Noble Audio DXII Review

Noble Audio DXII

Noble audio is one of the most stylish and respected manufacturers of artisanal in-ear monitors in recent era. One of the latest member includes in to their house is the Noble Audio DXII. At $599, you can get the best in class quality and decent performance. On the contrary, have a chance to buy a high-quality IEM at a relatively accessible price range. In general, all the headphones or ear buds release in past couple of years has been unique and fabulous. especially the “JADE”.

  • Warm lows
  • Strong mids
  • Great soundstage
  • Great value for the price
  • Slightly bulky
  • Less high-mid definition
  • Sound Curve might not be for everybody

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Price and Availability

The Noble Audio DXII come with a smooth red carbon backplate coating. It is price $599. You can purchase this headset from the company’s official website

Who should have to buy the Noble Audio DXII?

  • Listeners who want an strong bass and loud music for a long session.
  • Those who only require a stunning look rather than the features.

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What’s in the Box

  • Noble Audio DXII IEMs
  • 8 Core Cable with 3.5mm Termination
  • Pelican 1010 Carrying Case
  • Assorted Silicone and Memory Foam Ear Tips
  • Felt Pouch
  • Carabiner Clip
  • Owner Identification Card
  • Noble Audio Sticker

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What is the design of the Noble Audio DXII?

Noble Audio DXII

Starting with the design, the ergonomic design Noble Audio DXII ear buds looks premium and light weight. As a result, you get the comfortable wearing for longer hours without much discomfort. The ear buds especially design like the red carbon backplate on the front and the lower portion offers a glossy finish surface. Along with the glossy finish, you can also get the three different sizes of ear tips: small, medium and large. You need to select the one which completely fit with your ear to reduce the background noise effectively.

However, the Noble Audio DXII earphone lacks the IP ratings for water and sweat resistance. Which means you can not take these headset during swimming or during raining outside. Over all, it is best budget-friendly headset with premium built quality and performance.

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What is the sound quality of the Noble Audio DXII?

Noble Audio DXII

Looking for sound quality, the Noble Audio DXII includes a 12mm single dynamic driver with gold-plated brass chassis. Eventually, It’s a component that converts electrical energy into acoustic energy, also known as a transducer, or sometimes a motor. And as the varying sizes of headphones and IEMs show, drivers also differ in size considerably.  Moreover, the “W” sound signature gives it pronounced bass, smooth mids, and detailed highs.

In addition, the DXII also come with a 35 Ohms impedance. However, the impedance ranging between 20-40ohms is said to be a decent choice for casual music listeners and 64 or above for an audiophilia. That means the headset is great choice for listeners who want a clear and loud music for longer hours. The earbuds provide a powerful bass like other premium earphones like Apple AirPods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Furthermore, In like manner, the Noble Audio DXII plays it safe with the soundstage. For earbuds, the soundstage is what I expected, which is a great thing. For many headphones, you have to look at the objective of the creator and the intended use. As a pair of day-to-day earbuds meant for on-the-go use, the DXII’s soundstage sounds fantastic and had just the right level of separation without also distracting from the environment around you. While it isn’t going to be the most vivid and extreme soundstage you’ll ever hear. But, it still presents the image clearly and has a space for every part. For TW earbuds, these have an above-average soundstage.


In contrast, the bass is comparatively strong and decent on the earphone. I can feel the louder of the music and also it never overlay it. More at the end of Subs Add play, supporting hum low end continuous barrage, which is refreshing. Not only the low end is quite balanced and gives support but also contrast and subtlety that’s intriguing.


Mids, on the other hand, offer the right job in this earbud. There is some obvious tuning in favor of the lower. But, it still clearly represents other categories & bring out the lead tools. Still, I noticed a slight bias towards the singer and sometimes the snare and other aspects were less pronounced, but this is a choice and hardly noticeable. In general, mids do an excellent job of clearly presenting the main part of the sound regardless of the mixing style.


The treble on DXII is amazing and unlike what I’ve heard before. The extreme end of the high is present and provides some definition. However, due to the reduction in the high-mid of DXII, the overall height is sometimes thinner. While not entirely confusing, I personally prefer a slightly more definition, but this also boils down to choice. And is a deliberate feature of the DXII that W-Curve lovers will love.

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In the final analysis, I suggest that the DXII does not great headset to buy at $599 high price tag. Off course, it get the fabulous looks and high-quality listening experience regardless of taste. But, that does not mean the headset is best to buy. There are lots of other headphones available with more feature and less price than DXII. Overall, Noble set out to create a fantastic and unique IEM that could deliver their signature attention to detail at a much lower price than they usually go for, and they succeeded. If you’re looking for a good pair of IEMs or just want to try something new, it is definitely for you.

What are the best alternative to the Noble Audio DXII ?

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro is a great alternative to the DXII. It does not have the stunning built quality as the DXII but got some amazing features. It has Quad-Magnet Dynamic drivers and planar diaphragm tech, which is the first in the world, says the company. Moreover, it offers up to 47dB ANC compared to 40dB in the first gen. The company has partner with French audio brand Devialet fortuning. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 is also equipped with three dynamic optimization algorithms. That can detect changes in volume, differences in the structure of the ear canal and changes in wearing in real time.

The cleer ARC open-ear true wireless earbuds is also best to buy with low price as $129. The earbuds Featuring an earhook design and a flexible hinge for a comfortable secure fit. These open-ear earbuds do not cover the ear canal, instead they channel audio directly into your ear. This unique design allows you to maintain spatial awareness and still enjoy your audio. In addition, the cleer ARC also come with a 16.2mm neodymium drivers that beam audio toward your ears. It also includes an 7hrs of battery life, seamless touch controls, and cleer + app.

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