Puresound Labs PuroQuiets Kids Headphone Review

Puresound Labs PuroQuiets

Purosound Lab recently introduced the latest mid-range over-ear headphone Puresound Labs PuroQuiets. This headphone is specially design for small 2 to 3 years age children. The headphone offers Active Noise Cancellation, 85 dB max volume limit, Bluetooth with 30-foot range, 35 hours of Non-ANC playtime, and built-in audio splitter.

  • premium stunning design
  • square shape
  • ANC good
  • Bluetooth codec missing
  • IP rating not available

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Price and availability

The Puresound Labs PuroQuiets comes with a four stunning different colours variant such as Red, Teal, Dark Blue and Light Pink colours. It is price $129. You can purchase the product through the company’s official website purosound.com.

Who should have to Buy the headphone?

  • For those who want a low-cost product with good amount of feature available.
  • Parents who want headphone for their kids

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Box Content

Puresound Labs PuroQuiets
  • Headphone
  • Carrying case
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Daisy chain cable
  • charging cable

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What is the design of Puresound Labs PuroQuiets?

Puresound Labs PuroQuiets

It is specially designed for your children to protect their ears from the damage caused by loud sound. Puresound Labs PuroQuiets offers adjustable headbands and even cushion ear pads with durable materials for kids to cope with rough play. The headband provided here is very comfortable and does not exert too much pressure during prolonged playing time. The headband is covered with leather material to give comfort all day long.

On the other hand, earpieces are also made from memory foam leather material to fit your children’s ears perfectly. Additionally, the earcup rotates 90 degrees to fit comfortably in a carrying case or in your baby’s pocket. The carrying case is made of strong and sturdy material to prevent the headphones from falling.

However, the headphones do not come with regular rounded shapes like Zamkol ZH700 or Buddyphone Explore +. And gives a solid square shape. This gives the headphones a perfect and fabulous look. The headphones come with a lightweight design and strong built quality. Which is safe for your baby’s ears for a long time. In addition, the headphones lack IP ratings to provide protection against water and sweat resistance.

How do you control playback?

The touch controls are very awesome and provide the best control experience. The Active Noise Canceling Button is available for easy use on both earcups. Also, the right earcups include a 3.5mm x cable slot for connecting to other devices. The small flash light stays active during the cable connected to other devices. Left earcups, on the other hand, include a power button and a volume up / down button with a USB Type-C charging slot under the earcups. However, there is also a button for Bluetooth to connect easily with other devices wirelessly.

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How does Puresound Labs PuroQuiets sound?

Puresound Labs PuroQuiets

Puresound Labs PuroQuiets 40mm dynamic acoustic drivers provide wide sound stage and provide rich, warm sound. It mimics the acoustics of a live performance. However, you also get a balanced frequency response without any way to tweak the EQ. The audio tinkers out there will find this frustrating, as in some cases you need a different kind of EQ. If you’re in a noisy environment, an extra bass load can be helpful.

In addition, headphones come with a maximum volume limit of 85 dB to protect your child’s ears by many organizations. Intelligent digital signal processing vaguely limits volume so that listeners do not even notice. These are perfect lightweight headphones for boys, girls and teens!

 How good is the Noise Cancellation of Puresound Labs PuroQuiets?

Purosound Labs PuroQuiets feature quiet nice active sound cancellation to reduce background noise. The headphones include ANC switches. So that children can hear clearly in loud environments without the need to increase the volume beyond safe levels of sound. These headphones mute daily noise and background noise up to 22 dB. Additionally, with Ambient Noise Reduction, you can reduce background noise by up to 78% and provide completely pure sound during a voice call.

Is the Puresound Labs PuroQuiets is good for taking calls?

Purosound Labs PuroQuiets comes with built-in mics to create crystal clear volume during a call. Additionally, with Ambient Noise Reduction, you can reduce background noise by up to 78% and provide completely pure sound isolation during voice calls.

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 How’s the connection on Puresound Labs PuroQuiets?

The Puresound Labs PuroQuiets Coupled with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Which provide a better connectivity between the earbuds and your smartphones, PCs, TVs and iOS with up to 32 feet from Bluetooth source. The headphone come with a 3.5mm audio cable to connect with wired to other devices. Moreover, it sports a unique cable featuring a built-in audio splitter allows two headphones to connect with the same device.

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How long does the battery last on Puresound Labs PuroQuiets?

You can enjoy up to 35 hours of non-ANC playtime & 23hours with ANC and also 200 hours of standby time. The PuroQuiet stands up to all-day play – and then some. Quickly recharge the lithium-ion battery with an included USB cable or switch to wire use with the included volume-limiting audio cable.

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Puresound Labs PuroQuiets offers remarkably good sound with the Active Noise Cancellation feature. Which makes these headphones very good to buy. Priced at just $ 129, the headphones feature Active Noise Cancellation, 85 dB maximum volume limit, Bluetooth with 30-foot range, non-ANC Platime 35 hours and built-in audio splitter. After all, I suggest headphones are significantly better to buy.

What are the best alternatives to Puresound Labs PuroQuiets?

However, if you consider buying the low cost headphones for your kids than consider buying lilgadgets Untangled Pro with $44.95. The headphone sport 93dB Volume Limit, 13dB Passive noise reduction, premium nylon 3.5mm audio cable, 360degree audio and 12 hours of listening. Additionally, the headphone come with a CPSC Toy complaint and meet the voluntary ASTM international standards.

MOTO JR300 wireless headphone is also best for buying with $49.99 price. The headphone offer three different colour combinations with Bluetooth and up to 24H of wireless playtime. Features for hands-free calls, easy button controls, and includes an audio splitter cable for easy sharing. The 85dB volume limit is safe for kids and the soft-cushion headband is design for a comfortable, adjustable fit ages 3+.

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