Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset Review

Corsair HS55

Corsair is recently introduced its latest mid-range over-ear headphone Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset. The headphone come with a light weight design, simple onboard touch controls, 50mm neodymium audio drivers, microphones for crystal clear voice, and reliable connectivity with 3.5mm audio wired.

  • Low cost
  • Gaming headset
  • premium design
  • Lacks audio codec
  • Missing ANC
  • Sound is not that good

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Price and availability

The Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset come with two colour variants such as White and carbon colour. The HS55 Stereo offers solid build quality and is price $59.99. You can buy this headphone from the company’s official website and

Who should Buy Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset?

  • This headphone is best for those who want low cost headphones.
  • It is best for music lovers as the Stereo headphone.
  • Also, for gamers who want best and reliable gaming controls with low price.

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Box Content

  • HS55 Stereo Gaming Headset
  • Y-adapter (female 4-pole 3.5mm to dual male 3-pole)
  • Warranty Card

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What is the design of Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset?

Corsair HS55

The Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset offer light weight design and looks premium with fabulous colour combinations. The Joint between the steel-reinforced headband and ear cups are perfectly secure. However, the things improve when you check the steel-reinforced headband that clicks satisfactorily and firmly between increments and holds the selected position very well. This design looks very much similar to the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT.

Moreover, the ear cups made with a comfortable soft memory foam and leatherette material. The ear cups provide an exceptional comfort through hours of game play. The pressure between the ear cups and your ear is quite good and provide a tight seal between them to create a passive isolation. Mike is also an area that earns some praise as Mike’s flip-to-mute style usually struggles to maintain its position but this manages very well and also feels properly rugged. The ear cups rotate 90degree to put comfortable on the carrying case to improve the transportation.

Furthermore, the headphone does not come with an IP ratings. Which means you can not carry your headphone while swimming or running and also while raining outside. The fabric on the earcaps and headband, however, looks like it could tear quite easily, despite the premium-feeling padding underneath. Overall, durability seems good for the price and we are confident in the longevity of the HS55 Stereo headset.

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How do you control Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset?

The onboard touch controls are pretty much simple and reliable. The right ear cups include a volume control wheel. Which is the half stiff, half loose volume wheel that feels like it could possibly be an intended feature, but to us, it feels like a quality control issue. On the other hand, the left ear cups include a 3.5mm aux cable with microphone. Mike is also an area that deserves some praise as Mike’s flip-to-mute style usually struggles to maintain its position but this one manages very well and also feels properly rugged.

What is it like using Corsair iCue?

Beyond volume control, you need to use the Corsair companion app iCue for more granular customization. Version 4 of the app has just been launched in spring 2021 with a simple UI. It offers many additional features for the Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset.

Using iCue, you can change the headset’s EQ profile, either choose from presets or create your own using the built-in 10-band equalizer. There is a slider to adjust the mic monitoring. You can also set the color and brightness of the LED Corsair logo on the side panel of the headphones (it’s never terribly bright, but at least you’ve got access to the full RGB spectrum color wheel). The Device Settings menu lets you adjust things like when the headset’s sleep mode starts.

The application lets you update the firmware of both the headset and the USB dongle. After that, the only other feature for the dongle is the software toggle option for the 2.4GHz multipoint. Which allows multiple devices to use a single USB dongle using Corsair’s Slipstream 2.4GHz wireless connection.

Unlike previous Corsair Virtuoso models, this headset no longer supports 7.1 virtual surround sound using Corsair iCue. Like most gaming headsets since the new generation of consoles came out. This headset leaves that kind of feature on the platform you play on. Corsair Virtuoso RGB is compatible with Dolby Atmos for wireless XT headphones. So, if you have it installed, you can toggle it on your Windows Sound settings on PC. On the console, the headset supports various built-in standards. This means you don’t have to install iCue unless you really want to tinker with the headset.

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How does Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset sound?

Corsair HS55

The Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset come with a High-quality, custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers. Which deliver excellent sound with the range needed to hear everything on the battlefield. Additionally, this headset connects via a 3.5mm jack, so the ability to alter the EQ settings is diminished. You can adjust it to a certain extent via windows, but you won’t be able to do anything in iCUE as you would with most other corsair headsets.

It’s worth noting here that the HS55 Stereo has no surround sound capabilities whatsoever, so we cannot recommend it for first-person shooters as there is no spatial audio. Corsair does have a version of this headset that comes with a USB sound card that does enable surround sound, so if you’re into competitive FPS games, go for that one.

The headset has a bit of powerful bass, and the mids are forcibly present, as always with headsets in this price bracket, the combination tends to confuse at higher volumes, the high frequency almost completely disappears which is a bit embarrassing. The overall sound profile is serviceable and will work without any problems for gaming.

Can you use Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset for phone calls?

The Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset offer an adjustable omni-directional mic to allow the clear voice throughout the longer hours. It doesn’t sound as good as most reasonably detached microphones, but it’s still as good as you might expect with a gaming headset. Discord or in-game voice chat should not bother you to hear someone loud and clear, and while recording with it may not sound as good as a dedicated podcast microphone, it will definitely do in a pinch.

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How do you connect Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset?

Corsair HS55

The Corsair HS55 wired Stereo gaming headset does not support wireless Bluetooth. It only got the 3.5mm aux wired to connect other devices like PC, console, or mobile devices. The connection is too good for gaming.

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With good comfort, decent audio fidelity and build quality beyond price expectations, we are impressed with the Corsair HS55 stereo gaming headset. Disappointing aspects include inexpensive filling fox leather covering the odd fit around the bottom of the ear and otherwise good padding.

If you are an audiophile, you already know how to spend more money than this and competitive gamers will want a virtual surround sound to make the most of their functionality. If you need a basic headset with good comfort, and serviceable sound and you do not want to spend more, we can fully recommend the Corsair HS55 gaming headset.

What should you get instead of the Corsair HS55?

Astro A10 gaming headphone is a good choice against the Corsair HS55 stereo gaming headset. It come with a 6.0mm uni-directional microphone for crystal clear voice calls, 3.5mm 5pole jack for wired connections, 32mm neodymium magnet drivers for better sound, light weight over-ear design, high frequency response, and much more.

Another one is Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset. Their G Pro line-up is especially popular with many professional e-sports athletes. In the headphone space, Logitech G Pro offers gaming headsets, which are their flagship headphones for gamers. It comes with their PRO-G 50mm drivers, a detachable 6mm PRO boom mic and an external USB sound card in that box. Here is my review of the headset.