Technics EAH-A800 Headphone Review

Technics EAH-A800

Backed by the legendary sound quality of the techniques, the EAH-A800 headphones feature excellent audio, exceptional comfort in the ear and sparkling call clarity for home, work and travel. Experience true high-fidelity sound in comfortable headphones. The Technics EAH-A800 come with a PEEK/Polyurethane 3-Layer Diaphragm 40mm driver, LDAC™ high resolution wireless audio, 8 distinct mics and wind reduction technology, industry leading long battery life, Hybrid noise cancellation, Bluetooth Multipoint pairing and much more.

  • Alert, explicit sound
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Compact, comfortable and durable
  • Don’t fully cancel noise
  • More rivals than you can shake a stick at
  • Seem a little expensive

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Price and availability

The Technics EAH-A800 headphone come with a two colour variants Black and silver colour. It is price $349. You can purchase this headphone from the company’s official website

Who want to buy Technics EAH-A800?

  • The headphone is good for those who want premium quality design and built quality.
  • Also good for those who want noise cancelling with Ambient noise.

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Box Content

Technics EAH-A800
  • Headphone
  • USB charging cord: Approx. 0.5 m (1.6 ft)
  • (Input Plug : USB Type-A Shape,
  • Output Plug : USB Type-C Shape),
  • Detachable cord: Approx. 1 m (3.3 ft)

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What is the design of Technics EAH-A800?

Technics EAH-A800

In terms of design, the Technics EAH-A800 headphones come with premium shapes and sizes. The joints between the headband and the earbud fit snugly and the headband adjusts according to your head position. The earpads and inner part of the headband are filled with memory foam and covered in faux leather. In conjunction with a nicely judged amount of clamping force, they make the EAH-A800 unburdensome to wear for hours on end. And the materials resist absorbing (and then returning) body heat for quite a while, too. 

Moreover, the earbuds are also filled with memory foam material. As a result, it fit comfortably over your ear with cushioned and super soft material. The earpads that evenly distribute pressure for a stable fit and with a headband that reduce pressure across your entire head. Additionally, the headphone is rotate 90 degree horizontally to perfect fit into the carrying case for easy transportation.

Furthermore, with wearing playback sensor, When the headphones are removed from your head, music stops. When they are put back on your head within 60 seconds, music resumes. Comfortable, seamless operation. However, the EAH-A800 missing the IP rating. Which help you to work in any situation like running, swimming and during raining.

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How to use the onboard controls?

Though – almost all the action is on the right-hand side. The right earcup features a touch surface (of extremely limited functionality), and a physical three-part multi-function button dealing with ‘volume up/down’, ‘play/pause’, ‘skip forwards/backwards’ and ‘answer/end/reject call’. There’s also a ‘power on/off/Bluetooth pairing’ button, a USB-C input for charging and a 3.5mm analog input for hard-wired listening. 

How comfortable is Technics Audio Connect App?

Technics EAH-A800

The Audio connect app gives you a more customized control to your EAH-A800, download the Audio connect app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices). However, It’s limited to variations on ‘noise-cancelling on/off/ambient sound’ and ‘answer/end/reject call’, though – most of your interaction with the Technics is likely to be via voice or the physical controls. With the Audio connect app you can:

  • Dial in the amount of noise cancellation or ambient sound you like (from 0 – 100 in both cases).
  • Investigate some EQ presets or set your own using the five-band equalizer Customize the equalizer setting of your EAH-A800.
  • Change the auto-power o time period to your preference.
  • Change the Bluetooth name of your EAH-A800.
  • specify your voice assistant of choice (as long as it’s Amazon Alexa or Siri)
  • Receive software updates when new features and improvements are available.
  • Check the playback time and battery level of your EAH-A800.

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What is the sound quality of Technics EAH-A800?

The Technics EAH-A800 headphone come with a clear, immersive sound experience with a sense of range and depth. The PEEK/Polyurethane 3-Layer Diaphragm 40mm driver lets you lose yourself in smooth, detailed highlights and bass. And LDAC™ high resolution wireless audio for uncompromised sound quality. From the top of the (crisp, substantial) frequency range to the (deep, dextrous, properly controlled) bottom, the Technics are a realistic and convincing listen. Bass sounds are hefty but never overblown, and their straight-edged punctiliousness where the attack and decay of individual sounds are concerned means the song fairly motors along. 

Less accomplished designs can let the bass information drag at this song’s tempo, but not the EAH-A800. And treble reproduction is similarly alert – the easy momentum of the recording is carried along in the most unforced manner. At times it ventures this close to becoming edgy or coarse without ever quite getting there.

Moreover, the transparent mode comprehensively captures voices and other surrounding sounds, leading to a more natural sound similar to not wearing headphones at all. Captures wide range of sound from low to high frequencies.

How good is the noise cancellation of Technics EAH-A800?

The headphone features industry leading hybrid noise cancellation. It uses an analog filter with feedback mic, plus digital filter with feed-forward mic, in an attempt to minimize noise intrusion from both inside and outside the earcups. In fact, there are a total of eight mics distributed across the earcups. Technics is confident the call quality and accompanying noise suppression it’s achieved here is a match for that of any alternative design. Additionally, Attention mode reduces unwanted external noise to make it easier to hear people‘s voices. It’s perfect when you need to hear airport announcements, etc.

Can you use Technics EAH-A800 for phone calls?

Technics EAH-A800

The EAH-A800 headphone sport total 8 distinct mics and wind noise reduction. Which transmits your voice clearly on each voice calls. Moreover, the 4 mic Beamforming and noise suppression technology isolates and amplifies words while minimizing surrounding noise. However, one thing to remember is that varying environment condition may affect your performance. With voice assistance, you can launch smartphone voice function to select music, adjust the volume, and make phone calls, with your voice.

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What connectivity does Technics EAH-A800 support?

The EAH-A800 headphone come with a latest Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity. Which connect your headphone with other devices like smartphone, tablets, PCs, TVs and iOS. It come with a 10m wireless Bluetooth range for better connection. Additionally, the headphone offers advance SBC, AAC, LDAC Bluetooth Audio codec support. You can find the HD quality option via LDAC in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. However, the default bitrate for devices is not specified. In this case, you have to go to Android Developer Settings to adjust it on your device. As you may have already noticed: Again, you won’t benefit from LDAC-compatible headphones if you use an Apple device.

Along with audio codec, the headphone also come with a Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity. It will allow your headphone to connect with two or more device at the same time.

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How long does the battery last on Technics EAH-A800 support?

The battery-life figures of between 30 hours (LDAC, with noise-cancelling switched on) and 60 hours (AAC, with noise-cancelling switched off). These are numbers not many rivals can live with. From flat, the EAH-A800 can be fully charged in around three hours, and just 15 minutes on the mains is good for another 10 hours of playback. Moreover, the earbuds offer a approx. 60 hours of stan-by time with NC on and 120 hours of stan-by time with NC off.

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After the review, I suggest the headphone will fulfil your all wishes with its premium features. The headphone is little costly, but, it includes special features like multi connectivity and Hybrid active noise cancellation. Also, it supports advance LDAC Bluetooth audio codec, which is rare to be include in most headphones. Although, it is offering premium look and total 8 microphone for clear sound during voice calls.

Which alternatives are the great against Technics EAH-A800?

Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT2 is a good choice to buy with lower cost than the EAH-A800. The headphone come with a 45mm large aperture drivers, Studio sound and Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, it has feature Beam forming technology, fast charge, voice assistance, multi-pairing connectivity, 50-hours battery life and additional wired connection.

If you don’t need Bluetooth multipoint connectivity, then Monster Persona headphone is better choice instead the EAH-A800. The headphone offers hybrid active noise cancellation, premium design, Bluetooth connectivity, and 30 hours of battery life. This design differs from passive models in that it uses a process of soundproofing to produce the same result. That means you can listen to your favorite audio without too much volume. Let’s take a look at Monster Persona’s headphones.

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