Nothing Ear (1) Earbud Review

Nothing Ear (1)

A popular audio brand, Nothing Audio has launched its latest in earbud The Nothing Ear (1). Earbud 4.7g comes with ultra-light, powerful 11.6mm speaker driver, sound by teen engineering, active noise cancellation, up to 34 hours of listening. In addition, earbud also offers 3 High definition microphone, environment noise cancellation, IPX4 splash proof, fast pair and Bluetooth 5.1 out of the box.

  • Hybrid noise cancellation modes
  • Auto play-pause
  • IPX4 rating
  • Fast and wireless charging
  • No aptX/LDAC codec support
  • Limited EQ customization
  • Minimal active noise cancelling

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Price and availability

The Nothing Ear (1) come with a two colour variants such as Black and White. It is price Rs. 5,999($80). You can purchase this earbud from the company’s official website Switch your look. Go minimal in original white or get moody with black.

Who should get the Nothing Ear (1)?

  • Swimmers, with IPX4 water and splash resistance, it is good option for swimming and running.
  • It is also best for those who want transparent earbuds and case for better viewability.

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Box Content

Nothing Ear (1)
  • Pair of earbuds with
  • Ear tips in size S, M, L
  • Wireless charging case
  • USB-C cable
  • Safety Information & User Guide

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What is the design of the Nothing Ear (1)?

Nothing Ear (1)

Nothing audio believe window, not walls. Therefore, the company provide Ear(1) transparent veneers to highlight and celebrate the craftmanship underneath and reveal raw beauty of the technology. The Nothing Ear (1) has offer a light-weight 4.7g and ergonomic design. Plus, the earbud sports a supreme comfort with pressure relieving vents. Moreover, the earbuds come with a three different silicone tips: small, medium and large size. You need to select the one with perfect fit with your ear to create a comfortable passive isolation. You might forget you’re wearing them, and that’s the point.

Moreover, the charging case is also made of transparent plastic encompasses material with round shape and round with silicone strip on the outside. As a result, you can see earbuds from the outside of the case, to provide a completely different experience. The shape and design of the Ear 1 earbuds is very similar to the Apple AirPods Pro, with a short, flat stem that protrudes from the driver housing. The ear buds are magnetically attached to the case, so you don’t have to push harder when putting the earbuds back in the charging case.

In addition, each earbud features a composite mesh design for improved sweat and water resistance with an IPX4 rating. However, the IPX4 rating means that you can use the headlamp or flashlight in heavy rain, but you cannot submerge it into water. For the design wise, the earbuds are fabulous and stunning with shape and size and an excellent comfort for longer hours.

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How do you control the Nothing Ear (1)?

The touch controls are very easy and reliable. Onboard touch control is used to play / pause, move to next song, control volume, and enable active sound cancellation or transparency mode. Moreover, earbuds also have an ear detection feature that automatically plays audio when inside the earbuds and pauses when deleted.

You can customize some of the onboard gesture controls with the Ear 1 app, but not all. Triple-tap can be used to control the next song or previous song on any earbud, while the top-end-hold of the touch panel can either trigger active voice cancellation or no action. Other touch controls (play / pause, volume) are unmutable.

Double tapPlay/Pause/ Answer call / Hang up call
Triple tapNext Track
Tap & HoldSwitches between Noise cancellation and Transparency mode/ Reject call
Slides on stemVolume up/down

Should you download the Nothing Ear (1) app?

Access ear (1) features and customise settings on your device. There’s no custom EQ module; users can only select from four EQ presets (balanced, more treble, more bass, and voice). Furthermore, there are just two noise cancelling intensity levels (light or maximum), though you can also completely disable ANC or toggle on transparency mode from the app.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Ear (1) App:

  • Turn on/off and customise gesture controls on your earbuds
  • Enabling or disabling in-ear detection
  • Change Active Noise Cancellation mode
  • Download and install firmware updates
  • Transparency mode
  • Check battery levels
  • Turn on/off In-ear Detection
  • Ring your earbud using Find My Earbud
  • Change Equalizer settings
  • Update your ear (1)
  • Get tips & support
  • Triple tap to activate your device’s voice assistant (Siri or Google Assistant).

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How does the Nothing Ear (1) sound?

The Nothing Ear (1) has cleared the way for superb sound voice and connectivity. Moreover, it offers 11.6mm dynamic Graphene drivers and spacious air chamber provide advanced bass, mid, and treble performance. All tuned by the audiophiles at teenage engineering. But, In my experience, Unlike other affordable earbuds, the Nothing Ear 1 isn’t super bass-heavy, opting instead for a more accurate low and midrange frequency response.

Furthermore, if you want some extra omph from your earbuds, the Bass Boost EQ setting adds significant volume at low-end frequencies below 200Hz. On the other hand, the increased trouble EQ setting will make it easier to hear high-pitch sounds such as percussion and triangle hits. Voice setting emphasizes high and low frequencies; This makes it easier to listen to mid-range frequencies where the singer lives.

How well does the Nothing Ear (1) cancel noise?

The Nothing Ear (1) come with a most advance Hybrid Noise Cancellation feature. Sadly, the noise cancellation doesn’t cancel out the world around you as well as premium earbuds like the Jabra Elite 7 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. but there is still noticeable attenuation to background sounds.

Isolation depends heavily on your ability to get a good fit and tight seal, so you want to make sure you are using the right size ear tips. Isolation is the key to blocking high frequencies and accidental noise, while active noise cancellation targets more aggressively low-frequency sounds such as airplane engines or AC units.

Furthermore, the Three Hybrid Mic on Nothing Year 1 measures the noise between earbuds and your ear canals as well as the noise around your ears. Most ambient sounds come in between 100-1000Hz, and Nothing Year 1 lowers these frequencies by 25-50% and sets the ANC to a maximum. This attenuation will prevent you from increasing the volume on your earbuds to the point of damaging your ears, unless you are in an extremely noisy environment.

Can you use the Nothing Ear (1) for phone calls?

Nothing ear (1) uses Clear Voice Technology and three high-definition mics to make sure you come through loud and clear vocal clarity. In addition, advanced algorithms reference a million voice and sound combinations (even winds up to 40 km/h) to isolate and amplify your voice for remarkable accuracy. One of the perks of the elongated stem design is that Nothing was able to place a microphone in the bottom of the stem, closer in proximity to your mouth. The Nothing Ear 1 is more than capable of taking calls on the go. Listen for yourself.

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What Bluetooth codecs does the Nothing Ear (1) support?

Nothing Ear (1)

The headphone comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. Thus, you can connect your headphone with other devices like smartphone, PCs, TVs AND iOS. Moreover, the Ear (1) is support for AAC and SBC audio codec. It does not come with aptX codec, which has a higher resolution and reduced latency for video synchronizing. Folks with iPhones eke the most audio quality from the AAC codec option.

Additionally, this connection works faithfully, never dropping signal over 10 meters through walls and doors. It’s very stable, and it subsequently pairs quickly once you’ve done the initial setup with a device.

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How long does the Nothing Ear (1) battery last?

Nothing Ear (1)

The headphone provides 4 hours,30minutes battery support with a ANC turned on and 6 hours with ANC off. It was very spot-on in our testing, as earbuds lasted 4 hours, 28 minutes with continuous playback at 75dB (SPL) and the ANC was set to a maximum.

With the charging case, you can get up to 34 hours of total playback. The case and earbuds both support fast charging: 10 minutes of earbud charging nets 60 minutes of playback, while 10 minutes of case charging provides up to 8 hours of listening time. The included USB-C cable charges up the case, and you can plop it onto a Qi charging mat too.

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After the successful Review, I suggest the earbuds is worthy buying with a $80 price tag. It is provide a best sound and transparent shape and size look stunning. Special features like IPX4 waterproofing, auto play/pause, and wireless charging has the Nothing Ear 1 standing above the crowded market of budget earbuds.

However, some high-end features like aptX support, and EQ customization are missing here. However, most people won’t notice or care about these absences, especially at this price.These aren’t the best true wireless earbuds in the world, but for people on a budget, the Nothing Ear 1 makes for a great option.

What are some alternatives to the Nothing Ear (1)?

OPPO Enco Air2 with an advance noise cancellation is good option to buy instead of the Nothing ear (1). The earbud comes with an Advanced Active Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth 5.2, 13.4mm titanium driver, 3.5G light weight, binocular low latency, 24 hours battery life and more.

The HUAWEI FreeBuds Lipstick is also good option to buy against the Nothing ear (1). They all have different shapes and sizes and features. But you have never seen earbuds in the shape of a lipstick. The HUAWEI FreeBuds lipstick comes with an almost lipstick-like shape. The name also suggests that earbuds come with the same design as lipstick. The earbuds come with a 410 mAh battery, charging case, advanced Bluetooth 5.2 support, microphone, ware detect sensor, 14mm dynamic driver, active voice cancellation and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Ear (1) won’t connect with Bluetooth?

If you are unable to pair a Bluetooth device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet or laptop) to your ear (1), try the following:

1. Ensure that your device’s Bluetooth is turned on and in visible mode.
2. Ensure that your ear (1) is within 10 meters (33 feet) of the Bluetooth device.
3. Reset the earbuds.
4. On your device, scan for available Bluetooth connections.
5. Be sure to perform the pairing process correctly.
6. Clear your product memory of previously-connected Bluetooth devices and repeat the process.

My Ear (1) keeps getting disconnected?

1. Make sure your device is not too far from the earbuds. It should be within 10 meters (33 feet).
2. Bluetooth connections generally work better indoors. Environment might affect the signal when outdoors.
3. Try to ensure there are few obstacles between your device and the earbuds.
4. If the problem persists, reset the earbuds.

The microphone volume is low?

If the microphone on your ear (1) is too quiet for others to hear you during phone calls, please try the following:
1. Check if the call recipient has the volume of their device at an audible level.
2. Ensure that you have the latest firmware installed.
3. Record audio and playback to test the microphone for any issues.
4. Check and confirm that no dirt is blocking the mics (there are 3 mics, accessed through the silver grills on each earbud).
5. Disconnect and connect the earbuds.6. Reset the device.

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