Astro A10 Gaming Headphone review

Astro A10

The newly release Astro A10 gaming headphone come with a 6.0mm uni-directional microphone for crystal clear voice calls, 3.5mm 5pole jack for wired connections, 32mm neodymium magnet drivers for better sound, light weight over-ear design, high frequency response, and much more.

  • Low cost
  • Clear microphone
  • Impressive audio
  • durable design
  • Aggressively boosts mids.
  • Setting up voice chat is terrible.

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Price and availability

The Astro A10 gaming headphones come in five fabulous colors like Lilac, Mint, Grey, White and Black. It is priced at $59.99. You can buy these headphones from the company’s official website

Who should get Astro A10?

  • Gamers are looking for an integrated audio solution for their console gaming needs.
  • For those who want cheap price headphones.

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Box Content

Astro A10
  • A10 Headset
  • 2.0m A10 Volume Cable 
  • PC Splitter Cable

What is the design of Astro A10?

Astro A10

However, these are not the best gaming headphones you would like to use all day long. A durable chassis with a flexible headband designed to withstand anything you throw at your headset. Or you throw your headset at. Despite being beautiful, the Astro A10 is still covered in Gold Highlights and Legend of Zelda branding. The most annoying thing is that the mic is not detachable. If you want something to wear longer on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller. Or you want something to play undocked games on your Nintendo Switch, this might be for you.

Astro A10 Gaming Headphones Gaming headphones are made of plastic material. But the headband is flexible enough to keep a fairly loose fit on your head. The headphones don’t move much — just a very small vertical hinge for some slight tilting adjustment. Which would be a bit uncomfortable if not for a soft velour earpad. Some other user says, this is a pretty comfortable headset. The designed to provide hours of comfortable use thanks to its ergonomic design, optimal clamping force, and lightweight construction. The built-in controls for the headset are quite intuitive, if there are a few bare-bones. The cord has a volume wheel and flips the microphone to mute it.

Moreover, the customization of Astra A10 gaming headphones is very good on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But otherwise it is more complicated than necessary. Eventually, it all comes down to how the Nintendo Switch is designed. Nowadays, despite being one of the top consoles, the console does not support mic and game audio passing through the same TRRS jack for most games. If you’re playing Fortnite, just plugging in a headset would work well. For everything else, you have to use the… unique… splitter included with the headset.

Sadly, this is no ordinary splitter. It doesn’t work by plugging in a PC — This is a splitter specifically for the Nintendo chat app to feed mic audio into your phone. Quite temporary, If you are planning to use this headset to play Splatoon or Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and you want to have a voice chat be prepared to plug in two devices at once. It’s extremely clumsy, and basically requires playing on a table or desk to have space to put your phone down. The splitter cable itself is a bit long under two feet, so everything needs to be relatively close.

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What is the sound quality of Astro A10?

As for the sound quality, the Astro A10 come with a 32mm neodymium magnet drivers to give a powerful and very clear sound for a long-time. The A10 offers very impressive audio performance for an entry-level headset, delivering punchy high and solid low end for almost every style. The Astro headset made it easy for me to recognize the enemy’s move during a tight overwatch showdown and gave the game’s snappy guns plenty of kicks. The Forza Horizon 3’s shabby tires and revolving engine looked crisp, and I could make subtle changes to the tire’s sound as I drove along the roads and onto the beach.

The A10 also did a good job preserving Injustice 2’s excellent sound design. Landing with every move and combo effect, from the satisfying trunk of punches and kicks to the stroke of a red hood pistol. Like most cheap gaming headsets, the A10 is less than ideal for listening to music. I noticed that the guitar and other trouble tones just sounded very muddy, whether I was headbanging on the Doom soundtrack or blasting the sunny indie rock of the Tigers jaw.

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How good is the isolation of Astro A10?

As we discussed above, the minimal vertical hinges made with a gap in the seal above my ear is a pretty regular occurrence. As a result, headphones do not provide good passive isolation. This is largely due to the lack of a tight seal between the ear and the headphones.

Furthermore, the Astro A10 will also struggle to keep out the noise of the fridge moving in another room. In most cases this will not be a problem at home, as there are usually less competitive noise sources. However, this isn’t really a gaming headset to carry out – even ignoring the somewhat obscure method for setting up voice chat on the switch.

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Is the Astro A10 microphone any good?

The Astro A10 come with a Flip-to-mute, uni-directional microphone and in-line volume contro. Means, you’re always in command of your communication. The A10 is lighter on the Fancy Extras, though I did appreciate the volume slider on the headset’s removable 6.5-foot cable. The PC version of the A10 includes a splitter cable that you can use to plug into your computer’s microphone and headphone jack. Xbox One owners can get a 100 bundle that adds to the MixAmp M60, which connects to your controller and lets you activate various EQ modes while balancing between game and chat audio on the fly.


The Astro A10 isn’t a terrific gaming headset, but it’s so bad at focusing on the things that it focuses on shopping that it feels like a frustrating exercise. This is a switch-centric gaming headset, but using a mic with a switch is not practical although a large part of it is below the console’s specific hardware limitations. The included splitter also does not work with PCs, so it requires additional costs.

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