Sony LinkBuds S Earbuds Review

Sony LinkBuds S

Sony is recently introduced its latest mid-range tag truly wireless earbuds the Sony LinkBuds S. They come with a light weight design with Auto Play, can automatically play music as soon as you put the headphones on or finish a call. Additionally, it is included 5mm dynamic drivers, Active noise cancellation, High-Resolution Audio and intuitive touch controls. The headset also features IPX4 water and sweat resistance with 20hours of listening time. For better audio quality, it come with a Dolby Atmos® and 360degree reality audio.

Things we like

  • Good Bass handling
  • Effective Ambient awareness
  • Intuitive control
  • all rounder light weight

Things we don’t like

  • No wireless charging
  • ANC performance not good
  • case materials dose not look premium

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Price and availability

The Sony LinkBuds S wireless headset come with a Black and white two-color variant. It is price $199.99 at company’s official website

Who should have to buy this headset?

  • 1) Listening at home. Compared to other earbuds from Sony and other manufacturers this product fares really well with a very clear and loud sound across all frequencies. I still prefer the WF 1000XM3 for its fuller sound. Linkbuds S are better than the older WF SP700N and better still than the Nothing Ear 1. The Sony Headphone app is superb compared to others with more features to provide lots of options to enhance, upgrade or change the sound. For the Linkbud S, this App now offers an extra services area, where the Endel sound relaxation is currently included for a month
  • 2) Walking on the beach. Really comfortable and with ANC these block out the wind noise but you can still hear the Sea if you want. The Sony Headphones app really enhances the sound options for any activity.
  • 3) Workout in the gym. The sound quality is very fresh and clear across all frequencies, with not too much bass and loud enough to block out the noise in the Gym. Always a good connection and also do not cut off or fall out during vigorous movement which I found with the Nothing Ear and XM3’s..Equally the battery life is excellent with enough for several full 2 hour sessions. with no recharging. The older SP700Ns are still good but loudness and battery life are not sufficient for the Gym.
  • 4) Use in the office. The excellent battery life and light earbuds make these the first I could comfortably wear all day both listening to music or taking part in many Teams or Zoom meetings. The bluetooth connection/microphone sensitivity is perfect and does not lead to sound cutting off when you use the keyboard. the speak to chat function works really well too.

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Box Content

This trend of the brand to use recycled materials avoiding the use of plastic seems to be an excellent alternative to help care for the environment. Meanwhile, the packaging includes a headset itself, three different sizes of ear tips, a small USB Type-C charging cable, and a user guide.

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What is the design of the Sony LinkBuds S?

Their weight and size are wonderful, I love these two aspects very much and if we add the design that gives unique comfort and discretion, they are a highly recommended option for people like me who have small ears because they hold very well against movements abrupt and adding its protection against splashes and sweat is an excellent alternative, previously I had the WF-C500 and the change is noticeable in all aspects (photography), the only one but it is the same as the charging case, since This matte finish can be damaged by friction or rubbing, such as with nails, which leaves shiny spots on the headphones, so if you do not use them, it is best to store them directly in the charging case and not leave them lying around anywhere. another side.

Speaking charging case, the Compact size fits perfectly in pockets and is not bulky, its matte finish gives a good grip sensation and gives a sensation of taking a stone when touched, but you have to be careful where and how you save because it is a bit delicate since I have noticed that friction or rubbing with other materials (keys, coins) causes this rough finish to deteriorate and begin to look shiny in these friction areas, so it would be good to be able to get a case to be able to protect them.

Furthermore, there is a microphone for noise cancellation on the back. Moreover, there is a touch-sensitive area on the outer surface, to control play/pause, open Google Assistant, attend or disconnect calls, and volume control. Additionally, the earphones also have IPX4 water dust and resistance rating to prevent splash, rain, and sweat in everyday use scenarios.

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How touch control works of the Sony LinkBuds S?

Starting with the pairing is simple and fast where the connection is very stable with sporadic cuts in the two months that I have been using them and it has only happened to me with the left earphone with the right one, with respect to the touch sensors to my taste they are great because the sensitivity means that with light touches it responds to the operations that one wants to perform. Finally, to get the most out of these headphones, the “Sony|Headphones Connect” app helps to meet this goal because it is easy to use and provides many tools to customize them.

FunctionLeft earbudRight earbud
One TapSwitch noise cancelling function and ambient sound modePlay or Pause music track
Two TapQuick Access(Require settings with the “Sony headphone connect app”)To skip the beginning of next track
Three TapQuick Access(Require settings with the “Sony headphone connect app”)To skip the beginning of previous track
Tap and HoldQuick Attention modeVoice assist function(Google/Siri)

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The LinkBuds S in general mode work great because they respond quickly to the commands that are given such as volume up/down, pause, play and others, in calls it sounds very good and the microphones fully fulfill their function where it gets complicated a little when being in noisy environments, the noise cancellation is very good especially with low sounds, the ambient sound is very pleasant and the adaptive control makes these last two functions activate automatically according to the environment and the activity that we are doing That’s why I give it a 10 because for me it works great and lastly the “Speak to Chart” is a blessing since just by starting to speak it activates quickly, pausing the music temporarily while we communicate with others, hearing them clearly without having to take off the headphones.

Operation/Sony Headphones connect

• The headphones connect to the smartphone quickly and reliably, and the connection remained stable for me throughout. The individual battery statuses of the two headphones and the case are clearly displayed in the status bar of the smartphone.

• If a pair of headphones is lost, the headphones (each individually controllable) may emit a noise to help locate them. This is done via the device connection. The last known location can also be found under this menu item. This is done using the Google function “Find my device”.

• On the one hand, the status LED on the case looks pretty chic and, on the other hand, it shows the current status (e.g. battery charge).

• If you don’t read the operating instructions like me, the app will familiarize you with all the important functions and setting options in a nutshell. Excellent! You can also display an information field for the setting options, which explains the respective settings. That was often very helpful for me.

• The app also explains which “noise pollution” is not harmful to human health (according to the WHO). Here you can set the app to record when and at what volume music was listened to in order to keep your ears “fit” over the long term. Here, too, the good explanations are very helpful and also interesting.

What is the sound quality of the Sony LinkBuds S?

The Sony LinkBuds S wireless headset come with a newly developed 5mm driver unit. Featuring a high-compliance diaphragm helps keep the LinkBuds S small. While driving your music with rich low frequency deeper bass and an overall balanced sound. Moreover, Sony’s Integrated Processor V1 improves noise cancellation, enhances sound quality, and reduces distortion.

 I am not an expert on the subject or a sound engineer, but they sound very good, and if you have a much better high-quality music service. The change between these headphones and the WF-C500 is noticeable. The latter also in my opinion has good sound, being able to use the LDAC connection is an advantage. In addition to the other technologies that this device has such as 360 Reality Audio, DSEE Extreme, spatial sound, and the equalizer allow you to customize the sound to that Everyone likes it. Although having these functions activated reduces the time of use of the headphones, especially the LDAC connection.

However, LinkBuds S supports Google’s Fast Pair feature. This means, you can easily find your missing headphones by sound or check their last known location in Google’s Find My Device app on your smartphone. In addition, they come with an advanced Dolby Atmos experience. When LinkBuds are paired with your BRAVIA XR TV using the WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter.

Active noise canceling + ambient noise

• Both work excellently, and the automatic detection for switching between the two modes (when I start speaking) hasn’t failed once either. It has to be said, however, that the headphones occasionally switch to the environment when you clear your throat.

• I’ve never had such good active noise canceling with in-ear headphones as with these. Disturbing noises, for example in the train, are reliably shielded. This mode is also very helpful in situations where I want to concentrate and need quiet.

• The ambient noise mode also works reliably, even quiet noises such as rain on the window can be heard very well.

How good is the Sony LinkBuds S for calls?

You can make crystal clear calls and listen to high-quality music – even in windy or noisy environments. AI based noise reduction algorithm isolates your voice and keeps conversations crisp. Also, these earbuds give you the best of both worlds – natural ambient sound when you want to interact with your world, so you can have a conversation or be aware of your surroundings.

However, the Voice pickup technology and Speak-to-Chat automatically pause the music as soon as you speak to someone. So you can conduct a conversation – handy if you want to keep your headphones on or your hands are full. And once your chat is over, your music starts playing again automatically.8

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How good is the connectivity option?

Sony LinkBuds S

The LinkBuds S wireless earbud come with a latest Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connection with 32.81 feet effective range. You need to download app via Play-store and connect with other devices like PCs, smartphone and TVs. Moreover, Swift Pair makes it quick and easy to pair your headphones with your Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop, desktop PC or tablet. Pop-up pairing guidance appears on nearby Windows 11 or Windows 10 devices when pairing mode is selected.

The headset support SBC/AAC and most advance LDAC audio codec. However, if you have an iPhone, for example, than your device doesn’t support LDAC files. The AAC codec is included only for iOS devices. And there are only a few streaming services that support 360 Reality Audio tracks, with Amazon Music Unlimited and Tidal being the two most popular.

The headset has proximity sensor that can sense when they’re in the ear and automatically pause the music when taken out and resume when you put back. As we discuss earlier, with Google fast pair, you can easily find your missing headphones by sound or check their last known location in Google’s Find My Device app on your smartphone.

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How long does the battery last?

Sony LinkBuds S

This point for me is the weakest part of the LinkBuds S but it is understandable due to the size and weight of these headphones. In reference without mentioning the charging case, the standard is 6 hours but to make the most of them, and all their functions These times are considerably reduced, for example, only with the LDAC connection, it drops approximately 41%, that is, to 3.5 hours, and if we add equalizer, DSEE Extreme, Speak to chat, assistant with voice commands and service link, the duration of the connection decreases even more. Battery. To finish this section and in order to extend the battery to the maximum, what I do (because I use almost all the functions except the last two) is to change the LDAC connection to SBC when I am not at home since, for example, one is not going to be in it

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I love these earbuds! They are fantastic in almost every single way. First, they fit amazing, are super light and super comfortable. You barely even notice they are there and can wear them all day long. Second, they pair super fast and are connected in seconds. Now for the sound. Straight out of the box, connected and everything sounds amazing. Then you try the 360 sound and it’s 1000x better. I can’t say enough about these earbuds. Only drawback is the limited number of apps you can use the enhanced sound with. Expand those platforms and these earbuds are unstoppable. Highly recommend.

What is some alternative to the Sony LinkBuds S?

 Samsung Buds live is a perfect alternative to the Sony LinkBuds S earbud. It come with an iconic shape and ergonomic design, a fit that lets in your natural surroundings, and a speaker optimized for a better experience. This is sound made for your ears. Additionally, it come with a 12mm speakers, Active Noise Cancellation, Bixby voice wake up, total six mic, 65 mAh battery capacity and also Bluetooth connectivity.

However, if you want to save money than consider buying Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW. The headset come with a  lightweight design, Bluetooth 5.0, Low latency, Hear through mode, support fast pair, IPX4 water and splash proof, and much more. Additionally, it is include 5.8mm drivers, total 19.5 battery capacity and flexible touch controls.

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Comparison between Sony LinkBuds S vs Sony WF-1000XM4

FunctionsSony LinkBuds SSony WF-1000XM4
Water proofIPX4IPX4
DSEEE ExtremeYesYes
Battery charge time2.0 hours1.5 hours
Battery life Max. 3.5 hrs (NC On) / Max. 3.5 hrs (NC Off)Max. 5.5 hrs (NC On) / Max. 6.0 hrs (NC Off)
Bluetooth 5.25.2
Effective range10m10m
Ambient sound modeYesYes
Quick attentionYesYes
ColorCream, White, BlackSilver, Black

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