Sony INZONE H3: Wired Gaming Headset Review

Sony recently introduce its latest INZONE series headphones INZONE H3 FOR Wired Gaming, INZONE H7 for wireless Gaming and INZONE H9 for wireless Noise cancelling Gaming headset. The Sony INZONE H3 come with an advanced 360 spatial sound for Gaming. The wide, soft headband cushion distributes weight evenly across your head for long-term wearing comfort.In addition, the headphone provides a high sound quality boom microphone. It can be brought closer to your mouth, ensures you’ll always be heard clearly. Let’s see what special features Sony offer with this new INZONE H3 Gaming headset.

  • Premium built quality
  • excellent sound with good depth
  • 360 surround sound
  • lacks IP ratings for water and sweat proof
  • Missing Bluetooth Multipoint connectivity

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Price and Availability

The Sony INZONE H3 comes with a surprising $ 99.99 price tag and White color. You can purchase this headphone from company’s official website

Who should have to buy this Sony INZONE H3 headset?

  • Listeners, who want complete sound quality with high bass and Balance sound.
  • Also for those who loves a premium built quality and sound.

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Box Content

  • Headset
  • 3.5mm Aux cable
  • Microphone
  • User Guide

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What is the design of the Sony INZONE H3 headset?


In terms of design, the Sony INZONE H3 is designed not only to be stylish but also environmentally friendly. This is because the packaging material of INZONE H3 is plastic-free and uses only recycled materials and non-woven cellulose. However, this reflects Sony’s commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our products and transactions.

Moreover, stylish oval shape nylon ear pads are design to reduce the pressure on your ears by optimizing the side contact of your head. As a result, headphones give you the right amount of passive isolation to significantly reduce background noise. Overall, this extremely comfortable earpad material is design for stability and sound insulation.

Furthermore, the wide, soft headband cushion distributes weight evenly across your head for long-term wearing comfort. The headband looks premium and adjustable to provide a good comfort. The C-shaped metal joint between the earpads and headband are extremely strong and reliable to hold.

The Sony INZONE H3 wired gaming headset lacks IP ratings for water and sweat resistance. Which means you can’t use these headphones while swimming or running or in the rain outside. In addition, open-ear dynamic earphones offer a symmetrical acoustic structure, flexible enough to comfortably fit a variety of individual head shapes and sizes, enhancing sound quality and spatial acoustic accuracy.

How good is the touch controls of the Sony INZONE H3?

The INZONE H3 features ergonomically designed control buttons and dials.So, you can easily change functions and adjust settings during the game. The volume dial has a protruding design for easy operation and the cable joints are extremely durable for worry-free gaming. The Left earcups are the main operation features and controls that include a volume dial and a boom microphone. Everything is easily accessible while you are playing the game.In contrast, the right earpad does not contain anything.

What is the use of the INZONE Hub software?


Sony provides a INZONE Hub software with its latest INZONE series headphones. You need to download and install this software for better customization. The INZONE Hub PC software allows you to personalize your INZONE H3 experience by customizing a wide range of operations, including a variety of sound and hardware settings. Along with the hardware, you can also customize fine tune sound frequencies to your game for more clarity and immersion using the EQ function.

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What is the sound quality of the Sony INZONE H3 headset?


Speaking of sound, the Sony INZONE H3 come with a 40mm Neodymium dome type drivers.  Which is provides quality bass response and higher overall sound quality. Moreover, Ducts on the housing of the INZONE H3 control and optimize low frequency sound reproduction for powerful bass that makes deep sounds like explosions and engines seem incredibly real. Hear the drama and intensity of your gaming world all around you. Also, the 35Ω impedance is most commonly found on commercial headphones. Due to their low ohmage, these headphones are generally best suited for consumer devices with a built-in amplifier.

Furthermore, the headphones offer 360 spatial sounds for gaming. In order to achieve 360 ​​Spatial Audio, you need to download and install INZONE Hub software on your smartphone or PC. It is a newly developed virtualizer for gaming that reproduces spatial sound from a multi-channel audio signal as intended by game creators. Also, with the smartphone app 360 Special Sound Personalizer, you’ll find spatial sound optimized for the shape of your ears for truly personal gameplay.

Can the Sony INZONE H3 offer a microphone for crystal-clear voice calls?

The Sony INZONE H3 wired headphones come with a flexible flip-up boom microphone with mute function. Which allows you to communicate effortlessly with team members throughout the game. Moreover, the high sound quality boom microphone, shape so that it can be brought close to your mouth. And, make sure you are always hear clearly. In addition, this unidirectional microphone enables clear voice chat – even during the most crazy moments of the game. When you want to use the microphone, fold it and adjust it so that it is close to your mouth. Extremely flexible, it can be angle in any position. At the end of your gaming session, the microphone can be muted and stored in a simple operation by simply flipping.

Note:  The wired Gaming headset does not offer Bluetooth connectivity and also battery support.

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After the review, I have definitely suggested you to buy this headphone. This is because it has a low price $99.99 comparison to other Samsung headphones. The Sony INZONE H3 come with an advanced 360 spatial sound for Gaming. Which provide a quality voice during longer gaming session. Moreover, flexible flip-up boom microphone with mute function, allows you to communicate effortlessly with team members throughout the game. The only disadvantage is that it missing the IP ratings for water and sweat proof. Over all, it is extremely comfortable, balanced and sound insulation headphone.

What is the best alternative of the Sony INZONE H3 headphones?

JLAB Studio Pro ANC is best alternative against the INZONE H3 wired headphones. It come with the same price tag $99 and offer a Active noise cancellation feature also. Moreover, it also has ultra-comfortable with Form-Fit™ Earcups, plush Cloud Foam™ cushions and the adjustable headband. The Studio Pro ANC has an amazing 45+ hours of playtime and custom EQ3 sound without an app. Further, it has a 600mAh rechargeable battery and 450 hours of standby time.

However, if you have a budget problem than you should consider buying Onanoff FOKUS. Onanoff FOKUS is world’s first headphone design to optimize spoken audio content. Which is ideal for language lessons, working online, podcasts, phone calls and more. The headphone offer 2 listening mode: Fokus mode and Music mode. The focus mode optimizes spoken audio content by enhancing vocals and speech. And Music mode enjoy a premium audio experience for listening to music with dynamic bass. In addition, the headphone includes Built-in premium microphone, Passive noise cancellation, Call & Track Control, Removable, washable ear cushions, Adjustable headband and more. 

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