Austrian Audio Hi-X60 Review : Ideal for loud environment

Austrian Audio Hi-X60

Austrian Audio has expanded its highly successful Hi-X6 headphone range with the addition of the Hi-X60 model – professional reference headphones for recording, FOH, mixing and mastering. The Austrian Audio Hi-X60 come with a sonic signature of the Hi-X6 series, with its natural and spacious sound profile. In addition, the Hi-X60 over-ear, closed-back design is ideally suited for use in loud environments, for example, in the studio or front-of-house (FOH). 

  • Studio sound
  • create passive noise isolation
  • Good built quality
  • Missing IP ratings
  • Lacks ANC

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Price and availability

The Austrian Audio Hi-X60 closed back over ear headphone come with a Black color. It is price €349. You can purchase this headphone from the company’s official website

Who should have to buy this headphone?

  • The Hi-X60 closed back over ear headphone is best for person who work in noise place. Because, its passive sound compression reduced the background noise and increase the clearity of the sound coming from the inside.
  • For listeners, with its studio quality sound it is best for them.

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Box Content

  • Headphone
  • 3.5mm Aux cable
  • User Guide

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How good is the design of Austrian Audio Hi-X60?

Austrian Audio Hi-X60

Starting with the design, the Austrian Audio Hi-X60 closed back headphone built with all metal material. Especially operational parts. The bow of the headband uses metal rail inlays with grooves that serve as guides for the adjustment mechanism. The top of the headband cover with soft memory foam material for reliable use for longer hours. The smartly cut out headband and earcups joint perfectly fit with metal screw hinges. The most flexible and portable headband perfectly fold flat for easily storage and transportation.

The adjustment method is very robustly developed by the company. Thus, you will not have any problem in adjusting the size you want. But, when the headphones are on your head, it is a little harder to adjust. So coincidentally changing the fit of the headphones while wearing them can be avoided. Moreover, I think, Austrian audio likes velcro very much, as they also used it with a removable cushion on the top of the headband. I like that they glued it instead of velcro, at least this way it would be easily replaceable by the user.

The earpad on the Hi-X55 is also dispensable. There are 12 clips on the ear cup that hold it firmly in place, but the earpad can be easily replace by user. Earpads are made of soft slow retention memory foam, which is soft enough to suit the shape of your head. The headphone lacks the IP ratings of water and sweat proof. Which means you can’t go to swimming or running and also during raining with this headphone.

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How good is the sound of the Austrian Audio Hi-X60?

The transparent, clear high and open super-high frequency range made it clear that quality is working here. Sounds and tones without a sharp sound were present in the middle. The bass were reproduced with amazing restraint and were still present in the deepest lowlands. Depending on the audio source, however, low bass may have to be used to ensure that it is viewed at the same level as the other frequency ranges. But then again, the Hi-X60 delivers distortion-free sound even at high volume. However, in a complete production like existing pop songs, high heels can form a significant part of the listening experience. Accordingly, other areas of vision take a back seat.

The Hi-X60 is anything but a “dynamic mud”. And so, the transparency of sound reproduction also comes through the rapid conversion of its moments. Like many other Austrian audio headphones, this model’s subjective signal resolution contributes to fine depth and excellent stereo impressions. And last but not least, passive attenuation of external sound and acoustic isolation from the outside world is successful.

Can you use the Austrian Audio Hi-X60 Headphone for phone calls?

In the studio the Hi-X60’s closed-back isolation prevents sound from escaping out into the recording environment and interfering with the microphone capture. As a result, you can talk as long as you want without much distortion or noise. At FOH the high passive-noise suppression ensures an optimum signal-to-noise ratio creating an accurate and hearing-friendly sonic environment. For instrument or vocal tracking both features work together to provide the artist with a coherent, healthy signal without leakage. Which increase the clearity of voice calls.

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What connectivity does Headphone support?

Austrian Audio Hi-X60

Headphones do not provide wireless Bluetooth connectivity. It only comes with 3.5mm wired connectivity. You can connect your headphones to other devices like PC, TV, smartphone and iOS.


After the Review, the Hi-X60’s closed-back headphone come with a sonic signature of the Hi-X6 series, with its natural and spacious sound profile. The built quality is also quite nice, but metal will increase the weight of the headphone. Which create a discomfort while using for longer hours. The top of the headband cover with soft memory foam material for reliable use. The one thing that hurts is its cost. You can buy other headphone with handful of features and lower cost than the Hi-X60.

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