Noble Audio Falcon ANC Review

One of the Latest entries of Noble Audio into the world of audio is its Falcon ANC true wireless earbuds. Noble Audio Falcon ANC come with a Hybrid noise cancellation for reduce background voice effectively. Another point on the brighter side is that the earbuds have a snapdragon sound with advance aptx, aptx adaptive, AAC, and SBC audio codec support. Noble Falcon ANC app provides a wide selection of settings and customization. In addition, the Falcon ANC offers an Multi pairing and multipoint connections with Hear-through and APTX VOICE supported. It is powered by Qualcomm SoC QCC3056 Chip. Noble Audio is best for providing a wireless experience that feels uniquely audiophile, the latest FoKus Pro has made this idea a reality. Let’s find out what new features this headphone providing us with this short review.

  • Good built quality
  • Meaty bass
  • Clear mids
  • Smooth highs
  • In-app EQ
  • Good ANC
  • Price is low with the feature it get
  • Missing Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lacks IP rating for water and sweat resistance.

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Price and Availability

The Noble Audio Falcon ANC come with a combination of Black and white color. It is price $189. You can purchase this headset through company’s official website

Who should have to buy the Noble Audio Falcon ANC?

  • Student will appreciate the Falcon ANC for its portable and stylish design at a price that doesn’t completely break the bank.
  • Commuters should consider OnePlus’ latest earbuds because they are durable and have good noise cancelling.
  • Also, for those who want ANC with considerably low cost price tag.

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Box Content

  • Noble Audio Falcon ANC True Wireless Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 6 Pairs of Eartips (3 memory foam and 3 Spintip)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carrying Pouch

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What is the design of the Noble Audio Falcon ANC?

Noble Audio Falcon ANC

 Starting with the design, the Noble Audio Falcon ANC offer lightweight design. Each of Noble’s true wireless earphones has a completely different style. From the original Falcon to this new Falcon ANC, neither one fits the other. Seeing the previous looks and design, the new falcon ANC consider to be the most tradition headset. Regardless, the earbud comes with a Premium thin metal carrying charging case. The textured finish surface of the charging case feels good to be hold.

Moreover, there are four small lights are placed on the front of the case to indicate how much is charging. And on the back, there is a USB charging port is available. It has come with an option of 6 pairs of tips group. 3 memory foam and 3 Spintip. With this intention, you have to choose the tips that fit your ears so that the sound does not leak. As a result, you get the complete passive noise cancellation.

Furthermore, the headset missing the IP ratings of water and sweat resistance. So that, you can not use headset while swimming or running or during raining. However, a small amount of moisture can be just right. But not recommended for outdoors in heavy-duty sweating or wet conditions. Overall, the Noble Audio Falcon ANC providing the most secure, comfortable, strong and decent built quality.

How Good is the touch controls of the Noble Audio Falcon ANC?

For better control, the Falcon uses a mixture of app-based and touch sensitive control with an embedded touch sensor just below the faceplate.

However, the default touch controls are quite intuitive and are not too pressure sensitive to avoid accidental touch events. This is a simple multi-click system split between left and right ear for volume controls and track selection.

Furthermore, the Touch Response system itself is actually quite snapy with very little lag for post-action events like pause, play, back and forth track. Also, if you’re not too happy with the default layout and preferences, you can also customize the settings in the new “Noble Falcon app” to see which side does what and how many clicks.

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How to work the new Noble Falcon App?

The free “Noble Falcon” app can be found on Google Play and Apple’s App store. And features a 10 band equalizer with presets and the ability to create your own custom presets. The equalizer feature also includes a hearing test function that will personalize your EQ settings based on the results of the hearing test.

However, the Presets are a thing of the past, with rap presets likely to win the award for the most extreme bass. If you want to see what this 10mm dynamic driver can do, listen to it. I choose them or 1-2dB down to 8k and 16k bands with my own custom profile and push around 2-4k depending on what I’m listening to.

This new app does have a depth in customization and most comfortable design to use. Besides, it does not have the quality like the Sony and Apple’s app-level but enough tweaks to keep your attention invested. Such as general customization, battery status, OTA firmware updates and customizable 10-band EQ with 5 presets.

What is Qualcomm SoC QCC3056 Chip?

Noble Audio Falcon ANC uses Qualcomm’s latest generation chip, the QCC3056. Qualcomm® QCC3056 is an ultra-low power, single-chip solution, optimized for use in truly wireless earbuds and hearables. Again, it is designed specifically to help manufacturers to differentiate at a range of tiers by bringing quad-core architecture. That is to say, it supporting premium audio technologies in the very fast-moving, price-sensitive truly wireless earbud category.

Another key point is that the QCC3056 come with a few special feature such as…..

  1. Qualcomm® TrueWireless™ Mirroring
  2. Wide range of differentiating audio features
  3. Premium Audio with Snapdragon Sound

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What is the sound quality of the Noble Audio Falcon ANC?

Noble Audio Falcon ANC

In terms of sound quality, the Noble Audio Falcon ANC is powered by Qualcomm SoC QCC3056 Chip. With this in mind, the earphone provides a quality sound and excellent Bass. The earbuds provide a powerful bass like other premium earphones like Apple AirPods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 . The interiors are specially designed by their in house engineer who goes by “the Wizard.” Dual 10mm drivers made from titanium are implemented in combination with a Snapdragon sound chip to accomplish its intended sound.

In like manner, the Falcon plays it safe with the soundstage. For True wireless earbuds, the soundstage is what I expected, which is a great thing. For many headphones, you have to look at the objective of the creator and the intended use. As a pair of day-to-day earbuds meant for on-the-go use, the Falcon’s soundstage sounds fantastic and had just the right level of separation without also distracting from the environment around you. While it isn’t going to be the most vivid and extreme soundstage you’ll ever hear, it still presents the image clearly and has a space for every part. For TW earbuds, these have an above-average soundstage.


However, the lows are comparably sturdy and decent weight. In my test, I clearly sense subs and hear most well organize sound. The low and low-mid are nicely tuned so you can hear the parts even if a lot is going on both internally and externally. The low provides a strong foundation and, when pressed, does not overheat the mixture.


On the other hand, the mids provides a decent job into this earbud. There is some obvious tuning in favor of lows, but they still clearly represent other categories and can bring out the lead tools well. Nonetheless, i saw some favoritism towards the singer and sometimes the snare and other aspects were less pronounced, but this is a choice and hardly noticeable. Generally, the mids do an excellent job of presenting the main body of sound clearly regardless of the mixing style.


To put it differently, the higher range on the Falcon is better than you would expect from a pair of true wireless earbuds. While the height can be tamed slightly at times, it comes with a lot of clarity and does not add any unwanted rigidity. They only add elements that contribute to the positive of the sound without adding any negatives, which is a lot more than can be said about many of its competitors.

Should active noise cancellation effectively reduce background noise?

In spite of having a quality sound, the earbuds also come with an advance active noise cancellation feature. These one is a noteworthy latest edition to Noble’s line-up. However, in the practice we found that the Falcon ANC has a give a much better ANC than the JBL Live Pro + TWS  and Master and dynamic MW08. They do a quiet decent job blocking out conversations happening in another room when you ‘re working from home.

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How great is the connectivity of the Noble Audio Falcon ANC?

Except for a few instances of channel dropout, the earbuds has a comfortably stable connection to its Qualcomm® QCC3056 chip. Although, you get support from a variety of CODECs, such as aptX, aptX Adaptive, SBC, and AAC. However, they support not only audio codecs but also multi-pairing and multipoint connections. Which means you can connect two different devices at once.

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After all, I definitely recommend buying these earphones. This latest model offers a great value for money as the previous model Fokus Pro come with a $349 price tag. This being their most budget-friendly choice makes all the difference when judging their quality. If you’re looking for a good pair of ANC earphones without going over that $200 mark, then you should really look no further.

What is the great alternative to this Noble Audio Falcon ANC?

 JBL Tune 130NC is a good alternative against the Falcon ANC with just $99.99 price tag. The earphone offers impressive sound with excellent battery life. The earphone includes a ton of features. The name suggest the earphone come with a active noise cancellation, which is average, but best for the price range. Overall, the earphone provides an impressive sound, Punchy bass and excellent clear voice for longer sessions.

OPPO Enco Air2 Pro is another great choice for the Falcon ANC. This has a 12.4mm large titanium coated diaphragm dynamic drivers, has 94ms low latency game mode, and comes with Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC audio codec. In addition, it come with AI noise cancellation, IP54 dust & water resistance with 28 hours of listening time and more. So, are these good TWS earbuds in range? Let us find out in this review.

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