Austrian Audio Hi-X65 review

Austrian Audio Hi-X65

Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open-back headphones are made with mixing and mastering in mind. They’re built to satisfy the need for close, precise listening at these critical stages of the audio production process. The same qualities that make them great for professional audio production also make them perfect for audiophiles who appreciate hearing every shade of nuance in the music they love. Moreover, the headphone includes High frequency rate with 110 dB sensitivity and 25Ω impedance.

  • Insightful and clear presentation
  • Composed and controlled delivery
  • Well-made, sturdy, comfortable desgin
  • No great isolation from environmental noise
  • Sound lacks the exuberance of some rivals

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Price and availability

Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open-back headphone come with a Black color only. It is priced € 349. You can buy this headset from company’s official website

Who should have to buy Austrian Audio Hi-X65?

  • The headphone is great for music lover as best sound quality and good bass.
  • Also, it is best for those who want premium built quality

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Box content

  • Headset
  • 1.2m Headphone cable
  • 1.3m Headphone cable
  • User Guide

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How good is the design of the Austrian Audio Hi-X65?

Austrian Audio Hi-X65

The first thing that touch in our mind that the headphone come with an open back design. which means discharge definite amount of sound as well as letting a fair amount of environmental noise in. They’re comfortable too, with nicely judged clamping pressure and a reasonable 310g of weight nicely spread between the contact points. The memory foam leather ear cups perfectly seal the gap between the ear and earphone to create fair amount of passive isolation.

The open back designs tend to sound more spacious and articulate with a notable extra dose of expressiveness when it comes to dynamics. They feel great in the hand and great on your ears, and the build quality is exceptional, as you would expect. The plastic made headband has an arch steel framework inside the headband to keep it rigid and reliable with leatherette and foam wrap to keep the headband comfortable. The joint between the headband and ear cups are perfectly secure with hinges. As a result, you can Folded Flat for maximum portability and easy storage.

With all the features in hand still the headphone is nowhere near as the Sony WH-1000XM5, but it’s still something to be aware of if you’re going to use them when in the company of other people. The headphone does not include an IP-ratings for water and sweat proof. Which means you don’t have to carry this headset near swimming pool and during raining outside.

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How good is the sound quality of the Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open-back headphone?

Austrian Audio Hi-X65

The open-back design brings a natural and spacious sound, giving new clarity to the placement and character of its individual elements. The 110dB headphone sensitivity and 25Ω Impedance provide a distortion free sound and clear voice. Moreover, it produces wireless (cyan) sound which follows the same meaning for our target curve, but deviates very wildly at that point.

In addition, the frequency response (5–28,000 Hz) of Hi-X25BT is not so good. Like many gaming headphones, their bass and delivery varies greatly among users. And these headphones fit on your head, are sensitive enough to seals and conditions.

The Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT closed back wireless headphone not come with an Active noise cancellation. However, the memory foam leather ear cups perfectly seal the gap between the ear and earphone to create fair amount of passive isolation.

Furthermore, according to the demonstration, our sample took the best part of a week in settling down. It’s not that the Hi-X65 doesn’t look good from the start. Plus, their presentation is a bit thin and straight out of the box, giving them a more analytical, less involved presentation. Over time, however, the sound becomes more expressive and subtle and does not indicate an unwanted edge in a guaranteed amount of natural warmth.

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How good is the connectivity of the Austrian Audio Hi-X65?

Austrian Audio Hi-X65

Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT does not offer any Bluetooth wireless connection. They only get the two cables in the box; one of 1.2m length and the other a 3m option. Both feature a 3.5mm jack at the source end and a twist-locking arrangement to connect to the left earcup. A 6.3mm adaptor is also in the box.

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After the Whole review, we take the decision that the headphone quite good with comfortable, well built and instrumentally capable. If you’re looking for a pair of quality wired home headphones at this level, you really should put these on your shortlist.

Which is the best alternative to the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT?

Corsair HS55 is a great alternative with $59.99 price tag and provide stereo sound. The headphone come with a light weight design, simple onboard touch controls, 50mm neodymium audio drivers, microphones for crystal clear voice, and reliable connectivity with 3.5mm audio wired.

Technics EAH-A800 is another great alternative with same amount of price tag as the Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT. The EAH-A800 headphones feature excellent audio, exceptional comfort in the ear and sparkling call clarity for home, work and travel. Experience true high-fidelity sound in comfortable headphones. The Technics EAH-A800 come with a PEEK/Polyurethane 3-Layer Diaphragm 40mm driver, LDAC™ high resolution wireless audio, 8 distinct mics and wind reduction technology, industry leading long battery life, Hybrid noise cancellation, Bluetooth Multipoint pairing and much more.

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