GravaStar Sirius+ TWS Earbuds Review

GravaStar Sirius+

The GravaStar Sirius+ Wireless Earbuds feature 7.2mm Dynamic Drivers to make sure that you enjoy your favourite music and podcast. The earbuds come with TWS, In-Ear Detection, a Zinc Alloy Charging Case, Environment Noise Cancellation, 65ms latency, RGB Lighting, Different Sound Modes, and IPX5 water and sweat resistance.

  • premium built quality
  • Good Battery
  • sound is good
  • Bluetooth codec missing
  • lack of multi connectivity

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Price and availability

The GravaStar Sirius+ Wireless Earbuds come with two colour variant such as Space Grey and Neon Green colour. It is price $67.45. You can purchase this product from the company’s official website

Who should have to buy GravaStar Sirius+?

  • This is perfect for those who want fabulous colour combination.
  • Those who want ENC support.

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Box Content

  • Earbuds (Lx1, Rx1)
  • Ear tips x 3 pairs (Sx2, Mx2, Lx2)
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • HipHop Necklace
  • User manual

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What is the design of GravaStar Sirius+?

GravaStar Sirius+

In terms of Sci-Fi design, the earbuds come with a light weight and comfortable design like the Gravastar Sirius Pro+. The charging case is made from a zinc alloy material that makes it resistant to scratches and durable enough to take anywhere. Featuring a mechanical button and laser engraved touch panel that gives it a weathered deep space feel.  In addition, the charging case features a rugged extra-terrestrial design unlike any other Bluetooth earbuds on the market.

Moreover, the earbuds feel so lightweight, you’ll forget they’re even there. The earbuds come with a three different size of soft silicone tips: small, medium and Large. The tips form effortlessly to your ear while blocking out unwanted noise. The tips are designed to conform to your ear shape for an unshakable fit.

Furthermore, the GravaStar Sirius+ offer IPX5 Ratings to protect against the low-pressure jets of water from all directions. As a result, you can carry your earbuds during swimming, running and also raining. The earbuds built with a premium quality material and provide a comfort for longer hours.

How touch control works on GravaStar Sirius+?

The touch controls are simple and most reliable. You need to tap the right ear to play / pause, double tap for the next song, and three taps on any side for switching through gaming / movie / music modes. The volume adjustments are based on a long press, then lift finger, for one tap adjustments, so large volume adjustments done quickly are not possible. This being said, they do not have a separate sound from the smartphone, so you can just use the volume buttons on your phone instead.

ActionLeft sideRight side
One tapPlay/pausePlay/pause
Two tapsPrevious track/Answer callsNext track/Reject calls
Three tapsGaming / movie / music modes [Cycle between movie mode to music mode]Gaming / movie / music modes [Cycle between game mode to music mode]
HoldVolume downVolume up

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How does GravaStar Sirius+ sound?

GravaStar Sirius+

Thanks to powerful 7.2mm Dynamic Drivers, the Sirius Pro Earbuds deliver powerful bass that will rock you to your bones. Gravastar Sirius+TWS delivers an immersive True Wireless experience with incredible Gravastar Signature Sound. Moreover, build-in Gravastar’s proprietary DSP audio algorithms developed to deliver balance bass punch and 3D surround sound with custom tune mode for Music, Gaming, and Movie. The Sirius + always has a tempo instead of a bass boom or a deep rumble. It’s fun to listen to, and sounds like a closed design speaker.

Let’s start with the Gaming Mode,

The gaming mode is most advance and effective sound with digital sound processing. This provides an excellent spatial and stereo precision, great overall detail and good overall depth. Also, the sound is low and upper bass is enhanced. The gaming mode works well for EDM, dubstep, and electronic music, providing a truly holographic experience. In gaming mode the sound is softer and lighter.

In Music Mode,

The sound stage is actually more natural, and the details get better, while I think everything is presented by the drivers’ natural response. The sound has a deeper bass, more depth and is really good if you are looking for a V-shaped IEM with full, deep and thick bass. Treble is more famous, this mode has more sparkle and more air, the treble extension goes as high as the top in about 12 kHz and then it rolls off. The stage is really nicely laid out, and the sound has an excellent overall effect. With detailed and realistic resolution, Dynamics excels in music mode. Game mode is more fun to use for games, and especially if you’re playing a visual novel, it helps with immersion.

Speaking of Movie Mode,

which combines the advantages of both music mode and gaming mode. It takes on the broader sound stage of the gaming mode, creating a truly holographic experience, but the bass of the music mode adds more depth and creates an earth-shaking experience for the listener. Overall, Movie Mode is the most V-shaped and most explosive, but also the most unnatural midrange, and I find it better used for real movies, EDM, electronic, but not for rap or music. Take note of the digital process that involves sound, as if you were applying a strange composition to sounds.

How good is the Noise Cancellation of GravaStar Sirius+?

The Gravastar Sirius+ comes with Environment Noise Cancellation to cut out unwanted background noise. Which strengthening sounds from human voices and providing you with crystal clear call quality. However, it lacks the Active Noise Cancellation to reduce background noise effectively.

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How long does the battery last on GravaStar Sirius+?

GravaStar Sirius+

The earbuds provide a 4 hours of battery life with 1.5-2.0 hours of charging time. On the other hand, the charging case come with a 400mAh (three time batter battery life) with 3 hours charging time. In addition, the earbuds offer USB Type-C charging cable for fast charging.

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How’s the connection on GravaStar Sirius+?

The earbuds come with a latest Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity to connect with other device like smartphone. PCs, TVs, etc. You get 10m Bluetooth range. Moreover, with Bluetooth 5.2 can experience audio that moves as fast as you do – even while gaming in 4K. Further, the earbuds does not support SBC and AAC Bluetooth codec for better wireless connectivity with both android and iOS.

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GravaStar Sirius +Conclusion

With $67.45 price, the Sirius+ can be seen as a best earbuds with low cost. It has good price and interesting design. Which is very good and provide a comfortable Environment Noise Cancellation feature. However, the lack of Bluetooth codec will reduce its value a bit.

After the review, if you are looking for a TWS IEM with metallic case, fairly good battery life, excellent comfort, wide sound stage, thumpy, impressive bass and detailed sound, which is perfect and simple. The texture, GravaStar Sirius+ is a great choice, and my built-in gamer recommends it.

What is some alternative of the GravaStar Sirius Pro + earbuds?

However, if you want both ANC and ENC feature, then you should consider buying Monster Clarity 108 ANC. The earbuds come with an IPX5 water and dust proof, Environment noise cancellation mode, Active Noise Cancellation, fast charge, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and touch controls. However, there is also a transparent sound monitoring technology. With that, even without taking off the earbuds, you can easily communicate with people around you.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport is also good choice with 11mm Beryllium and Up to 12 hours playtime / 10 hours with ANC or Ambient Listening. Moreover, the headphone features 6 microphones, IPX5 water resistance for earbuds and IPX4 water resistance for case. The MW08 Sport also offer a Hybrid noise cancellation with ANC max mode, Awareness mode and Voice mode.

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