Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition Review

Noble Audio Sage

The Noble Audio always come in a different looks and stunning color combination. I have already reviewed the Noble Audio DXII and Noble Audio Focus Pro. Both are magnificent in their respected price range. The balance, detail, speed and versatility are the things I found in those headphones. Thus, if you listen to all kinds of genres, Noble might be your brand. I’m testing the Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition, a one-of-a-kind bud design that catches the eye. Let’s explore the wonders of the sage in this Noble Audio Sage Review.

  • Sound great
  • Premium built
  • Color combination excellent
  • Missing IP ratings for water and sweat resistance
  • Average bass

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Price and Availability

Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition come with a smooth black color with red and black color mixture coated on the top. It is price $799. You can purchase this headset from the company’s official website

Who should have to buy this Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition?

  • It is best for those who want a tight fitting for fair amount of passive isolation
  • Listeners, who love the listening music in loud

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Box Content

  • Headset
  • Removable 2-pin cable
  • Ten pairs of eartips
  • Cleaning tool
  • User Guide

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What is the design of the Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition?

Noble Audio Sage

Earlier says that I have already reviewed the Noble Audio Falcon ANC and Noble Audio Focus Pro. Both are magnificent in their respected price range. The balance, detail, speed and versatility are the things I found in those headphones. Not to mention, the design on the Wizard Edition is more smooth and round in shape and so it is easy on the ears. Both, standard and wizard use the same cable. Over-ear memory wire is less cumbersome and more resilient than other brands, making it faster to put on buds. Great sound isolation too.

Moreover, wizard models not only look more comfortable but they are also works of art. Elegant polished gems from distant lands along the yellow brick roads. Now, are you willing to spend an extra money for that luxury? I think for the comfort factor alone, I have to invest that extra cash. And if you’re an audiophile who cares about aesthetics, it’s almost impossible to resist.

In terms of technical design, you have two adjustable armature drivers and a reconfigured vented port that enhances bass extension, improves texture and bass response. The detachable cable has two pin connectors and a 3.5mm jack. No technical specifications have been published on Noble’s website, so you just have to wonder.

Moreover, it does not support any IP rating. Thus, you should avoid using earphones while running, raining and swimming. However, a small amount of moisture can be just right. But not recommended for outdoors in heavy-duty sweating or wet conditions.

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What is the sound quality of the Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition?

Nicely balanced and super punchy. And like the more expensive Kaiser, the sage has serious flesh and warmth. With Sage, there are no boxes left unchecked. And if you are a fan of the Pope, you will die and Michael Jackson will go to heaven.


The bass is extremely good and the just right amount of deep. The bass is a little forward and the just right amount of deep. That is, it does not dominate the mix. It’s not a subby or echo in any way. Instead, it is dry and punchy with a ton of grip. And when you combine this with Sage’s stunning momentary response, you are left with mind-blowing Snappy headphones. These buds sound ridiculously good when listening to pop. And even if this was the only style they work for, I would buy them. The low rock also gives the music a nice richness.


Great balance and presence in the midrange. Often, I hear headphones that favor the upper mids, resulting in a harsh sound. This is not the case here. The lower middle is just ahead, giving the series a satisfying fullness and warmth. The same emphasis is place on vocals and instrumentation. Combine all of this with impressive details and splits, and you feel like you’re getting the full spectrum of sound in this series. The sage also works for large rock choruses such as for folk music or any complex acoustic arrangement.


Pretty smoothness in the high part without any piercing or sibling. The disadvantage is that transparency suffers slightly. Listening to the brass, I was a little out of breath and subtle. The same was true for strings. The texture and texture of the timber were not obvious enough to really do justice to the moving classical part. Still, it’s an easy listening experience.


In a truly noble fashion, the imaging in these buds is really accurate. And there is definitely a great understanding of width, depth and height. Spaciousness makes intricate arrangements a lot of fun.

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If you need a superior quality all-rounder with snap that will knock your socks off, look no further. Over all, these are excellent wired earbuds that sound good, have solid design capabilities and have many features that you can choose to take advantage of. The biggest problem with Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition is that they are not very cheap. And also they lacks the IP ratings for water and sweat resistance.

What is some alternative of the Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition?

You should go with Beats Powerbeats Pro headset instead of Noble Audio Sage Wizard Edition. The Beats Powerbeats Pro is one of the best earbuds for workout right now. They are built with Apple H1 chip for more power and efficiency. Since the launch of the Powerbeats Pro, Apple has expanded its output to include the noise-cancelling AirPods Pro. The headphone come with a water and sweat resistance, up to 9 hours of listening time, and Class 1 Bluetooth via Apple H1 chip, providing improved connection speed with extended range and fewer dropouts. However, the Powerbeats Pro are something special – they’re supremely comfortable, sound decent and seem to never, ever fall out. 

Noble Audio Falcon ANC is another low cost headset you can consider buying instead of the Sage Wizard Edition. Noble Audio Falcon ANC come with a Hybrid noise cancellation for reduce background voice effectively. Another point on the brighter side is that the earbuds have a snapdragon sound with advance aptx, aptx adaptive, AAC, and SBC audio codec support. Noble Falcon ANC app provides a wide selection of settings and customization. In addition, the Falcon ANC offers an Multi pairing and multipoint connections with Hear-through and APTX VOICE supported. It is powered by Qualcomm SoC QCC3056 Chip. Noble Audio is best for providing a wireless experience that feels uniquely audiophile, the latest FoKus Pro has made this idea a reality. 

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