Grado GT 220 wireless earbuds Review

Grado GT 220

Grado GT 220 is a first wireless earbuds launched by the company. It come with a total 36 hours of battery life, wireless charging, simple touch controls, quick voice assistance, Mics & voice control, IPX4 water proofing, touch volume, multiple tips and more.

  • Good sound
  • Tight seal between the ear tips and your ear give a passive isolation
  • aptX Codec support
  • Missing multi connectivity
  • No ANC support

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Price and availability

The Grado GT 220 earbud come with a Black colour variant. It is price $259. You can purchase this earbuds from the company’s official website

Who want to buy Grado GT 220?

  • This headphone is good for listeners who want better sound quality.
  • Good for sports person who want better IP rating.
  • Those who want premium built quality.

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Box Content

  • Earbuds
  • 3.5mm aux cable
  • wireless charging pad
  • charging case
  • Quick Guide

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What is the design of Grado GT 220

Grado GT 220

Grado GT 220 come with a lightweight and most comfortable earbuds with ergonomic design. The earbuds are built with a matt glossy finish surface. The earbuds come with a three different sizes of ear tips: small, medium and large. You need to select the one who perfectly ft into your ear to provide a tight seal between the ear tips and your ear. Which provide a good amount of passive isolation.

In addition, the charging case also offers a matte finish surface. The shape and size of the Charging Case is almost the same as the Sennheiser CX Plus and Bose Sport Open. Four LED flash lights are available on the front of the charging case. Which shows the battery status of earbuds in four different ways. One light indicates 25% charging, two lights indicate 50% charging, three lights indicate 75% charging and four lights indicate that 100% charging is available. Earbuds are magnetically attached to the charging case. Thus, it reduces the pressure taken to put the earbuds back in the charging case.

Furthermore. The Grado GT 220 feature an IPX4 ratings with water and sweat resistance. Thus, you can keep enjoying music and podcasts throughout intense workouts and rainy walks. Also, you can carry the headphone in to the swimming sessions. Moreover, with wearing detection technology, they use motion and other sensors to detect when you’re wearing them.

How touch control works of Grado GT 220?

The GT220 has a bifurcated capacitive touch system: the left side controls phone & voice, while the right side controls music playback. With a twist to lock, the GT220 can create a tight seal in your ear which plays a major role in sound reproduction. Moreover, it also included full volume control for when you’re half awake on a flight and don’t feel like taking your phone out.

Play/pause, Accept call/End callSingle tap left or right
Cancel the call (outgoing call) /Next trackDouble tap on right
Power On & Power OffHold right and left button 5s
Voice assistance/Previous trackHold right button 3s
Volume Down and UPHold left for down and right for up

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What is the sound quality of Grado GT 220?

Grado GT 220

In terms of sound quality, the Grado GT220 comes with the most advanced signature mini-drivers. Which gives a very loud sound with panchy bass. Midrange frequency response is neutral and musical without any coloration. While the bass is fixed with excellent extensions. High frequency feedback is natural without any intensity. No matter the size, it loves all dynamic drivers equally. The company spent as much time as necessary for tuning and fitting our signature mini-drivers for these TWS headphones.

Apart from passive isolation, the earbuds do not come with active noise cancellation feature. Which help to reduce the background noise and gives a crystal clear sound without distortion.  However, with a twist to lock, the GT220 can create a tight seal in your ear which plays a major role in sound reproduction. It also included full volume control for when you’re half awake on a flight and don’t feel like taking your phone out.

Can you use Grado GT 220 for phone calls?

The earbuds include inbuilt microphone to give a crystal clear sound during long voice calls. as we discuss above, the GT220 can create a tight seal in your ear which plays a major role in sound reproduction. It also included full volume control for when you’re half awake on a flight and don’t feel like taking your phone out. The earbuds are good for taking calls at home and on the go. Moreover, the earbuds provide a total 3 different size of ear tips to find perfect fit ear tips. A good in-ear seal provides excellent passive noise isolation and is equally important for great sound quality. 

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What connectivity does Grado GT 220 support?

Grado GT 220

The earbuds sport a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. Which help to connect your earbuds with other devices like smartphone, PCs, TVs and iOS. The headphone also support SBC, AAC and advance aptX audio codec. This audio codec is developed by Qualcomm and is called “Audio Processing Technology”. It is express by high bit rates and all low latency. In the HD version, aptX supports up to 24-bit resolution, with a maximum bit rate of 567 kilobits per second at a sample rate of 48 kHz.

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How long does the battery last on Grado GT 220?

Battery life is a major focus for company. With 36 hours of listening, the GT220 are up for anything from a subway ride to work to your next coast-to-coast flight. The true wireless headphones hold 6 hours of playtime, while their case can charge them back up 5x over. The GT220 case has both USB-C and wireless charging options. Whether you’re throwing it on for a quick charge before you run out, or plugging it in over night, the choice is yours.

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After the review, I suggest that this earbuds is good option to buy with ergonomic shape. It comfortably fit into your ear to give a most reliable passive isolation. Although, it lack the active noise cancellation with such a price. But, overall, the earbuds feature good amount of sound with premium built quality. Also, the battery life is also great with total 36 hours of the listening time. The IPX4 water and sweat resistance and touch controls are also up to mark.

Which alternatives are the great against Grado GT 220?

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport is a good option to buy instead of the Grado GT 220. Earbuds come with a 11mm Beryllium and Up to 12 hours playtime / 10 hours with ANC or Ambient Listening. Moreover, the headphone features 6 microphones, IPX5 water resistance for earbuds and IPX4 water resistance for case. The MW08 Sport also offer a Hybrid noise cancellation with ANC max mode, Awareness mode and Voice mode with 349€.

Turtle Beach Scout Air™ True Wireless Earbuds is another great option for the earbuds GT 220. It come with a 60ms game mode, IPX4 water and sweat resistance with dual mics deliver clear chat and swappable eartips provide a secure, comfortable fit for all day usage. Additionally, the Turtle Beach Scout Air™ include 6mm Neodymium drivers, Bluetooth 5.0, and Audio Hub app for customization.

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