Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+ Gaming Headphone Review

Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+

Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+ is specially design for Xbox Series X|S and also compatible with Xbox One, PC, PlayStation, Android, Oculus Quest 2, USB-C iPads and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the Multi-platform USB-C dongle lets you easily swap between low latency 2.4 GHz wireless systems designed for gaming. The headphone come with a latest USB-C charging for maximum flexibility plus 15 min fast charge for 3 hours usage. They update 30-hour battery life outlasts even your longest gaming sessions. Also, for clear voice calls, headphone includes discord-certified ClearCast bidirectional noise cancelling microphone.

  • Super built
  • Low-cost with this features
  • Crystal clear microphone
  • Lack IP ratings for water resistance
  • Missing multi connectivity

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Price and Availability

Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+ come with a Black colour option. It is price $199.99. You can purchase this headphone from the company’s official website

Who should have to buy this Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+?

  • It is perfect option for those who want stunning design with decent comfort
  • Gamers, who want decent microphone for gaming chat.

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Box Content

  • Arctis 7X+ Headset
  • USB-C Wireless Dongle
  • 4-pole 3.5 mm Audio Cable
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • USB-C to USB-A Adapter Cable
  • Product Information Guide

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What is the design of the Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+?

Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+

Starting with the design, the Steel Series ARCTICS 7X+ come with a unique steel headband. Which remains light weight and durable for lifetime of use. Along with the metal headband, they also include an elasticated “Ski-Google” style fabric Velcro strips . Which contour perfectly across your head and comfortably distributing weight and eliminating pressure points.

Moreover, this design allows you to comfortably chat and listen to audio from your favorite games for hours. The exterior surface has a matte and glossy finish and you can also see on the headset that it is quite sleek. Although it is plastic based, it does not look as cheap as other entry level headsets. Likewise, the Multi-platform USB-C dongle lets you easily swap between low latency 2.4 GHz wireless systems designed for gaming.

Speaking of cups, the ARCTICS 7X+ comes with a memory foam fill leather cup. Only after a few hours of use, my ears never feel uncomfortable or sweaty. Even with 40mm drivers this headphone fits my ear perfectly. The padding on the top of the headband is enough and I’ve never had a problem. These can also accommodate heads of numerous sizes, so even people with large noggins should have no problem as they can flex without worrying about breaking.

Furthermore, the shape and size are quite similar with the AKG Y600NC. Also, the headphonedoes not include an IP-ratings for water and sweat resistance. Henceforth, you can not go for swimming or running or during raining. Overall, the headphone has very good built quality and features a incredible onboard touch controls.

How onboard touch controls works for the Steel Series ARCTICS 7X+?

People often overlooked, the onboard touch controls of the headphone, when they buy new headset. It is as important as the sound and design and battery life of the headphone. The touch controls provide you an easy way to handle features like volume, mute, noise control, charging, Headphone Share Jack and more. The left earcups come with a noise cancelling microphone for voice calls, Volume controls, Mobile cable jack, Headphone share jack, and USB Type-C charging cable.

On the contrary, the right earcups includes chat mix dial and power button. The power button used to work with the following way.

Power buttonFeatures
Single pressAnswer/End voice call Or Play/Pause misic
Double pressNext track
Triple pressPrevious track

Additionally, the color of the Power Button indicates the battery level.

  • Green 100–50 %
  • Yellow 49–20 %
  • Red 19–10 %
  • Red (fast blink) 9–1 %

Can You Download SteelSeries GG Software?

SteelSeries GG is the new one-stop-shop for your SteelSeries software needs. Where SteelSeries Engine used to be a standalone service, it is now a part of GG, and continues to operate directly as usual – there are options for headphone EQ, power saving functionality, mic volume and more, all on one page. Has been placed. However, you will need to install this software to configure the ChatMix Dial or Surround Sound if using with Windows PC, but no additional setup is necessary for Xbox.

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What is the sound quality of the Steel Series ARCTICS 7X+?

Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+

Steel Series ARCTICS 7X+ headphone come with a 40mm Neodymium drivers same as the predecessor SteelSeries Arctis 7+. Which provide a high treble sound with clear and punchy bass. The 93dB headphone sensitivity and 33Ω Impedance provide a distortion free sound and clear voice. Identically, it produces wireless (cyan) sound which follows the same meaning for our target curve (pink), but deviates very wildly at that point. Sound up to 300Hz is dramatically emphasized, which means that a lot of music instruments will come out loud, but not necessarily clear.

The frequency response (20–20,000 Hz) of the ARCTICS 7X+ is fairly good. Like many gaming headphones, their bass and trouble delivery varies greatly among users. And these headphones fit on your head, are sensitive enough to seal and position.

The great thing about this headset is its audio quality. Whether I was driving or running or listening to music, the audio was very clear and free from distortion. The bass has a little omph, but not too heavy. And once I adjusted the volume I had no problem listening to my friends on game audio.

Does the Steel Series ARCTICS 7X+ block out noise?

SteelSeries ARCTICS 7X+ offer a ClearCast Bidirectional Microphone. Which is widely recognized as the best mic in gaming. In like manner, the retractable Discord Certified Arctis ClearCast microphone delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation. Comparatively, the SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Wireless features good, not great isolation—pretty standard for a gaming headset. This is plenty adequate for the quieter sounds you’d hear at home.

Does the SteelSeries ARCTICS 7X+ have a good microphone?

SteelSeries ARCTICS 7X+ has a good microphone for a wireless gaming headset. It’s not good enough to record podcasts with, but it’s loud and clear – great for voice chats and long working calls. However, it is worth noting that while the microphone looks pretty cool all the time, it is significantly clearer with a wired 3.5mm connection.

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How does the Steel Series ARCTICS 7X+ Wireless connect?

Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+

SteelSeries ARCTICS 7X+ Wireless headsets primarily use a 2.4GHz USB wireless dongle to connect to the device of your choice. It adopts the USB-C connection as offered by the Arctis 7P+ and Arctis 1 wireless. Switching to USB-C means ARCTICS 7X+ can connect to wireless mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. When it is not docked in addition to the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Oculus Quest 2 and Xbox One and PlayStation 5 and the docked Nintendo Switch. Again, you can also use a USB-A adapter if needed.

On top of that connection method, the ARCTICS 7X+ Wireless also supports 3.5mm through its charging port and wired connection over USB. Adding 3.5mm means you can also use this headset with Xbox consoles.

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How long does the Steel Series ARCTICS 7X+ Wireless battery last?

Steel Series ARCTIS 7X+

Regardless the battery, the SteelSeries ARCTICS 7X+ Wireless can last up to 30 hours on a single charge, but in our testing, we found it exceeds that pretty spectacularly. At a consistent output of 98dB (SPL), the SteelSeries ARCTICS 7X+ Wireless lasted 24 hours, 42 minutes on a single charge. Furthermore, the headset charges over USB-C in about two hours, and as I mentioned before you can play while it charges.

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In the final analysis, I would suggest you to go with the SteelSeries ARCTICS 7X+. with $199.99, the headphone offers a light weight design with detachable noise cancelling mics for crystal clear voice calls. Further, it specially designed for Xbox Series X|S and also compatible with Xbox One, PC, PlayStation, Android, Oculus Quest 2, USB-C iPads and Nintendo Switch. In addition, the Multi-platform USB-C dongle lets you easily swap between low latency 2.4 GHz wireless systems designed for gaming. In short, the headphone has good battery life, design, average sound and connectivity.

What should you get instead of the SteelSeries ARCTICS 7X+ Wireless?

Corsair’s HS35 Stereo headset is a great alternative against the ARCTICS 7X+. The headset is low value option from the company that provides asome of the most premium headphone design and features into the budget. At just $ 39, the Corsair HS35 Stereo headset is as cheap as almost any over-the-year gaming headset, slightly lower than the company’s HS50 headset.

Astro A10 gaming headphone is another low-cost best headphone with a 6.0mm uni-directional microphone for crystal clear voice calls, 3.5mm 5pole jack for wired connections, 32mm neodymium magnet drivers for better sound, light weight over-ear design, high frequency response, and much more.

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How to pair other devices with your headset?

1) Connect the USB-C Wireless Dongle 11 to a Windows PC with SteelSeries GG installed.
2) Use the USB-C Charging Cable 13 to connect the headset to the same PC.
3) Use Engine from SteelSeries GG software to initiate the pairing.
4) Engine will show when pairing is completed.
Note: The headset is already paired with the Dongle out of the box. To re-pair the Dongle: