HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA electrostatic headphone is most advance looking and premium quality headphone with custom design Amplifier. The Amplifier includes four custom made Amplifier. Plus, the 300B vacuum tubes are the finest available to ensure perfect transparency. In addition, the Nanotech drivers less than 0.001mm gives lightning fast response with virtually zero distortion. Also, the Nano particle coated sub-micrometer thickness diaphragm providing unsurpassed high frequency response.

  • Premium design
  • Good sound
  • Custom Amplifier
  • Costly
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

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Price and availability

HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA electrostatic headphone come with a Black colour only. It is price $50k approx. You can purchase the headphone from the company’s official website hifiman.com.

Who want to buy HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA?

  • The headphone is good for those who need Amplifier to create unique sound
  • Also for those who want perfect transparency.

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Box Content

  • Headphone
  • Carrying case
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Use Guide

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What is the design of HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA?


HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA electrostatic headphone come with a light weight and comfortable design. The connection between headband and earcups are most secure and reliable. The headband come with a surface glossy finish with extra layer of lather band securely connected parallel to the headband. The head beam is wider and softer, and it will be more comfortable to wear. The design of the earphone cavity follows the classic shape of the Edition X shutter. And the shell material is also a metal shell.

Looking for earcups,

The headphone offers almost similar shape and size like HIFIMAN Edition XS. The amp shell and cavity have the same mold, the shape differs only with metal mesh stators working in proximity to the ultra-thin diaphragm. Which provide superior openness and less distortion than other headphones. The earcups include 3.5mm audio cable to connect the earphone with other devices like smartphone, PCs, TVs and iOS devices.

Moreover, the metal frame is manufacture using a specialized metallic alloy. And, specially chose to ensure sonic stability and reduce distortion. The Width of the grating on the mesh measures only 50µm. Which making is so fine that sound waves lower than one 1x 106 HZ can pass through without distortion and rendering it acoustically transparent. The side of the earcups come with a Nano-meter thick dust cover to reduce the transmission range and improve performance.

The earmuffs of the HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA also continue the design of the Edition X leather and velvet. Earmuffs can cover the entire ear and are very comfortable to wear. The ear pads also follow the leather and velvet design. The ergonomic oval design not only brings excellent comfort, but also allows the sound to be more concentrated in the ear, improving the naturalness of the sound. The head beam of the HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA hybrid structure takes into account the requirements of low weight and high power. At the same time, the feeling of clamping in the ears of earmuffs is reduce, and wearing is still relatively comfortable.

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What is the sound quality of the HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA?

With HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA, you can hear crytal clear sound signature with extended 7 HZ to 120 KHZ frequency response. Further, the Nano meter thick dust cover on the out side provides premium quality sound transmission with a crunchy bass. Moreover, the headphone does not offer a much sound stability like the MW65 Automobili Lamborghini and Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT2.

How good is the custom design Amplifier?

The headphone come with an four custom made Amplifier. They come with a 300B tubes as a warm beating heart. Which pumps the audio lifeblood of SHANGRI-LA earphone. Additionally, the 300B vacuum tubes are the finest available to ensure perfect transparency.

Further, the 300B tubes works as a direct driving stage. There are neither capacitors nor transformers between the tubes and headphones. Means, the SHANGRI-LA might be the only audible system you can directly listen to 300B’s heavenly sound.

Moreover, the distinct industrial design of the SHANGRI-LA’s relay based attenuator has a 24 step level of controls and utilises a total of 23 separate resistors. Look, every volume level being unique and independent. More noise gives way to pure and heavenly reproduction of any harmony.

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How good is the connectivity of the HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA?


However, it does not support any Bluetooth device, bone carrying technology or any other audio codec like SBC, AAC, LDAC, LHDC and AptX (HD). But it only supports cable wired connectivity. Because of this, Hifiman offers 3.5mm sockets that are found on most common devices. The 3.5mm cable provided is user-replaceable and replaceable.

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HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA electrostatic headphone come is very good headphone to  buy considering its special features. The headphone offers light weight and comfortable design. The new radical technology provides 300B tubes as a warm beating heart. Which pumps the audio lifeblood of SHANGRI-LA headphone. Overall, the headphone is good to buy. The only disadvantage here is its price, which is $50k a bit costly. Otherwise, it is good to buy.

What alternatives is good for the HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA?

The HIFIMAN Edition XS is consider good option to buy instead of costly HIFIMAN SHANGRI-LA electrostatic headphone. The headphone come with an 8HZ-50KHZ frequency response, 18Ω resistance, 92Db sensitivity and weight 405g. These headphones cost $511. Which a considerably lower than the SHANGRI-LA headphone.

If you want good hybrid Noise Cancellation, then consider buying the Monster Persona headphone. the headphone come with a hybrid active noise cancellation, premium design, Bluetooth connectivity, and 30 hours of battery life. This design differs from passive models in that it uses a process of soundproofing to produce the same result. That means you can listen to your favorite audio without too much volume. Let’s take a look at Monster Persona’s headphones.

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