BuddyPhones Galaxy Kids Headphone Review

BuddyPhones Galaxy

BuddyPhones Galaxy is the world’s first volume-safe headphone for young gamers. With a kid-friendly design, Galaxy innovates how we deal with the youngest generation of gamers by providing a secure audio gaming experience. That will help secure their hearing for many games to come. The Buddyphone Galaxy come with a SafeAudio 85dB, Audio Tuned Towards the Gaming Content, High Performance Beam-mic with Control Button, 1.4 MeterLong, Foldable & Cushioned Headband, Super Durable, Built-in BuddyJack for Sharing, and Hypo-allergenic Cushion.

  • Low cost
  • For Gamers
  • clear sound with microphone attach to 3.5mm audio cable
  • No ANC
  • Missing IP ratings

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Price and availability

BuddyPhones Galaxy come with a two color variant such as Purple and Grey color. It is price $29.99. You can purchase this product from company’s official website buddyphones.com.

Who should have to buy this headphone?

  • It is best for those kids who like gaming very much and play for longer hours.
  • Also, for those who want headphone for their kids in low cost.

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Box Content

  • BuddyPhones Galaxy Gaming Headset
  • High-performance Boom Microphone
  • Soft Travel Bag
  • Decorative stickers x 4
  • Spare 3.5mm Audio Cable, 1.2 Meter Long

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How good is the design of the Buddyphones Galaxy?

BuddyPhones Galaxy

The Buddyphone Galaxy comes in two stunning colors and custom illustrated sticker set based on popular games. With great features and volume-limited circuitry, this headset is the perfect companion for young gamers. Moreover, children are Kryptonite for headphones. Thus, company has made this headset very tough to handle everything that small children can throw at them.

Adjustable headband made with the strongest material. The joint between the earcup and the headband is completely protected and made of anti-allergic material. Earcups are folded flat to fit in a soft travel bag for better transport. The hypo-allergenic cushion on the top of the headband feels very comfortable on your head for long hours session.

In addition, the Memory Foam Leather Earcup fits individually and gives your ears a welcome comfort to listen to all day long. The strongest material, extensive testing and 2-year limited warranty ensure that you will never regret choosing our ultra-durable bodyphone.

The headphones include a sharing port on each set to connect one side of these baby headphones to your media device and then connect the other side to the other set of headphones so that the children’s daisy chain can hear all at once. The company claims that the headphones are designed to be safe for children’s eardrums and are comfortable all day long while producing adult level sound quality.

Furthermore, the headphones come with a 3.5mm cable with a detachable microphone to communicate effectively during gaming sessions. Moreover, Buddyphones are made of the highest quality and safest material possible. Also, it is certified by first-level global testing laboratories such as TÜV and UL, they ensure compliance with all major safety and environmental standards, such as RoHS, REACH, PROP65.

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How good is sound quality of the Buddyphones Galaxy?

Speaking of sound quality, BuddyPhones Galaxy come with a 30mm neodymium drivers. It is the element that converts an electrical signal into sound & composed of a neodymium magnet. It provides a good bass response and high overall sound quality. Moreover, the 32ohm High impedance delivers superior sound quality with thumpy bass.

In addition, the 20HZ to 20KHZ frequency response is able to play all low, medium and high tones correctly and in the right proportions to each other. And that’s what tells our ears whether this is a high-fidelity unit with a rich and dynamic voice. As a result, our kids will never miss a sound because they enjoy the full audio experience.

Moreover, the headphones are specially design for children. Which means you need to adjust the overall volume level with the maximum sound pressure level suitable for your child. Safety comes first, and that’s why BuddyPhones Galaxy volume is limit to 85db. Which is a balanced sound level that’s loud enough to hear everything without the risk of damage to the eardrum. However, we all know that prolonged listening to headphones or any source of sound at high levels can lead to permanent hearing loss, loss and potential deafness.

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How good is the connectivity option for Buddyphones Galaxy?

BuddyPhones Galaxy

The headphone does not provide a Bluetooth wireless connectivity. They only include a wired connectivity with 3.5mm audio cable. However, not just one but both the earcups offer a 3.5mm audio slot for multi connectivity to each-other at same time to share the audio they listen. The standard 3.5mm audio jack works with all iPhone, iPads, iPods, Amazon Fire and all smartphones, Tablets, Laptop, and Gaming devices.

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Until now, the headphone looks bright and super durable. With a kid-friendly design, Galaxy innovates how we deal with the youngest generation of gamers by providing a secure audio gaming experience that will help secure their hearing for many games to come. Well thought out extra features like the easy fold, and the detachable cord make them well worth the low price we paid for them.

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