Beats Powerbeats Pro review

Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Beats Powerbeats Pro is one of the best earbuds for workout right now. They are built with Apple H1 chip for more power and efficiency. Since the launch of the Powerbeats Pro, Apple has expanded its output to include the noise-cancelling AirPods Pro. The headphone come with a water and sweat resistance, up to 9 hours of listening time, and Class 1 Bluetooth via Apple H1 chip, providing improved connection speed with extended range and fewer dropouts. However, the Powerbeats Pro are something special – they’re supremely comfortable, sound decent and seem to never, ever fall out. 

It may not be the best true wireless earbuds in Apple’s audio arsenal as AirPods Pro is here now. But it’s Apple’s most premium play in the world of running headphones, and we would recommend it to most workout enthusiasts.

Price and release date 

The Beats Powerbeats Pro comes with a four colors variation such as Black, ivory, Moss, and Navy. Besides, all of the different versions have matching charging case. It is priced 249 / £219 / AU$349 / AED 949. Although, the prices are slightly increase compared to the Apple AirPods. Which is right now $159 / £159 / AU$249 / AED 679. You can buy this headphone from the company’s official website


Box Content

  • Powerbeats Pro totally wireless earphones
  • Charging Case
  • Eartips with four size options
  • Lightning to USB-A charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

Beats Powerbeats Pro: Design

Once viewed, you should clearly note that the earbuds center offers a playback control button where the Beats logo is available. They also make with a volume rocker. As a result, you can control your music for free with one hand. Which of course is an great feature available.

if you have Hey Siri enabled, you can simply say the wake word with a voice command for the same effect.

In design prospective, Powerbeats Pro has a lot of new features. it has a sport look to it, while still being practical enough to wear around outside the gym. Although, this may be true that the Pro is extremely comfortable, and not just in terms of how it fits in and around the ear, but also in terms of how it feels when you’re listening to music. 

Moreover, you probably use other true wireless headphones in the past. You will remember feeling a kind of pressure in the ear while listening to music. It’s a very common problem we face with many other headphones. However, the inconvenient pressure with Powerbeats Pro just doesn’t exist. This is due to the micro-laser barometric venting hole in the front chamber that, in Apple’s own words, reduces ear pressure and improves bass response… not that Beats headphones need any help with bass level.

Furthermore, there are four different ear tips available. Thus, there are more other ways to get that perfect seal. Not to mention, other factor that grant the excellent fit is how slim the nozzle of the earbuds are – it’s smaller than a lot of other true wireless earbuds on the market.

Does the headphone offer an IP rating for water and sweat proof?

The most important feature about the Powerbeats is that they’re offer IPX4 water and sweat resistance. This means not only they secure in water pool but also take a bit of sweat. Maybe an accidental splash from a water bottle or someone jumping in the pool.

Overall, we’ve got the best performance of the Beats Powerbeats Pro in a quiet environment close to your office, your home. Because you can use a hands-free series, it’s best to set a timer between sets and call friends and clients. And, because they are very comfortable in the ear and last about eight hours between charges. You can wear them around the house for hours without any problems. It makes a decent everyday headphone and if we need to make it we will go for it . Call or listen to Spotify on our phone.


Beats Powerbeats Pro: Battery

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Apple’s rebuttal to that statement is that Powerbeats can last up to nine hours between charges and store about two charges in the case. When you combine those numbers, Apple claims that the Powerbeats Pro has a 24-hour battery and should run for a few days between charges. Claiming to be fairly accurate during testing, with about eight-or-a-half cases being charged. Is. So hours of use per charge.

Unfortunately, however, if you want wireless charging, you won’t find it here. If you want to stay within the Apple family, only the latest versions of the AirPods have that feature. So, for now, you’ll still have to use a lightning cable to charge the case every few days.


Beats Powerbeats Pro: Setup

Like other AirPod products, the Powerbeats Pro is most common at home when paired with other Apple devices. On iOS, pairing Powerbeats Pro is as easy as opening a case on your iPhone or iPad. After two touches and your devices are synced.

Like AirPods, you can then open the case to see how much battery life is left on your iOS device. And it helps further their space-age realization.

That said, Powerbeats Pro is not Apple-specific and will work with Android and Windows 10 devices. All you need to do is hold the pairing button inside the charging case and select Powerbeats Pro on the device you want to pair. There is almost no difference in sound quality between a paired iOS device & a paired Android device. Because, both connections use Bluetooth 5.0.

One of the main reasons you might want to use an Apple device is to take advantage of the new H1 wireless chip, the same one that just went into Apple AirPods. With it, you’ll see faster pairing time and hands-free series. You can certainly live without those features, obviously, but Hands-Free Siri is a wonderfully useful feature if you want to call or send text without picking up your phone.


Beats Powerbeats Pro: Performance

Beats Powerbeats Pro

In terms of performance, the sound quality is extremely great. The sound is good not only during work out but also and during your time away from the gym. To put another way, What really matters is how good they sound when you’re moving – an area that a lot of popular earbuds don’t really master. 

Surprisingly, the Beats Powerbeats Pro has really turned down the bass this time around. In general, this means that they assume that they are not on a flat EQ. But it’s like a gentle V-shape that accelerates high and low with a slight pause in the middle. It’s a simple twist that makes the music sound reasonably energetic, but not as oblique as movies and shows aren’t worth watching. In fact, even films like “Blood shot” looked quite nice with them.

However, the problem here is that the music – and the audio as a whole – is relatively subjective. Our choices for the EQ curve won’t interest you, and Apple doesn’t offer you any tools to change the sound. It can be frustrating if you don’t feel like you’re listening to enough mid while watching a movie and even worse, if you feel like your music is missing a bit of luster in the upper register. So far, there is no way to add any of them back.

When you take Beats Powerbeats Pro with you on any type of public transport you will be frustratedly aware of all these issues – for all its other features, Powerbeats Pro still does not offer voice-cancellation. Even worse, though, is that they don’t block sound very well (which we call passive sound-isolation). So, unless you blast your music to an uncomfortable level, everything around you Expect to hear.


Some of disadvantage using Beats Powerbeats Pro headphone?

One issue with the Beats Powerbeats Pro’s design is that they protrude slightly out of the ear. And don’t have the low-profile look of Apple AirPods. This is also a kind of problem if you want to wear headphones in bed. Because when you sleep with them in your ears, it pushes them uncomfortably into the ear canal.

The second point, and one that other reviewers have also harped on, is that the case for Powerbeats is enormous. It’s the kind of thing that looks awkward in your gym shorts and can be a hassle to get around in your pocket. It looks like the headphone case is the only space in your gym bag or locker, and it’s frustrating if you want to wear the Pro while working in the office.

Final verdict

After all, when Powerbeats Pro impressed us, they weren’t the best true wireless earbuds on the market. These earbuds still don’t sound-canceling like the AirPods Pro, nor is it water-proof like the Jaybird Run XT, nor does it look as good as the Sony WF-1000XM3 – our favorite true wireless earbuds at the moment.

That said, though, it is – in our opinion – Apple’s best workout earbuds so far thanks to small additions like earhooks, pressure-reducing micro-laser barometric venting holes, their long battery life and excellent sound quality.

For that, if you’re an Apple-loving Jim-Goer, buy these earbuds that can appreciate features like better sounding music and hands-free Hay Siri and don’t mind paying a little more for those things.


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