music. The  headphone come with a three different combination of volume such as 74, 85 and 94 dB by pressing the keys in combination to avoid accidental changes. Additionally, 40mm Neodymium drivers provide plenty of strong bass and high-quality mid and hi ranges. Plus, the hi-def microphone ensures super-clear calling, just like adult headphones! These Wireless Bluetooth headphones cram an amazing 45 straight hours of listening time into the 500mAh battery.

  • Great appearance
  • Good sound quality
  • Three different volume signature
  • ANC not include
  • Bluetooth codec missing

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Price and availability

The iClever TransNova come with a three different colour combination such as Blue, Pink and Purple. It is Price $39.99. You can purchase this product from the company’s official website iclever.com and Amazon.com.

Who should have to Buy the headphone?

  • These headphones are specially design for kids
  • For those who want a low cost headphone with considerably good amount  of features.

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Box Content

 iClever TransNova
  • iClever TransNova
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • 3.5mm AX Cable
  • Carrying case
  • 3 different pairs of covers plates
  • User Guide

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What is the design of iClever TransNova?

 iClever TransNova

iClever TransNova comes with a handful of color combinations and a lightweight design. The headband fits snugly with earcups to enjoy longer time. However, if you are tired of the look, you can change the cover plate of the earcups to look different. The headphones offer three different pairs of covers with different patterns. Which are easy to disassemble and can also be changed at any time with a pattern that children like.

Memory foam earcups and headbands fit snugly in your baby’s head. The earcups fit your ears with a certain pressure to prevent background noise as passive isolation. Moreover, the colorful rotating lights provide a very beautiful design. Perfect for kids to enjoy the beauty of headphones.

How touch control works of iClever TransNova?

The touch controls are very good and most reliable than ever. You just have to touch on the Buttons to transfer into the other mode and also to receive and end calls. Smart touch controls on iClever TransNova make life simple. Manage calls, summon your favourite assistant, change tracks and more with a few touches.

Furthermore, the right earcups include a Power-Button to wake up the headphone, Volume up/down Button to increase and decrease the volume, Pause Button to simply stop the music during the calls and lastly the Button mics on/off.

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What is the sound quality of iClever TransNova?

 iClever TransNova

As we discussed earlier, these headphones are specially designed for children. Thus, they incorporate secure volume controls to protect their ears from loud noises. That is, they provide three different volume signature sounds. Such as 74, 85 and 94 dB by pressing the key in combination to avoid accidental changes. We all deserve quality sound and the iClever TransNova headphones don’t disappoint.

Equipped with 40mm neodymium drivers, plenty of strong bass and high-quality mid and high ranges. Plus, the high-definition microphone guarantees super-clear calling just like adult headphones! With the mic, the headphones offer hi-fi stereo sound for kids teens to enjoy the sound better.

Headphones do not come with active sound cancellation or ambient sound to reduce back noise when calling. However, the distance between the earcups and your voice fits perfectly, providing a significantly better passive isolation.

Can you use iClever TransNova for phone calls?

iClever TransNova headphones give you a good call quality experience. They come with an individual dedicated high-def mic on each earbud to make sure you can hear everything. With the mic, you can hear crystal clear voice during the call.

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What connectivity does iClever TransNova support?

 iClever TransNova

The headphone does not come with a Bluetooth audio codec to enjoy the clear bass and reliable sound. It has include a Bluetooth with 10m wireless range to connect wirelessly to other smartphones and PCs. Additionally, the headphone also connect with 3.5mm ax cable


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How long does the battery last on iClever TransNova?

The headphone come with a 45 Hours long battery, Yep, you read that right!. These Wireless Bluetooth headphones cram an amazing 45 straight hours of listening time into the 500mAh battery. Additionally, USB-C cord charging gets you going fast–just 10 minutes gives you 4 hours of playtime!

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At just $39.99, considering buying this is not a bad choice. At such a price, the headphone gives you a quality sound for your kids. 40mm Neodymium drivers, there’s plenty of strong bass and high-quality mid and hi ranges. Moreover, three different volume signature sound provide a nice sound experience. Also, these Wireless Bluetooth headphones cram an amazing 45 straight hours of listening time into the 500mAh battery.

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