Sony INZONE H7: Wireless Gaming Headset Review


Along with the INZONE H3 wired gaming headset, Sony also released a wireless gaming headset called the Sony INZONE H7. The headphones offer almost the same built quality and design as the INZONE H3. The only difference I see here is that the headband and ear pads are combine with a single metal rod instead of a C-type metal frame. In addition, the headphones are wireless, meaning they include Bluetooth connectivity with an audio codec and battery. Like previous headphones, it has 360 surround sound and INZONE hub software. Let’s see what more special features these headphones give us.

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Price and Availability

The Sony INZONE H7 come with a white color variant. The prise are little higher than the previous one $229.99. You can buy this headset from company’s official website However, it is releasing on July 7th, 2022.

Who should have to buy this Sony INZONE H7 wireless headset?

  • Listeners, who want complete sound quality with high bass and Balance sound.
  • Also for those who loves a premium built quality and sound.

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Box Content

  • INZONE H7 headset 
  • USB-C charging cable (1.5m) 
  • USB transceiver
  • User Guide

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What is the design of the Sony INZONE H7 wireless headset?


The headband is height adjustable, with the central area of ​​the interior padded and the exterior made of synthetic leather. It’s extremely flexible, but it’s so flexible that it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the sides, and I personally drop them if I bend down and make a slight movement with my head. They do not fall due to weight, it is simply that they are too loose on the head, they hardly exert pressure on the sides, so they are quite loose.

The pads are covered with nylon fabric, soft and breathable, perhaps they are too soft, it gives the sensation of having an excess of fabric, or a lack of padding, the sensation when touching them is strange, but afterwards, they are very comfortable. The ear cups also rotate and oscillate slightly, so they fit very well.

Moreover, the simple single rod metal joints between the earpad and the headband are unusually strong and reliable for holding. The stylish oval shaped nylon ear cups provide a tight seal between the ear cups and your ears. Which creates the right amount of passive isolation to reduce background noise for explicit voice calls.

The Sony INZONE H7 wireless gaming headset lacks IP ratings for water and sweat resistance. Which means you can’t use these headphones while swimming or running or in the rain outside. In addition, open-ear dynamic earphones offer a symmetrical acoustic structure. That is flexible enough to comfortably fit a variety of individual head shapes and sizes. And also enhancing sound quality and spatial acoustic accuracy.

How good is the touch controls of the Sony INZONE H7?

In the left earphone we have the microphone, the volume control and the USB-C charging port. The microphone is automatically muted when you turn it up, you can see a slight click very clearly when you do it. On the right earpiece we have the power button, the BlueTooth link button and 2 buttons to balance the volume level between the volume of the chat and the game. To use this feature you must connect via the included USB adapter to the PS5, which I don’t have, so I haven’t been able to verify its operation.

What is the use of the INZONE Hub software?

A very clear, explanatory interface with excellent design. It is increasingly common to see that the headphones incorporate an accompanying application to configure them precisely and specifically, without having to play with generic settings. In this case, Sony goes one step further. Sound settings are on a single page, with a 10-band equalizer with various presets. A switch allows you to activate the spatial sound, and at the same time allows the customization of the latter with a scan of our ears, as in the XM headphones.

Finally, a dynamic range adjustment is offered, disabled by default. Volume is customizable, as is the balance between game and chat sound, with two audio outputs that can be adjusted via the button on the headset. There are also some settings for the microphone. And of course, everything can be saved in personalized profiles that can be associated with certain games.

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What is the sound quality of the Sony INZONE H7 headset?


Let’s go with the sound. To begin with, Sony has opted for 40mm drivers, which in today’s market seem small in size given the options offered by other manufacturers. However, the sound quality is excellent. With the equipment equalized using the default preset, there is a slight deficit in the low frequencies and a tendency to boost the treble, which works really well in a video game environment. Still, those parameters are easily tweakable with the 10-band EQ, and I was able to boost the bass significantly without sacrificing the mids, which feel clear and bright. But, where you have to stop is in the spatial capacity of these headphones.

The origin of the sounds is faithfully reproduced, with no room for speculation (if something has sounded on the right, it is surely there). Together with the activation of 360-degree spatial sound, it allows us, especially in games where we want to know where the bullets are coming from, an even more precise location. Obviously, if the game were 360-ready the rendering of the sound would be even more accurate, but in those where it isn’t, Sony’s software does a good job of spatially localizing it.

In Windows, we have the option of installing the “INZONE Hub” application with which we can make adjustments to the audio equalization, microphone gain, spatial sound, etc… It also allows us to assign different equalization profiles to each game. The drawback is that these settings are only for the PC.

Despite not having active noise cancellation, and they do not exert much pressure, they isolate outside noise very well, thanks to the fact that the ear is completely covered and surrounded by the pad.

Can the Sony INZONE H7 offer a microphone for crystal-clear voice calls?

The microphone is flexible and adjusts to the position that we put it without problems. The volume is also quite good, without absurd limitations. The audio quality through the microphone did not seem like a great deal to me, although this is somewhat subjective, some people listen to me well, while others say that the sound seems canned, I am more of a bit canned sound too, it doesn’t seem too natural to me but it sounds clear.

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How good is the connectivity option of the Sony INZONE H7 wireless headphone?


They can be connected both via Bluetooth and the 2.4 GHz USB adapter that it includes and in which you have to select whether it is inserted into a PC or a PS5. By Bluetooth, it supports the SBC and AAC codecs. The headset will be connected to the USB adapter by default, but it can be connected to the adapter via Bluetooth at the same time.

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How long the battery of the Sony INZONE H7 wireless headphone?

The battery according to Sony lasts about 40 hours. We are going to take the number for granted since unfortunately there is no way (for the moment) to know precisely how much battery is left (only an indicator bar, which lost 25% after using it for several hours). But in continuous use for several days still no low battery messages or charging reminders. In addition, with only 10 minutes of charging, they have autonomy for 1 more hour of use.

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In general, they are not bad, but they have some things that could be improved for this price range. The fact that the headband does not exert pressure is not synonymous with more comfort. On the one hand, yes, but if you bend over and it falls, well, no. There must be a middle ground. The sound has to be equalized to compensate for it a bit, but it’s good. Best of all it’s lightness.

What is the best alternative of the Sony INZONE H7 headphones?

Skullcandy Hesh Evo is a great alternative to the INZONE H7 wireless gaming headset. At only $99.99, you get a supremely comfortable fit and a bass-forward experience, but not much else. Likewise, there’s no app, no active noise cancellation, no exercise-focused features. These are just wireless headphones, plain and simple. That’s OK with us.  On the contrary, the audio becomes the sole focus, and the audio here is decent, but never wonderful. There’s actually less bass depth than you might expect from Skullcandy. As well as less crispness and definition in the high-mids than there could be. By no means do these headphones sound bad, but there’s nothing here that stands out with better options. Either in the features department or the audio performance realm. 

Shure AONIC 40 is another good alternative to the INZONE H7 wireless gaming headset. The headphone craft with premium materials and engineer by the brand musicians and creators trust. The AONIC 40 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones deliver studio-quality audio in a portable design. Experience an unparalleled combination of comfort, audio performance and durability wherever your day takes you.

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