Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT Review

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT

Hi-X25BT close back wireless headphones come with pro level Hybrid and analogue. The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT headphones set the standard in connectivity. They offer analogue audio via jack, digital audio via USB-C®, and absolute freedom wirelessly via Bluetooth. To keep you in the flow, they can be charged with a USB-C connection while playing music via Bluetooth. Thanks to the built-in high-efficiency battery, you can enjoy up to 30 hours of play wirelessly via Bluetooth®, and of course, analogue listening is always possible.

  • Easy touch controls
  • Premium design
  • Good sound
  • Lack ANC
  • No high quality codec
  • No IP ratings for water &sweat resistance

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Price and availability

The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT headphones come with a Black color variant. It is price € 149. You can purchase this headset from company’s official website

Who should have to buy this headset?

  • With the closed back design, it is best option for music lovers.
  • For those who want premium features with considerably amount of cost.

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Box Content

  • Headset
  • USB-C to USB-C and USB C to 3.5mm TRS cable
  • USB-C to USB-A to directly connect the cable
  • 3.5mm to ¼” TRS adaptor for amps.
  • User Guide

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How good is the design of the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT?

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT

Starting with the design, the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT closed back wireless headphone comes with a plastic made headband. However, there is an arch steel framework inside the headband to keep it rigid and reliable with leatherette and foam wrap to keep the headband comfortable. The joint between the headband and ear cups are perfectly secure with hinges. As a result, you can Folded Flat for maximum portability and easy storage.

Moreover, the ear cups are removable and provides decent amount of reliability. It’s not the same clip-on earpad design I’m used to with previous headphones from Austrian Audio. The earpads can be replaced by removing the foam in the middle of the earcup, then removing some screws that remove the front baffle of the earcup.

Furthermore, the earcup is made of gloss black finish, with the left earcup featuring Austrian audio branding. The right earcup, on the other hand, has all the controls for headphones. The earcup itself is a touch-sensitive area for volume, play / pause and enable Google Assistant. However, the headphone does not include an IP-ratings for water and sweat resistance. Which means you do not use this headphone during swimming and raining.

Along with the metal headband, the headphone also includes red anodized metal yokes that keep the earcups secure. The yokes on this headphone fluent horizontally and vertically to maximize fitting and comfort levels on a wide variety of head sizes. In addition, at the bottom of the right earcup, there is a privacy button for power and mode, connected by a Bluetooth indicator and a power indicator. Then there’s the USB-C input port and mic.

How Good is the touch controls?

Even with having the only 1 button on the Hi-X25BT, the controls are still simple and reliable. Your Hi-X25BT features capacitive controls on the right earcup to control the most popular Bluetooth® functions.

  • To turn the volume up, slide upwards on the guide groove.
  •  If you leave your finger on the sensor after sliding upwards, your Hi-X25BT will continue turning up the volume until you release the groove, or you have reached the maximum volume level.
  • To turn the volume down, slide downwards on the guide groove.
  • If you leave your finger on the sensor after sliding downwards, your Hi-X25BT will continue turning down the volume until you release the groove, or you have reached the minimum volume level.
  • If you want to start your voice assistant (if available and activated on your Bluetooth® source), simultaneously place multiple fingers on the control pad for more than 3 seconds.

When listening to music you can additionally:

  • Start or pause your track via a single tap onto the capacitive area.
  • Jump to the next track via a double tap.
  • Jump back to the previous track via a triple tap

If you are being called or start to call someone, your Hi-X25BT will automatically switch to the telephone control:

  • You can now pick up or end the call via a single tap.
  • You can also decline a call via a double tap.

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How good is the sound of the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT?

Speaking of sound quality, the Hi-X25BT closed back wireless headphone come with a 44 mm driver and a ring magnet system. This design allows for improved airflow and includes the strongest magnetic field in its class. It ensures professional performance in the Hi-X, moves a lot of air, and eliminates ‘wobbling’ of the diaphragm. The 113dB headphone sensitivity and 25Ω Impedance provide a distortion free sound and clear voice. Moreover, it produces wireless (cyan) sound which follows the same meaning for our target curve (pink), but deviates very wildly at that point.

In addition, the frequency response (12–24,000 Hz) of the Hi-X25BT is not that good. Like many gaming headphones, their bass and trouble delivery varies greatly among users. And these headphones fit on your head, are sensitive enough to seal and position.

The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT closed back wireless headphone not come with an Active noise cancellation. However, as the name suggest the closed back design of this headphone isolate well enough and give a crystal-clear voice calls for longer hours. When worn, I can hear some background noise, but once the music starts playing, my surroundings are much less audible.

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How good is the connectivity of the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT?

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT

The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT closed back wireless headphone offer Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. However, not only with Bluetooth but also works well as a wired headphone. In fact, the Hi-X25BT comes with 2 cable options that can be used with the headphone. The Hi-X25BT is limited to just the SBC audio codec. Which is the standard codec that doesn’t allow for the transmission of hi-res files. However, when it comes to stability, the Hi-X25BT easily maintains a stable connection within 10 meters away from my phone with a wall in between.

The first cable option is a USB-C cable to USB-C cable that’s a bit shorter at around 1.2m long. This cable is a standard cable that can be used for charging as well as digital audio. The cable is soft and more manageable ensuring that it won’t be too noisy when you move your head around and when listening to music.

Aside from the USB cable, the Hi-X25BT also comes with an analog cable that can be used with traditional DAC/Amps or DAPs. This cable feels pretty much the same as the cable that comes with the Hi-X15. However, instead of a 2.5mm connection, this one is terminated with a USB-C connection, so it will be a lot harder to replace this cable if you ever need to.

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How long is the battery life of the Hi-X25BT?

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT

The Hi-X25BT come with a 30 hours of battery life. Which translates to being able to run in for 1 whole day and more. So long haul flights are a cakewalk for the Hi-X25BT.

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The Hi-X25BT considered as the company’s foray into a less studio-focused market and stay true to their roots. It is enjoyable and energetic tuning with a natural and accurate presentation. The headphone offers 30 hours long battery life with SBC codec and Bluetooth connectivity option. However, they lacks the IP rating for water and sweat resistance and easy touch controls. Finally, the headphone has all the juice we want into our headphone.

Which is the best alternative to the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT?

Steel SeriesArctis Nova Pro is a good alternative to the Hi-X25BT. It come with an Active noise cancellation with 4-mics hybrid design and transparency mode. Ultimate clarity and sound quality come together in the Nova Pro Acoustic System, raising the bar of audio in gaming. Moreover, the 360° Spatial Audio take what’s already awesome to the next level with SteelSeries Sonar Audio Software Suite. The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless streamlines your entertainment, allowing quick swapping between two USB-wired systems.

Shure AONIC 40 is also better choice against the Hi-X25BT. The headphone crafted with premium materials and engineered by the brand musicians and creators trust. The AONIC 40 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones deliver studio-quality audio in a portable design. Experience an unparalleled combination of comfort, audio performance and durability wherever your day takes you.

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