Sony INZONE H3 Review: Designed for Play-station or PC users


We are dealing with the classic headband-type headphones or better known as helmets, in this case they are also initially designed for gaming, therefore they have a series of theoretically special characteristics so that the gaming experience is the best, simply according to the manufacturer They have developed a 360-degree surround sound, something that converts the two-channel stereo audio signals.

 We have 7.1 surround sound, making it possible for us to hear the steps or movements of our opponents with more precision, especially and mainly in “Shooter” or “Battle Royal” type games where immersing ourselves in the environment will give us that little advantage to achieve our goal.

Let’s see what special features Sony offer with this new INZONE H3 Gaming headset.

Things we like

  • The mic sound is really good and clear
  • The sound is not bad for the price
  • The 360 Spatial Sound for smooth Gaming
  • Have INZONE Hub customize the operations for the headset
  • 3.5mm cable is long enough

Things we don’t like

  • Feels a little bit hot after using for a long time as the material is nylon
  • The sound can get better as it feels like it has a narrow soundstage and the bass is a bit weak
  • Missing IP ratings
  • No Bluetooth Multipoint

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Price and Availability

The Sony INZONE H3 comes with a surprising $ 99.99 price tag and White color. You can purchase this headphone from company’s official website

Who should have to buy this Sony INZONE H3 headset?

  • Listeners, who want complete sound quality with high bass and Balance sound.
  • Also for those who loves a gaming with their PC and Play-station.

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Box Content

  • Headset
  • 3.5mm Aux cable
  • Microphone
  • User Guide

Inside, we have our helmets, which come wrapped in a cloth similar to a bag, instruction manuals in several languages, stickers, and a USB adapter for devices that allow audio through this system.

Sony INZONE H3 Review: Design and Build Quality


The headphones make an excellent visual and haptic impression. The material quality of the extendable headband system is very valuable, as is the padding of the earphones, which completely encloses the ear. The headphones are made entirely of plastic. The simple, matt-white surface on the side of the eavesdroppers makes the headset look absolutely classy. The headset weighs around 300 grams.

The presentation of the product is good, a cardboard box which is covered by another as a cover of the same material, this is divided into two colors, on the main face we can see a profile picture of our headphones, the manufacturer’s brand, the model and characteristics, this, especially on the back where we also have a more detailed product image, it should be noted that they also indicate that they are mainly compatible with PC and PS5. Obviously, they can be use on other types of consoles or even on a Smartphone, yes, on our computer is where we are going to achieve superior results since we can install an application that will allow us to modify parameters, equalizers, and several other things that will greatly improve our user experience, obviously, something also helps us.  

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If we continue with the benefits of the product, we can say that they are very comfortable, and light, since they only weigh 299 grams and have nylon pads, soft and very pleasant to the touch, but obviously also in the area where they will make contact or pressure that is our ear, adjusting to the shape of it like a glove.

 This material does not produce as much heat as plastic or synthetic leather, in addition to perspiring and being very soft, I would say that it is similar to viscoelastic, at least in sensations. I want to point out that we have a volume control on the left rear of the headphones, it is a wheel type, it works well but in my opinion, it falls a bit short in terms of sound power.

We continue, the headband is adjustable and made of plastic, really in its entirety, except for the inner area that comes with the classic reinforcement, now, made of leatherette, it does not take up much space and the truth is that it is very well camouflaged with all the material used throughout. the sides of it. It should be said that we can adjust them in height, since each user will have different needs and sizes, deploying two thick areas on the sides.

Sony INZONE H3 Review: Touch Controls

The INZONE H3 features ergonomically designed control buttons and dials. So, you can easily change functions and adjust settings during the game. The volume dial has a protruding design for easy operation and the cable joints are extremely durable for worry-free gaming. The Left earcups are the main operation features and controls that include a volume dial and a boom microphone. Everything is easily accessible while you are playing the game. In contrast, the right earpad does not contain anything.

Sony INZONE H3 Review: Comfort

The foam pads around the ears are very comfortable and fit very snugly. Just to note, the gaps for the ears are quite small and I had to move them around to fit my ear in fully. Once done it was fine, but it is one to note. After using them to play an FPS for about 5 hours the ear cups still felt very comfortable and I was not sweaty or anything.

The headband, although foam (or what I believe to be foam) appears to be stretched across the top of the headset and I found this to be uncomfortable over time. I struggled to find a spot initially where they would not hurt my head. Now, I have little to no hair on my head so if you have a full head of hair this may not be a problem, but it is one to take into account. I got around this by pushing it onto my head to break the tension of the stretched or elastic nature of the foam, but this came back over time. The actual head part is quite narrow so, although light, the weight is concentrated on a small area which causes quite a bit of pressure over time. This may go as the headset “beds in” but I thought I would mention it.

Sony INZONE Hub App


Much of the Sony Inzone H3 features are software-based.

So, the bad news first: Mac and Linux users are currently eliminate; the Inzone Hub software control center is only available for Windows 10 and later.

Mind you, the headphones themselves work flawlessly like a standard USB audio device, but the advance features can only be use on PlayStation 5 and Windows.

Hub settings can be saved as profiles which are automatically recalled when the selected software is started.

Convenient, for example, to use different equalizer curves for use with Discord, a browser or games.

Sony INZONE H3 Review: Sound

For an electronics giant, it’s not always easy to keep customer interest. Sony has produced hundreds, if not thousands, of headphone models over the decades, from design icons like the original Walkman headphones to legendary everyday earphones.

It is clear that this product line is not wilful to be discern as competing with Sony’s audiophile products.

As a result, while listening to the music, I had to turn up the EQ until the Inzone H3 produced a sound profile that I liked.

For pure music listening, there are certainly better headphones in this price range, even from Sony.

Unlike Sony’s hi-fi headphones, I didn’t hear a boost in bass like the other models, but there was an increase of around 1,000-2,000 hertz, presumably to improve speech intelligibility.

There is no grueling high frequency thrust to complain about; speech, as well as ambient sounds and effects, sound pleasantly clear and natural.

Unlike many headphones, the H3 rests quite softly on the head so as not to completely suppress ambient noise but those looking for complete isolation should try the Sony Inzone H7 or H9 instead, at a much higher cost.

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Sony INZONE H3 Review: Microphone


The mic preamp can be adjust, I didn’t find any distortion even at 100% preamp; the normal talk volume was about 60%.

In other words, the microphone was not very sensitive to loud noises.

Unfortunately, the Inzone H3s don’t have a built-in button to mute the microphone.

To do this, the microphone shaft must point upwards, which results in a rustle that can be heard by the interlocutors.

The only solution would be to manually assign a keyboard shortcut in the game or chat software.


They have only one volume control and that’s it they are connects by a Jack cable 3.5mm and do not have a wireless connection, they include a USB cable ending in a Jack connector that hides a small sound card that we will use with the PC, the length of the cables is good as well as their quality, in general the quality she’s very tall.

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 If you have a PS5 and you are looking to combine the console with this peripheral, they match perfectly. Since just by seeing them at first glance they are design with the same colors and simply with the same aesthetics. On the other hand, they are very comfortable, they have good sound, even for listening to music, they are not flat at all and the microphone works perfectly.

It is true that we gain quality and options using the application on a computer, in addition to being much more evident in surround sound in games, something that we will not be able to do on other devices, but that does not mean that they sound bad, we are simply not going to have the ultimate experience with them.

I also really liked the material used in the pads, and they should all be like this, it is more pleasant and does not produce heat when we have been using them for a long time. But everything is not going to be good, although they fit well, if we move our head down for example to pick something up, I personally drop it, I think it is a common problem, we do not have ANC or active noise cancellation system for Therefore, although they isolate more or less well, we will always hear something around us.

I have not finished liking the sound that we will hear when removing the microphone upwards either, I have had others of the same style and it did not happen. Finally, although I have indicated that the sound quality is good, without going into technicalities so that everyone can.

What is the best alternative of the Sony INZONE H3 headphones?

JLAB Studio Pro ANC is best alternative against the INZONE H3 headphones. It come with the same price tag $99 and offer a Active noise cancellation feature also. Moreover, it also has ultra-comfortable with Form-Fit™ Earcups, plush Cloud Foam™ cushions and the adjustable headband. The Studio Pro ANC has an amazing 45+ hours of playtime and custom EQ3 sound without an app. Further, it has a 600mAh rechargeable battery and 450 hours of standby time.

However, if you have a budget problem than you should consider buying Onanoff FOKUS. Onanoff FOKUS is world’s first headphone design to optimize spoken audio content. Which is ideal for language lessons, working online, podcasts, phone calls and more. The headphone offer 2 listening mode: Fokus mode and Music mode. The focus mode optimizes spoken audio content by enhancing vocals and speech. And Music mode enjoy a premium audio experience for listening to music with dynamic bass. In addition, the headphone includes Built-in premium microphone, Passive noise cancellation, Call & Track Control, Removable, washable ear cushions, Adjustable headband and more. 

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