Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System Review

Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone

Shure KSE1200 is a most premium quality headphone with a electrostatics system. Also, the headphone built with an amplifier system for use in-line with portable media players. Moreover, the headphone offers single-driver electrostatic Sound Isolating. Which provide a stunning level of clarity and detail for the most discerning audio addict. The Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone feature Lightweight, ergonomic earphone shape, portable media player, Multi-point pairing, Bluetooth 4.0 and up to 12 hours of battery life.

  • Sound Isolation up to 37dB
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Amazingly transparent, detailed sound
  • No Bluetooth codec support
  • Not for bass lovers
  • Special amp required (included)

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Price and availability

The Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone come with a Black colour variant. It is price $1,999.00. You can purchase the headphone from the company’s official website

Who should have to Buy the headphone?

  • It is not for those who want good amount of bass quality.
  • This headphone is good choice for multi-connection lovers

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Box Content

Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone
  •  Headphone
  • 3.5mm (1/8” ) Cable 15.2 cm (6″)
  • 3.5mm (1/8” ) Cable 92 cm (36″)
  • 6.3mm (¼”) adapter
  • Cable Clip
  • Security Bands

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What is the design of Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone?

Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone

The premium KSE1200 is a second in-line of electrostatics system following the released of KSE1500. Which was the first sound isolating electrostatics system in the world. Moreover, one of the great features about this headphone is its newly meshless diaphgram. It can move as fast as that energy field moves. Which means you get the fastest transitive response. Also, the most detailed, clear, and transparent audio reproduction available.

Moreover, the headphone provides an exceptional comfort, when you combine mixture texture sound isolation technology. The purely Analog headphone is design to get the best performance out today’s high-end music players. In addition, you can have highest fidelity portable listening experience, wherever you go!

The headphone offers three different ear sleeves to comfortable fir into your ear. Such as soft flex sleeves: In small, medium, and large sizes. Made from pliable rubber. The second one is Soft Foam Sleeves tocompress the foam sleeve between your fingers and insert into the ear canal. Hold in place for about ten seconds while the foam expands. And the third one is Triple-Flange Sleeves, If desired, use scissors to trim the stem on the sleeve.

Furthermore, the custom-designed earphone cable specifically isolates each conductor. The light weight and ergonomic design earphone shape minimize ear fatigue. While enjoyable sound isolating sleeves block out up to 37dB of surround sound (Ambient Noise). The Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone offer 3.5mm audio cable to connect with amplifier. It lacks IP ratings for water and sweat resistance.

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How do you control playback?

Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone

Talking about the Amplifier, it includes considerably decent button controls with Led indicator. The above image indicate the which on-board customization is available on the amplifier.

1). Power / Control Knob: Rotate to adjust volume level. Turn clockwise to turn unit on. Turn counter-clockwise all the way to turn the unit off.

2). Status Indicator

Power LED Input Level LED
Red: Low battery.Red: The input level is too high.
Amber: Battery is charging.Amber: Ideal input level.
Green: The amplifier is charged and powered on.Green: The amplifier is receiving audio signal.
Off: The amplifier is off and not connected to power.Off: The amplifier is not receiving signal or the signal is too low.

3) Line Audio Input: 3.5 mm stereo input for connecting to analog audio sources

4) Earphone Output: Lemo output to connect Shure KSE1500 earphones

5) DC Input: Connect to a computer, external battery, or AC power source using a USB type A to Micro-B cable to automatically recharge the battery.

6) Input Pad Switch: Select 0dB or -10dB. The pad attenuates the analog input signal to prevent clipping from high output audio sources. Enable the pad when the audio meter indicates clipping. Attenuate the source volume if the signal continues to clip with the -10dB pad engaged.

Note: Use a high-quality audio source for the optimal listening experience.

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Amplifier and Electrostatic Driver Technology: Explain

Electrostatic drivers differ from other driver types (dynamic, balanced armature, planar magnetic) in that they use the principle of static electricity as opposed to electromagnetism.

Electrostatic drivers contain an extremely thin, nearly weightless diaphragm suspended between two metal plates called stators; these plates are perforated to allow airflow. One plate is positively charged and the other is negatively charged. An electric field is created when a sound signal is applied to the plates. The electric field draws and repels the diaphragm to and from the plates.

Vibrations occur as the diaphragm pushes and pulls against the plates, and air is pushed through the perforations. This, coupled with the continuously charged electrical signal driving the diaphragm, produces sound waves.

Electrostatic drivers differ from other driver types in that the diaphragm is the only moving part in the equation. In fact, it can be lighter that the air it is displacing! They are known for producing sound that is clear, fast, detailed, and tight. Their excellent transient response and low distortion make them ideal for critical listening. They are all about subtlety, finesse, and precision vs. impact and emotiveness. Many people enjoy them with classical, jazz, acoustic rock, blues, and other genres where nuance and subtlety abound.    

Like the KSE1500,

The KSE1200 can only be used with the high-voltage amplifier box that comes with it. But why do these earphones need a special amplifier? Because electrostatic earphones and headphones have special power requirements that make them incompatible with other headphone amps. Whereas ordinary earphones are plugged directly into the music source, electrostatic earphones require a dedicated high-voltage amplifier to “excite” or charge the driver. The bias voltage for the KSE1200 is 200 v.

Because the amplifier with the KSE1200 does not include a DAC, it is smaller than the KSE1500’s amplifier. The amplifier circuitry in the KSE1200 has been redesigned and optimized for analog input, resulting in a lower noise floor. You don’t get the digital four-band EQ that’s offered within the KSE1500’s DAC, but it is available through the ShurePlus PLAY smartphone app for iOS and Android.

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How does Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone sound?

Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone

The Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone come with a high-end signature sound and bass with up to 107dB signal to noise ration. In addition, the good amount of sub bass frequency (10Hz to 50KHz), resembling the best in class bass with a bit of vibration.

Moreover, the electrostatic technology for sound isolating earphone come with a single MicroDriver design. Which lets you hear a perfect sound while taking a voice call. Also, extremely high correlation to the source audio provides the fastest, most accurate transient response on the market. Additionally, the custom design 3.5mm earphone cable specifically isolate ear conductor.

The sound stage on the KSE1200 is almost average for IEM. Well, that’s the width and the depth. On many of the tracks I listened to I found a really nice amount of altitude, which meant I understood the sound of capturing different points along the imaginary vertical axis starting from the top and passing through my head. This was a great treat for my ears, as I find the feeling of hearing height very pleasing.

How good is the Noise Cancellation of Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone?

Noise isolation on the KSE1200 is completely different experience. It like listening to music in a library. All the surrounding noise that come in and cloud your listening experience is vanished. Such as background conversation, vehicles passing by, etc. The lack of outside noise only serves to amplify the pure nature of the sound on the KSE1200. When I first encountered this with the KSE1500, I found it almost shocking, but I began to appreciate it with the KSE1200. It’s so easy to be completely immersed and immersed in your music.

How is Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone Microphone?

As we discuss above, the electrostatic technology for sound isolating earphone come with a single MicroDriver design. Which lets you hear a perfect sound while taking a voice call. Also, the headphone offers both headset and stereo audio playback features built-in. The two-way audio and remote functions are included in that protocol, and the inline microphone located on the right side cable is provided for calls and voice commands. Additionally, the custom design 3.5mm earphone cable specifically isolate ear conductor perfectly.

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How long does the battery last on Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone ?

The USB rechargeable lithium ion battery offers 12 hours of playback. Connect the DC input to a computer, external battery, or AC power source using a USB type A to Micro-B cable to charge the battery.

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How’s the connection on Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone ?

Shure Bluetooth earphones are designed for continued functionality with Bluetooth 4.0 capable devices. They feature a three button controls with in-line microphone for phone calls and voice applications.

Bluetooth Pairing

  1. Turn off the earphones. Press and hold center button on earphone remote until the LED flashes blue and red.
  2. From the bluetooth settings of your audio source, select your Shure bluetooth device.
  3. LED turns blue when successfully paired.

Pairing Multiple Bluetooth Devices

  1. Turn off the earphones. Press and hold center button on earphone remote until the LED flashes blue and red.
  2. From your audio source, select “Shure BT1.”
  3. LED turns blue when successfully paired.

To pair second device:

  1. Press and hold the center button on the second device until the LED flashes blue and red.
  2. Select the second device on your audio source.
  3. LED turns blue on second device when successfully paired.

Pairing Bluetooth Device to a PC

If you are having difficulty pairing your BT1 earphones to your PC, you may need to update your drivers. Here are two ways to update your computer driver via the Intel® website.

  1. Manually: This requires that you locate your wireless adapter and then download the specific driver update for that wireless adapter. Information and drivers are located here: Manual Update.
  2. Intel Update Utility: This requires you to download the update app, run the app and allow it to scan your computer for required driver updates. Download the app here: Intel Update Utility.

Note: The Intel Update Utility is recommended because it requires fewer steps. Refer to your PC user manual for more information.

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Get ready to be impressed by the transparent, detailed, natural sound of the Shure KSE1200 electrostatic earphones. If you are looking for clarity and quick-accurate sound with ease of sound isolating technology and portability, you are ready for treatment. Connect the KSE1200 to your phone or portable DAP on a two-device portable solution. You can also choose to put a portable DAC in the mix. Some find it too cumbersome to take on the journey, but it’s not out of the question. The KSE1200 is not for base shades or for those looking for a warm, fun or V-shaped sound. But for those who want a voice that reveals all the details, the KSE1200 is at its best hi-fi. I recommend listening to classical, jazz, acoustic rock, blues, folk or country music.

What are the best alternatives to Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone?

The headphone provides an almost all the features we want in our headphone. But the only problem available here is it’s price. It come with a $1,999.00. No headphones are come at this price cost. This is one disadvantage of this headphone. But if you consider buying headphone with all this feature and also low cost, than consider buying the Samsung Galaxy Buds live or OPPO Enco Air2.

Airpods (3rd generation) is also god option to buy with active noise cancellation and ambient noise to reduce background noise for crystal clear voice calls. The Noble Audio Focus Pro is another good choice for buying with hybrid three driver configuration, with a custom made 8.2mm dynamic driver and 2 Knowles balanced armature drivers. The FoKus Pro utilizes the QualComm SoC QCC3040 chip and Bluetooth 5.2. It supports SBC, ACC, AptX and AptX adaptive codecs. The ergonomic shell is 3D printed with a semi-custom low profile shape, a designer faceplate and embedded touch sensor. Battery life is an expected 7.5 hours at 50% volume and the designer metal charging case has a 500mah battery.

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How do I set up multi-point pairing? How do I change active devices?

Multi-point pairing, a feature of Bluetooth 4, is set up automatically—pair a second device (power cycle by holding the power button down until the earphones turn off, and press again for 7 seconds to enter pairing mode). The playback between devices should be triggered by new activity (incoming call, new playback). If devices do not automatically recognize the BT1 as an output device, manually disconnect and re-select the BT1 in device settings.

Does the cable work with my iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android device?

However, any device supporting Bluetooth 4 stereo audio playback and telephony protocols is compatible, including Apple and many Android devices. We recommend downloading and installing the latest compatible operating system to ensure all drivers are up-to-date.

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